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Established Organizations


In Last Hope, an established faction is an organization that was created with a theme, background, and goal that like minded players have banded together to create. To join a faction, contact a player of that faction for more info.


Linked below are the current edition of the Organization mechanics and rules used.




Updated 8/26/23

The Phoenix
A group of nomadic Syndar who came to Mardrun years before the colony was established. After the Ulven Civil War, they were given 1/3 of the Fire Isle as their home as reward for their efforts. They remain open and friendly to all who are open and friendly in return. Over the years they have taken on many new friends who have joined their group, Syndar and Non-Syndar alike!

The Ravens
A political organization operating out of Key’s Crossing in the City-State of New Hope. In recent time leadership has passed to an upstart human who has transformed the settlement through a push for equality and a series of public welfare programs.

Broken Blade Company
A group of honorable mercenaries that work together in ventures of fortune and industry. While mainly active during periods of conflict, the Broken Blade Company also explores areas of industry, innovation, production, and the selling of arms and armor that warriors from all over Mardrun would wish to purchase.

March of Starkhaven
A new chapter in the Order of Arnath that broke away from the highly militant Fist chapter. Arnath’s Light is still a full chapter of the Order of Arnath, but has a new progressive and updated view on the world and more emphasis on diplomacy. With the creation of the City-State of New Hope, the Chapter and Church became integrated into the March of Starkhaven.

United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun
The United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun is a group dedicated to peace, love, and equality. Their focus is on economics, healing, politics, and magic with an aim to be helpful wherever they go. The group culture is fun loving and committed to making everyone feel like they belong.

Stormjarl Einherhar
A group comprised of members of Clan Stormjarl who have come together to help serve their clan. Formed originally following Jarl Fritha the Honored in her initiative to raid Clan Grimward to begin a campaign to both revenge the honor of Clan Stormjarl and take back the people claimed as Honorbound servants the group has since assisted in many of the more notable affairs

Blades of Sol
The Blades of Sol is a militant and religious organization. Our sole purpose on this earth is to protect life, and to eradicate those forces that would seek to destroy it. These ‘undead’ abominations that prowl the darkest corners of this world are our greatest enemies, and we gladly meet their corrupted forms with gleaming steel and unwavering faith.

The Golden Hand
The Golden Hand is a nomadic economic organization with its members hailing from various backgrounds and origins. Their goal is to travel the continent and provide help to others, whether it be martial or economic in nature, and generally be a positive influence to those they encounter.

Guardians of the Wall
The Guardians of the Wall is a martial and economic organization, representing a group of adventurers working toward a goal of building a community and providing a safe haven for travelers and merchants. Their stance politically is neutral unless it involves their members and they have tenants that align with the common law of the Free Peoples of Mardrun.

Federation of Architects, Timekeepers Eternal
A small group of individuals with massive goals in mind. A small budding Industrial Organization focusing on the trades and rebuilding what was lost on Faedrun. Their purpose is to turn what people call “colonists” into just citizens of Mardrun. Led and backed by an entrepreneurial and scientific focused human with a very rich bloodline.


New Vandregon
A fast-growing group of adventurers made Crow’s Landing their home after being handed control of the small town by the previous owners.  Now they are looking to reestablish the legacy of Old Vandregon.
UPDATE: After many years of growth and becoming entrenched into the City-State of Newhope, Crow’s Landing has become a bustling hub of trade and mercantile influence. With a considerable men-at-arms martial force and an array of mercantile, divine, and arcane specialists tending to various duties of the Statehood, the people of Crow’s Landing enjoy a life of stability. The surrounding holdings of the villages and hamlets of Arcton, Wakefield, and Caister have seen growth and expansion, painting a clear picture to the entire continent what dedication and expansion can do for a territory.  A decade old effort has turned a small adventuring band and a handful of followers into a reorganized effort to bring back former Vandregonian glory. With most daily affairs properly tended to, the territory is overseen by Baron Tobias Del’Green, a now known name in the Titles of Prestige & Peerage. 

Pack Longfang
An elite and veteran group of bodyguard Ulven that are at the forefront of all conflicts on Mardrun.
UPDATE: Over time the actions of Runeseer Reyna Longfang and her cousin Huntmaster Ranmir Longfang became less pointed and their leadership of Pack Longfang fell into question. A hearty Ulfednar Warrior stepped forward and claimed the right to lead Pack Longfang until such a time that either a new Runeseer could be chosen or Reyna could prove her worth and reclaim control of her pack. Onsallas Village and Onsallas Outpost continue to be the focal point of the defensive line to the north, the Shield of Mardrun, fulfilling their longstanding duty of protecting the Ulven people from the dangers of the Dirge Swamp.

Archons of the Spire
A collection of open minded and spiritual people that have journeyed into the mountains of the Great Wolf’s Hackles in order to begin a new life of acceptance and enlightenment.
UPDATE: Time came for the Archons more so than anything else as is sometimes the case. After the banishment and subsequent execution of their former leadership things were looking well for the small commune in the mountains, but in time all things pass. The leadership of the Archons stepped down from their position and granted access to their lands to Prince Aylin of Aldoria. The Archons continue their work on various arcane machinations under the close eye and patronage of The Prince.

New Aldorian Marines
Composed of some New Aldorian Navy members and former settlers of New Oarsmeet, the New Aldorian Marines help expand the influence of New Aldoria. Previously located directly outside New Aldoria as a sub-colony, the Marines settlement was both a home for settlers and a training ground for new soldiers. Now, after Prince Aylin’s conquest of Clan Squallborn territory, the Marines have moved their base of operations to the new settlement of Aylin’s Reach.
UPDATE: With the recent expansion of New Aldorian territory in the conquered Squallborn lands of Aylin’s Reach, the Reach has survived its first winter in the new territory. More settlers have moved to the Reach and the previous military outpost has become a bustling hub of colonial expansion. The Marines find themselves helping to transport goods and settlers instead of sailing on daring raid or fighting vagabonds on the ocean seas. The leadership of the Marines has become the ruling authority of Aylin’s Reach, forever cementing a strong colonial expansion for New Aldoria.

The Crimson Shades
A small group of farmers and merchants that have taken to settling near the eastern coast of Nightriver territory, focusing on trade and political interactions among various groups.
UPDATE: After a departure of the group of people known as the Nomads, the Crimson Shades continued life as usual in Goldenshire. Some contracts were established and some expeditions were attended by their members. The Crimson Shades worked a deal with the Phoenix of the Fire Isle; its leadership would relocate to the Fire Isle and begin established a place for the Shades and then eventually some of the people would be relocated to the Fire Isle. The Crimson Shades have become acquired by the Phoenix; their adventuring group now known as the Crimson Phoenix. Overtime the Crimson Phoenix continued to integrate further into their new community until eventually their separate name faded into the fog of history.

Bos Mezar
The military arm of Serai; a small settlement established on the far northern side of the habitable region of Mardrun. Closely following the ideals of the May’Kar, this settlement of spirituality and the celebration of life stands out among the decay and rot of the nearby Dirge Swamp.
UPDATE: After the undead scandal rocked Mardrun, Bos Mezar and their leaders were sentenced to punishment by a way of a Free People’s Trial. The settlement of Serai was taken over to be watched and controlled by the Order of Arnath and the organization of Bos Mezar disbanded. Lord and Lady Al Azarma have offered to help take in some of the citizens of Serai and to oversee the community service sentencing of the leaders within Bos Mezar. Serai now stands as a fledgling settlement that now pledges fealty to the Order of Arnath. Years later Serai was overwhelmed by the southern push of a large Mordok force. A unified collective travelled to the settlement to aid in an evacuation. The surviving members of the Serai settlement fractured and moved in near equal parts to Daven’s Hold and Starkhaven.

The survivors of the great war on Faedrun who have banded together on the new continent to keep the red and gray colors alive.
UPDATE: The Vandregon colors had been seen leading from the front on numerous conflicts all across Mardrun. Embracing what is good and what is just, Vandregon pushed to be a banner the people could rally behind. After being personally recognized and honored by Branthur Nightriver himself, the leaders of Vandregon led their forces into the thick of combat at the Battle of Pyre Hills. Many soldiers lost their lives helping to end the ulven civil war and the Vandregon headquarters and its people never fully recovered from it. From time to time, the colors of Vandregon can be seen periodically throughout the colony of Newhope. In recent times the colors of Vandregon had been seen stationed at the settlement of Daven’s Hold as Governess Catherine worked tirelessly to rebuild their once noble might under her banners. Things were looking up for this new arrangement until in the Year 268 one of her Edlers, Tobias of Crow’s Landing made some deft political maneuvers. He renamed his settlement New Vandregon and poached many of the Vandregonians living in Daven’s Hold to join his settlement. Vandregon may have fallen to history, but it’s name carries on in the settlement and military might of New Vandregon.

Watchwolf Diplomatic Guard
A number of Ulven whom pledge allegiance to one of the two territories owned by this clan, escorting representatives and ambassadors to numerous clans.
UPDATE: After siding with the colonists when negotiations failed, the Watchwolf Clan was placed in the front line of the civil war. Clan Grimward pressed with its superior numbers into Watchwolf territory, destroying villages and killing many warriors. Their ambassadors and their retinues never recovered after those brutal attacks, and the fate of the Western settlement appears grim at best. After Grimward finally defeated the Western settlement, the Diplomatic Guard was never reformed; the survival of the refugees and trying to rebuild a shattered clan being the main priority for the new leadership of the Watchwolf Clan.

The Pirates of Oarsmeet
A group of pirates and Aldorian settlers on Mardrun. One of the few factions in possession of a sea faring ship, the Blue Ruby.
UPDATE: When the Captain of the Blue Ruby turned to corruption, a rift formed between the crew and the settlers in New Oarsmeet. Some settlers left to form the new sub-colony for the Marines of New Aldoria, and when the rest stayed the settlement of New Oarsmeet was attacked by New Aldoria. Although some factions and representatives to the nobles in Newhope offered refuge or sanctuary for some of the settlers, the other colonies did not respond and attempt to stop New Aldoria. After two months of fighting, New Oarsmeet was overrun and burned to the ground.

The Bloodfangs
Dedicated warriors that were created to fight the colonists and now hunt Mordok all over Mardrun.
UPDATE: After months of frigid weather and bad conditions, Pack Bloodfang took the fight to Grimward and conquered one of their small settlements. Without support, they were forced to retreat back to the Watchwolf settlement. Longstanding allies, the warriors of Pack Bloodfang refused to leave the side of the Watchwolves in their darkest hour. They pledged to stay and fight with them, no matter the cost. As the ranks of Grimward charged in after the spring thaw, Pack Bloodfang stood defiantly against them. Inflicting terrible losses on the Grimward invaders, the Bloodfang warriors fought dearly and made Clan Grimward pay for every inch in blood. Dozens of warriors were killed before the remaining Bloodfangs were wounded enough to be taken out of the fight, which fueled their tenacity and their howls of rage were heard far down the battle line. Watchwolf defenders were unable to support them fully, and without the rest of the Coalition or their supplies to aid them, Pack Bloodfang’s warriors were killed to a man. Krieger Bloodfang was one of the last to fall, covered in blood and gore and swinging his large sword amongst numerous enemies, until he also fell in battle. When the fight finally ended, warriors of both the Watchwolves and Grimward took a moment to respect the fallen warriors with honor, and both sides were even permitted to be a part of the massive funeral pyre that was lit that evening, sending off some of the most ferocious warriors known to the Ulven.

The Mardrun Trading Consortium
A merchant group from New Aldoria that specializes in trade routes and supplies.
UPDATE: After widespread growth and attempts to make numerous contracts and establish a strong economy, the MTC was hit hard by the lack of farm help and sustainable income. Critical in their efforts in the war, the MTC were capable of moving large amounts of cargo and troops all around Mardrun… but the cost of interest on a boat they didn’t own put them further into debt. After deciding that surviving to see another day was more important than trying to save the world, the MTC settlers and leaders decided to cut their contracts and move into a more sustainable settlement… content with making ends meet, breaking even, and feeding bellies instead of expanding lofty goals or accumulating wealth. The settlers of Key’s Crossing now live simpler lives.

The Brotherhood of the Long Winter
A colonist and Richtcrag warrior group who has ventured near the Dirge Swamp to claim land of their own.
UPDATE: After moving out to the coast, the Brotherhood settlement began construction near the small settlement of Serai in late fall 263, the May’Kar settlement near the dirge swamp. After a rough start with a lack of food, settling at the beginning of winter, and small mordok raids, the Brotherhood was not faring so well. Infighting among its leadership led to a lack of direction, and the Brotherhood turned to Serai for aid. Runners were also sent south to see if anyone would be willing to help. After a brief confrontation at Serai that damaged relations between the two settlements, the leadership of the Brotherhood vanished without a trace. Now leaderless, the Brotherhood Militia turned to banditry and attacked small merchant caravans and even made an attempt on Serai itself. The Bos Mezar militia repelled them and the attacks stopped when the winter struck. In the spring of 264, their settlement was found vacant, the settlers presumably returning back to the colonies after their failed attempt at settling near the Dirge Swamp.

The Nomads
A small nomadic group of merchants and wandering travellers, the Nomads started as a splinter faction off of the Crimson Shades and now reside in New Oarsmeet. This reformed settlement is called Featherfall.
UPDATE: The Nomads, never one for settling down, quickly moved onto further pastures and into history. The settlement of Featherfall slowly fell into disarray as people moved elsewhere. Most of the Crimson Shades packed up and moved to the Fire Isle after striking a deal with the Phoenix to reside there.

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