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Last Hope

What is Last Hope: New World?

Last Hope: New World is an immersive LARP which focuses on the story line first. The Last Hope community of players and heralds recognize the importance of plot development and world creation. Unlike some other LARPs, which focus on combat, Last Hope: New World is all about characters. Specifically, it is about your character, and where they fit into the story of how the New World and Old World collided.
Is your character a bold adventurer from the old world? Are they a tired refugee? Are they a proud native of the New World? It is up to you to create an interesting personality and background for your character, and to help enrich and define the realm of fantasy that this community has created.
The events and developments of our LARP games are documented by our contributing writers and archived on our Wiki for future reading. As a community, we are writing a story. By attending our events, your character becomes a part of that story.
The world of Last Hope is one fraught with danger, swordplay, and high adventure, but it also incorporates delicate political situations and the interactions of unique cultures.

What is Last Hope: Old World?

The Old World events focus on the large scale historical battles that took place on the old continent of Faedrun before the fall. While New World events have plenty of action and combat opportunities, the Old World events are your chance to put your carefully developed New World character on the shelf for a weekend, assume the role of a foot soldier in the last desperate stand to defend Faedrun, and just fight ranks upon ranks of the undead.

Both Old and New World events use the same interactive combat, armor, and magic systems. Last Hope combat utilizes medium contact melee with latex style foam LARP weapons.

A Typical Last Hope Game:

Check In

A typical game starts with what is called Check In. At check, you pay your event fee, sign in and get your character card and silver, and make any needed updates and spend xp. You may also make a new character here!
After you check in, this is the time to get into costume and into character, as well as meet up with old friends! This is the time to ask questions, or receive your assignments if you are playing an NPC or Monster.

Game On

The heralds will call all the players together for a meeting, wherein the basic premise of the game will be gone over for those who did not read up on it. Any special considerations or rules for that particular game will be explained, along with any announcements that might be needed. This is the time for last minute questions or concerns! Once this meeting is over, everyone will take their places, and Game On will be called!

In Game

Once game on is called, players and NPCs are expected to remain in character at all times. If you are having difficulty staying in character, there will be a designated Out-of-Character area for players to relax in, without disturbing the rest of the game. If there are any concerns or questions you might have, there will be heralds available to answer! Otherwise, stay in character and enjoy yourself!

Game Off

At the end of an event, Game Off will be called by the heralds, signalling the end of the game. Once again, we all gather together with the heralds. The heralds will summarize the game, for those who might have missed anything, and some announcements might be made. After the debriefing, everyone is required to check out. You will turn in your character card and silver, receive their xp for the game, and report the state of their character’s health and armor. This is also the time to cool down and decompress after an exciting or contentious rp session. Remember, it’s never a good idea to leave at odds with another person! If you had an intense rp experience with someone, be sure to talk to them out of character at the end of game. This helps prevent misunderstandings! It’s also a good time to chat and boast about your own doings, as well as hear other’s stories about their own adventures!

After Game

It is not unusual for the group to meet up afterwards and eat together, and continue telling stories. Ask a herald if there are any plans for Afters!

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