August 265


As the whole of Mardrun focuses on the trial being conducted at Starkhaven, there is another area offocus that has been generating more support recently. Marquess Madeline d’Argent has gathered thefunding and enough supporters to do apreliminary expedition into the Dirge Swamp. While she seemsto have the backing of Baron Montesque de la Aleine, rumors say that further Council support falls shortafter that. Some of the ulven Clans seem poised to assist if there is proof of this beingworthwhile buthave yet to fully commit. Some have claimed that Madeline’s push for this expedition in the summerheat is foolish and suicidal while others believe it is a way to refocus the people of Mardrun towards acommon enemy.Before public favor fora large scale swamp expedition begins to wane, the Marquess has put a call outto adventurers, mercenaries, and warriors to go into the swamp in an attempt to establish an area thatcould be used as a camp in the future. At this same time, allies to the north will begin a small scalemilitary campaign against the mordok and attempt to create a diversion. This should, in theory, allow asmaller expedition the chance to slip through as the mordok focus on the battles taking place. Theexpedition contract promises a good reward for being a part of the expedition and a hefty bonus shouldit be successful and there is a reward for supporting the military diversion to the north as well.The goal of the expedition will be to go north and find the old failed settlement of Pack Blackwing. ThisPack of ulven took on the challenge of trying to tame the swamp, went north to establish a settlement,and then either died or disappeared. Several years ago, an expedition in search of the syndar journalsfound one of their own villages and was driven off as the area was filled with corruption. This expeditionwill be tasked with finding it, clearing it of corruption, verifying if it can be used as a forward base campin the future, and searching for clues as to what happened to Pack Blackwing. The Marquess feels thatknowing their struggles will help them avoid or overcome them should a larger expedition take place.Whether it be coin to line personal coffers, honor with striking back at the mordok and the swamp, orquenching athirst of knowledge and discovery… the reward for this expedition is good enough to enticepeople of many origins, despite the level of danger involved.


As the Newhope troops and their adventurer companions pressed deep into theSwamp, the land itselfseemed to protest their presence. Rain and mud slowed the caravan to a crawl as the ever-presentshadow of the Mordok could be felt all around. Emboldened by their purpose, however, the groupcontinued until they found the remains ofan Ulven settlement, confirmed to have once been theBlackwing Outpost of history some decades ago. The air itself was laced with remnants of corruption,sickening those who entered the outpost. It was through a combined effort of the clerics and mages inthe group that they were able to cleanse the stain upon the land as warriors fended off groups ofMordok hoping to disrupt their rituals. After a well-earned rest inside the newly cleansed outpost, thegroup departed once more to return to the south, hoping to return to Newhope with their findings. TheMordok in the area pursued the group, fighting tooth and nail to purge the intruders. While there werea number of casualties in the retreat, the majority of the group managed to escape to safety withknowledge of a possible foothold for future expeditions.

November 269

The land begins to feel the cold fingers winter caress it, and the people hurry to finish stocking their grain stores. 


In the lands of some of the Ulven Clans there are whispers and rumors spreading among the people. The rumor goes that an Ulven is walking around and preaching a new rhetoric surrounding the Ulven afterlife. He spreads stories of death and seeing into the Maw of The Greatwolf. He tells of his initial fear and shock, but then an acceptance. Details seem to get fuzzy from there, but the end of his message seems to be that fear of being swallowed has been used as a way to control the Ulven people for many many generations. He seems to preach personal freedoms and acceptance of the gift of the Great Wolf when we die, regardless of which path it may be. Though many people call him crazy and a heretic, there are a small number who seem to be speaking well of this strange new speaker.


In the City State of Newhope the mass murderer strikes again, this time leaving a small family outside of Silver’s Crossing dead and disfigured. Authorities are working hard day and night to try and locate any clues to who this malicious individual is. Alas, the only clue found were the words painted on the inside of the door, “Such easy prey, their screams were so filled with life.” Many rural citizens of the Citystate are beginning to question just how much effort is being put  into catching this monster. However, the local nobility of the areas of where the attacks have occurred have oddly remained silent, only strengthening those concerns that are now on the lips of commoners. 


Members of Clan Shattered Spear whisper tales around hunting camps of a massive stag that roams the woodlands. It is said to stand as high as a fully grown man at the shoulder, its antlers heavy and bowed with as many as thirty points upon the both of them. One hunter tells a tale that the creature shook the very land beneath his feet as it ran, leaving small craters in the ground where it landed. Oddly enough though, nobody was able to slay this massive stag in order to prove the tale.


Clan Stormjarl is taking up an ancient tradition of hunting whales off the coast in these cold months. Many fisherfolk gathered up harpoons, rope, and warm clothes as they traveled into the deeper parts of the sea. While they were away scoring the grey watery wastes, those back on the shores waited anxiously for them to return. When they did return a week later, they were towing three massive behemoths between the ships. Even the newly joined packs from the Stormborn settlement joined in with this tradition, and with the help of the local packs, were able to haul in three medium sized whales and multiple large deep sea fish as well for the upcoming winter. Needless to say, many fisherfolk earned their salt and showed their skill to the clan those days, and even some of the newer packs felt a bit more welcomed than before.


Stormjarl Einherhar

A group comprised of members of Clan Stormjarl who have come together to help serve their clan. Formed originally following Jarl Fritha the Honored in her initiative to raid Clan Grimward to begin a campaign to both revenge the honor of Clan Stormjarl and take back the people claimed as Honorbound servants the group has since assisted in many of the more notable affairs of their clan, such as brokering a tense peace with Clan Grimward and seeing their people returned to them. Also coming to the aid of their former foe Clan Squallborn and fighting to keep them unified as the clan made the decision to join with Stormjarl.

Setting up a fledgling settlement on the Stormborn Coast hoping to continue their journey as agents of Stormjarl, the group hosts members from various backgrounds, from natural born Stormjarl, Ulven from other clans and packs who have come to call Stormjarl their home, A former Lorespeaker apprentice, and even a human. The members of the group follow their own agendas and plans but come together when the need arises.

Lore Cache Contents – October 269

The following contents were unlocked by the efforts of our players over the course of three Virtual Events from August – October of 2020. The contents were spread publicly through further player effort and resources. Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver has taken on the task of making sure these documents were copied and spread through the continent so that all may be aware of what they say:

The first document was written on a large piece of paper that was wrapped around the rest of the contents:
“Those brutes of the stone teeth are at it again. This is the fifth moon in a row that they have spilled over our lands, stealing our crops and slaughtering our animals for meat and not just the livestock, the dogs, the cats, whatever they can catch they’ll eat. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that they eat the ulven they capture, but I’ve never heard the tale of one able to escape their grasp once captured so I don’t know for sure. Either way I can’t help but feel like it’s important in some way to record and collect whatever knowledge I can on these monsters who dare to call themselves ulven alongside us. The visitors from the west have brought with them methods that they call scribing that I employ here in recording the events and recountings of the stone tooth raids. This scribing shows great potential for keeping untarnished recordings over vast spans of time. The first step is to know your enemy and there are plenty in the lands that call these stone teeth marauders their enemies.
– Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

“I have spoken with a learner from a pack to the east. It seems that the stone tooth’s raids have penetrated into their lands as well. Evidence points to these raids being not only for food and potentially thralls, but also as a show of strength and maybe even simple sport. It is a long journey to travel down from their homelands in the north and they seem to show great delight in penetrating deep into hostile lands before making themselves known and raiding unsuspecting villages. This learner told me that a scout from their village followed the stone teeth raiding party after their raid in an attempt to see what became of the thralls that had been taken. Several days later the head of the scout was found in the center of their village, hanging by it’s hair from the branches of their central tree.
-Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

“I saw one up close today. I’ve never been one for a fight and hadn’t seen these monsters closer than at least two bow lengths before. I’ve heard they carry bows much heavier than our own and may Cyklusens damn me if I was going to get close enough for them to get a hold of me. But with my new drive to record what I can about them I felt the need to get a closer look. I’d been tracking a warband through our neighbor’s lands, being sure to keep plenty of distance so they wouldn’t catch my scent. I assume they can do that. They are far closer to beasts than Ulven either way. Eventually they came upon a village in the river lands and I quickly scrambled up a beech tree to hide myself behind its thick leaves. I ended up with a perfect vantage point to watch the raid unfold before me. It was brutality that’s all I can truly say, it was complete brutality. In the end at least a dozen of the village’s warriors were cut down and a handful of other villagers tied up and led out of the village. Three of the stone teeth fell in the battle and the rest made a great ritual out of spitting on their bodies as they left the village. I stayed in the tree and counted my fingers two hundred times after the raid to be sure they had left and when I felt safe I slipped out of the tree and went to observe the bodies. When I got close I saw that they were indeed ulven, at least in physical form, but their bodies showed signs of hard battles and even harder living. The skin of the body was covered head to toe in callouses and scars, many of which were in locations unlikely to take damage in battle. All three bodies had this incredible number of scars leading me to believe they were carved into their bodies in some sort of a ritual. Two of the bodies were also covered in angular tattoos and thick war paint. Their eyes were a blood-red the likes of which I can’t say I’d seen before. Their fangs were stout and the tattooed two of them had filed them down to a spearpoint, no doubt cut on stone, no doubt that this is where they get their name. They all carried spears and axes that had been honed to the sharpness of a fillet knife and I can say that they are well versed in how to use them. After a good deal of time spent with the bodies I had had my fill.

I helped the village burn their dead. I helped them dig deep pits for the stone tooth bodies.
– Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

There are several more pages that detail first and second-hand accounts of Stonetooth raids throughout the areas that would now be Ironmound, Shattered Spear, Whiteoak, Axhound, and Northern Nightriver and Grimward. All speak of incredible brutality set alongside incredible battle acumen. A final note reads:

“I have made copies of these scribings and given them to the pack leaders in my area and this original copy I store away here should it ever be needed in the future. My hopes are that the chieftains understand the danger that the stone teeth present to all of us and begin to train more warriors to repel future raids. I myself have picked up the spear and as I have repeatedly dipped quill into ink, I will see that my spear gives the same treatment to the stone tooth marauders that attack my pack’s lands.
Haldjor, Skald, Learner, Warrior”

October 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

After a second month of considerable focus and support for the villagers and people of Clan Ironmound, the recovery efforts continue at an impressive rate. Work crews finish their tasks ahead of schedule, with less injuries and fatigue and better management and use of supplies and food. For all intents and purposes, the recovery effort is a resounding success. Clan Ironmound leadership has actually put out a call for an organized break this month, both to celebrate the success of the recovery efforts but also to plan on what to do next. The most pressing and dire issues were tackled head on, with vigor, and by both locals and traveling outsiders. Several feasts and social events are being planned to celebrate and allow travelers a chance to socialize or take some needed downtime.

The bandits in the area were dealt a crippling blow to their operational abilities. An aggressive armed patrol last month was able to track down the main bandit camp and a short but vicious fight took place. With a number of bandits dead and the rest of them driven off, it would be difficult for the bandits to coordinate anything substantial in the new few months. While the main bandit camp was attacked, another group apparently decided it was a opportune moment to hit Clan Ironmound villages on the border and to raid The Pass. Luckily, defenders were left back to continue patrols and a second intense fight took place. These bandits were also driven back or defeated.

Clan Ironmound leadership, at first apprehensive on the subject, have made the decision to allow teams to be gathered and to be taken to help them study the uncovered Lorespeaker cache. The few voices that approached them on this subject over the last few months, and their decision’s to heed their feedback, were wise in doing so. There is now a great opportunity for those seeking knowledge. Based on previous encounters surrounding uncovered Lorespeaker caches, the statement that Clan Ironmound is ready to accept help in opening the cache has very likely made it to the ears of those that would like to see the contents remain buried. The extent of what could be uncovered is unknown but now the door is open for those willing to help.


In the end the researchers and scholars are able to open the cache and uncover a series of writings by an ancient ulven, written in an early version of an Ulven script. All in attendance take possession of copies of the writings and some set out to work out a way of spreading the information far and wide.

Meanwhile a small force of Lorespeaker agents attacked the defenders in the areas surrounding the village, making it very clear that the information contained in the cache was something they’d much rather see returned to the dirt instead of spread amongst the populace. Luckily they did not arrive in adequate numbers to overwhelm the defenders and after a series of hit-and-run attacks they vanished into the forests.

UPDATE: Further efforts by players and resources have seen to the public spread of the documents found in the cache. Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver has seen to the distribution of copies of the lore found in the cache.

September 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

Last month, a considerable effort was put forth by traveling adventurers and organizations alike as people from all corners of Mardrun showed up and immediately went to work helping the people of Clan Ironmound. They either started their own efforts or joined in on some of the smaller groups that had arrived several months ago and already began assisting the Clan. Labor pools were coordinated, teams deployed to different areas to work, armed patrols kept bandits in check, healers tended to sick or injured, and mess halls and social spaces created to tend to food, water, and rest. Although no coin was promised and it was clear that contracts were not available to travelers coming in, a considerable amount of people showed up to help and a handful of them even donated their own coin to the cause. Clan Ironmound Chieftains and leaders were impressed; their bristled nature softening as progress continued through the month.

There is still a lot of work to be done; rubble takes time to clear, dead Ulven bodies recovered need funeral rites and pyres, and the bandits are notorious for being stubborn and hard to truly dispatch. Talk around the work camps has been high in morale all month but a common question continues to spring up; will this effort continue in earnest or will it fade out? Rumors begin to spread as well. Some craftsmen and travelers seem to be negotiating payment for their services or being sought after by Chieftains with wealth and a goal to see their areas focused on or cleaned up first. Warriors talk about scouts finding possible bandit camps that could be attacked and their forces defeated decisively. Diplomats loosen their tongues about Clan Ironmound’s stance regarding the Lorespeake Cache and whether they are willing to allow access to it or not. While morale and good intentions still remain key to all of this progress, some personal agendas or the allure of coin begin to darken the edges of the humanitarian efforts of the collective group.

One thing is for certain; Clan Ironmound is keenly watching what the travelers and helpers are doing and focusing on. Now more than ever, the bigger picture of the relief efforts is being weighed by those in leadership positions to see if the efforts are left wanting.


The villages on the eastern portions of Clan Ironmound continue to show incredible signs of altruistic aid and camaraderie. All across the region people of all walks of life, whether Ulven or Colonist keep at the task at hand of seeing the proud people of Ironmound returned to their homes and work.

Wagons bearing the heraldry of The United Collective and the Order of Arnath’s Light continue to make ventures into the area bringing supplies and workers and last month a couple large work crews from Clan Nightriver journeyed into the area and immediately set about on the reconstruction efforts. By and large the turn out is immense and though there were some whispers of people discussing ways that they could walk out of this scenario with some fresh coin in pocket, there has been no evidence that this has happened anywhere. Through-and-through those that are here seem to be here due to the goodness of their own hearts or out of a pragmatic understanding of Ulven politics.

Through the month the nights are again filled with drink, song, and stories. Rumors float through the villages of the combat going on in the pass and the areas further to the east. Not a lot makes it back that can be considered proper news, but rumors tell of great bloodshed though on which side no one really knows.

By the end of the month reports come back that bandits had attacked the support and defending forces with a substantial force, though the fighting was brutal the defenders were able to hold the bandits at bay. Those who had gone on the offensive return with news that they did not meet with the expected level of bandit forces on their outing and they were able to clear the areas effectively. Neither group reported any sightings of any type of leadership among the bandits.

October 269

With many across the lands are busy with harvests and enjoying the festivities provided by their quaint towns, the rumors fly and tales are shared at alarming rates.


More tales of an individual float from Davin’s Hold this month, and the theme is of courtly romance. It seems Lady Al-Azarma has been humoring the advances of the traveling minstrel that has been visiting her last month, and the visits have been noted to be frequent. One tale tells of the handsome individual visiting around eight different times in a single week, another tells of Lady Al-Azarma summoning the individual to her side for lunch, dinner, or even her time reading in the library. As for how true these rumors are, none can say, but it seems that courtly love is in the air. 


Stories drift down from the mountains, the stories are of a pack of branded Ulven that come down from the Great Wolf Hackles this time of year. It is said they prowled in the later nights of the month, stealing food, clothes, tools, and young adult Ulven. Many families awake to empty beds, claiming the branded packs from the mountains stole them in the night. While some Ulven wet nurses and parents may use this tale to keep their cubs in line. Those from Clan Shattered Spear take these tales to heart. Some even report of missing children throughout the month that disappeared during the night. 


In colonies to the south a logging competition takes place in the town of Silver’s Crossing. Many come from all over to watch many powerful lumberjacks, wood crafters, and merchants in the small yet ever growing town. What was of particular note was the tree climbing contest, where a young Syndar was able to out climb the seasoned veteran Ulven. While some claimed that the young Syndar cheated by “pushing” themself up the tree rather than climb it, it was never proved and deemed the young Syndar winner with a purse of fifteen silver. 


Tales of harvest festivals happening all over the continent fall on the ears of all. Tales of drinking contests in Balie Onair, pumpkin boat races in Crow’s Landing, scarecrow building in Key’s Crossing, scripture recitales in Starkhaven, fall fashion shows on the Phoenix Isle, fishing derbies in Stormjarl, archery tournaments in Onsallas, Fristad held a merry time in its taverns, and Lumalia had a lantern ceremony. However, some of the grandest harvest festivals were held outside of the gates of Newhope, skilled bards and swordsmen plied their trade for shows of comedy, foods of all sorts, and dancing for all. Needless to say, this month was a joyous one for all of Mardrun. 

September 269 – News and Rumors

The lands are ripe with the fruits of summer labors: Corn, beans, apples, and so many more are ready for the taking. The land erupts into motion in order to capture not only the food and other supplies, but at opportunity as well.


In the City State of Newhope, the sound of battle clang aloud in the fighting pits as warriors participated in a great tournament for fame, glory, lovers, and a fat purse overflowing with silver. Many warriors entered the arena, but few grabbed the attention of the crowds except for a notorious female Syndar named Veylena who fought with shortsword and axe. She quickly became the crowd’s favorite to upset the current sitting champion, Thennvik the Mad, a beast of a man that used two maces. The final battle was intense, with many spectators on the edge of their seats, but their faith in the newcomer was rewarded with Veylena standing above the broken and thoroughly beaten body of Thennvik. Many are curious of her origins, more so about what she will do with the exorbitant amount of silver she just earned.


In other gossip, it seems Lady Ala’zarma was seen being courted by a dashing young noble. Rumor has it that the dashing individual was seen handing a rose while reciting a sonnet to the Baroness in her gardens. While many didn’t see the spectacle, the gardener who did claim the noble to be almost half the Baroness’ age, and may have a slight reputation for drinking on the job.


Harvests are going beyond expectations across the land, many farmers are experiencing a large bumper crop of corn, potatoes, onions, and apples. Leading to many small festivals to thank Gaia and other deities for the extremely bountiful harvests throughout the land of Mardrun. With this bumper crop, many merchants are reporting a good economic uptick just in time before the pre-winter rush begins. One thing is for sure, winter will be easier on the folks of Mardrun this year.


In the lands of Clan Ironmound, many are beginning to breathe a sigh of relief as repairs and recovery of the lands affected by the earthquake this previous spring show signs of near completion. While there is still a little left to do before the harsh winter around the hackles sets in, the clan is more than confident it can finish what is left easily enough without the help from outside the clan. There have been many that have helped the clan in its time of distress and the distrust of colonists seems to have been lessened some by the actions of those who have aided them. As for the fate of the Lorespeaker Cache, that is a tale for another time.


Darker rumors start to flow from the Riverhead Lands, rumors of a dark alliance. Many are aware of the large amount of bandits in the area, but what isn’t as commonly known is who is keeping these thugs organized. These self named ‘Bandit Lords’ seemed to have had a meeting this past month. Nobody knows for certain what was spoken of or what deals occurred, but what is known is that the raids on other bandit groups seems to have died down considerably and are now working in a more organized manner.

August 269

With the heat waves rolling and receding throughout the month, most of Mardrun finds ways to cool off and relax before the busy months of harvest that are coming up quickly. However, some of the world has other plans in the works…



Clan Ironmound continues to rebuild after the devastation, and with the help from outside forces the process has expedited some. The prideful and usually prickly members of the Clan are starting to warm up to those who have come to help with the reconstruction, often ending the night drinking with the volunteers. While there is still extensive amounts of labor and work ahead, many within Clan Ironmound are starting to feel some hope after many months of desperation. 



In a Grimward outpost along The Shield of Mardrun a horrible accident befell a workman in the process of patching a section of an outpost wall that had been damaged by recent high winds. One of the legs of his scaffold gave way and he fell nearly 15 feet before landing on a jagged piece of his broken platform. The worker was quickly carried to a nearby surgeon, but by the time he arrived the wounds proved to be too great and he passed away. Not willing to accept this outcome the surgeon quickly set to work on the newly deceased body and through what can only be thought of as a miracle of medicine, she was able to bring him back from the otherworld..and bring him back from the otherworld she apparently did. The Ulven shot to his feet with a wild look in his eye, screaming at the top of his lungs. Slowly he came back to reality and told everyone around him what he’d seen. His words have spread far and wide.

“There I was, falling from a scaffold. Next thing I know I’m on my back and my vision is fading out and my lungs are filling with blood. I close my eyes. Then suddenly I feel totally fine. I open my eyes and I’m standing in a forest and off in the distance I see the hulking shadow of The Great Wolf as it stalks its way toward me. Naturally I freeze in place. Then I hear a voice, low and rumbling like a growl barely escaping the throat of the great beast, ‘I do not know you yet you intrude on my forest?’ the beast called to me, ‘Without a name, you are nothing to me. Nothing but a morsel.’ Then the Great Wolf turned and began bounding toward me, his maw open. I tell you the likes of it I have never seen. When he opened his mouth, by Gaia’s grace his mouth so large it could swallow ten warriors without thinking, I saw the stars inside. I saw the very cosmos itself, but at the center of it all, I saw something that scared me more than any of the rest of the experience. I saw nothingness; a void of pure emotionless, nothingness. I screamed…and then I was here.”


The laborer spread his story across the outpost to any who would listen to it and when he ran out of people to tell he packed his things, threw on a cloak and started walking south to continue to spread his word. “When he sees me next he’ll know my name!” he shouted back into the outpost as he left, “Hjalvar the Great Wolf’s Priest!”



In the City State of Newhope people enjoyed their time relaxing in the late summer days, children playing in the fields and streams, parents enjoying a bit of peace. In the manner of a single night, this peace was turned into chaos as the mass murderer struck again. A family of five were the targets it seems, their bodies all found in the barn, hanging by their legs upside down. The sight of the scene soon spread like wildfire, along with the words carved in each of the victims. “Did you miss me Newhope?”



Bandit activity in the Riverhead lands reaches an all time high this month. Caravan’s are now refusing to go any further north without significant martial support. While some packs from Clan Nightriver and Whiteoak do offer aid in this, more often than not are met with overwhelming amounts of bandits rushing the caravans. Many are pleading for higher up authority figures to do something about the situation, but many are conflicted on the proper way to handle this situation. 

August 2020 – Ironmound Reconstruction

The devastation in the eastern reaches of Clan Ironmound is more than most had expected. Sure rumors and tales of the destruction had spread across the continent, but words alone cannot truly carry the impact that one feels when seeing the damage first hand. By the time most members of this aid mission arrived in the area, Ironmound had already devoted several months of concerted effort toward clean up and yet there are still many villages that are populated more with fallen homes and collapsed mines than anything resembling a concerted rebuilding effort. This sight helps bring the breadth of the destruction into focus, even after many months of effort, Ironmound alone hasn’t been able to see to many of their own villages. The initial damage must have been beyond catastrophic.


Aside from the rubble and damage there are a handful of other sights that stand out to those arriving in the area. Alongside the Ironmound workers there appear to be other helping hands already elbow and shoulder deep in the reconstruction effort. A small group of colonists working under the banner of Silvers Crossing sing songs heralding from the Fire Isle home of The Phoenix while they toil, seemingly keeping their fellow labourers in good spirits. Alongside them toils an equal sized group of Ulven bearing the marks and heraldry of Pack Bloodmoon of Clan Nightriver. Both of these groups are dwarfed by the blazing red feathers of The Broken Blade Company who immediately stand out as having already spent a great deal of time and effort among the people of Ironmound. Several carts of supplies line the work areas bearing the insignia of the Broken Blade. It becomes abundantly clear that they have been here for months already and have donated much to the cause already.


As the first days of the month fall away more and more people spill into the area. At first the Ulven of Clan Ironmound are a bit bristly, but as the number of helpers and labourers continues to rise they soften up and welcome the newcomers with open arms before quickly directing them to areas that they could be most helpful. By mid-month the area is swarming with seemingly altruistic groups individuals and groups. Some new banners can be seen in the area emblazoned with the letters UCUM as well as some banners bearing the iconography of The Order of Arnath’s Light. All-in-all together everyone makes an impressive force.

The month toils on. Days are filled with sweat and back-breaking labor and nights are filled with song and drink. Occasionally stories drift into the villages of bandits clashing with patrols in the nearby wilds, but none of these assaults seem to be of too much note. Some of these reports tell of a bandit leader named Killy and with this comes word that she is the same bandit who’d committed infanticide during a tense hostage situation a few years back. Apparently she’s again managed to skulk away with life and limb. By the end of the month people from all parts of Mardrun find themselves surrounded by friends, new and old, tempered in the heat of labor and quenched in the soothing embrace of joy-filled nights around the fire.