November 268

As winter begins to set upon the land of Mardrun, people hurry to prepare for what lays ahead. The early snows of the year have put a stress on the harvest times, but with hard work and dedication people are able to bring their harvests in successfully..

The Shield of Mardrun seems to be facing some trouble along the Clan Whiteoak border as Mordok continuously throw themselves at the warriors along the line of outposts. The forces mostly seemed to be welps at first, but now are reinforced with more veteran Mordok leading strike forces in both day and night time settings. Clan Whiteoak is doing well keeping these forces back, however are beginning to feel the fatigue starting to set in as they hold back the seemingly endless horde emerging from the abyss.

To the south along The Pass in the Great Wolf Hackles, merchants are having to buy protection and pay tolls to local Bandit Lords in order to avoid being robbed along trade routes. Many merchant guilds are growing increasingly frustrated and are requesting action from nearby governing bodies such as Daven’s Hold, the March of Starkhaven, and the City State of Newhope. However, it seems their words are falling on deaf ears.

Within the walls of Davien’s Hold, many citizens are showing great excitement as they are beginning to see the fruits of Governess Katherine’s ambition within the city. With winter on the horizon and the harsh snows that tend to settle in the lands around them, the time between now and spring was usually harsh and difficult. However, with the effort made by the Council of Three over the past year, the colony has plenty of food stores, wood, and supplies to help its people survive comfortably. Now, with the beginnings of the construction of a market district for the city, many are holding high hopes for the next spring and the prosperity it will bring them.

In Newhope, the sounds of battle can be heard in the corner of the city. This is the result of the freshly built fighting pits that people are flocking to bet and watch as warriors and criminals fight to near death with other warriors, criminals, or wild animals. Many view this as somewhat barbaric, but cannot deny the stress relief and coin that is flowing into and from the pits. It seems that they will only continue to grow in splendor as construction continues to go on in the background as blood is spilled for the joy and entertainment of the populace.

The Ulven all take a collective sigh of relief for the first time in what seems to be years as tensions begin to die down between clans. Allowing them to shift their focus to surviving the upcoming winter, being with family, and looking forward to the next spring and what the gods have in store

October 268

With the coming of October comes the full swing of the harvests. Many of the people of Mardrun take part in harvest festivals, celebrating another good harvest. However, these are not the only activities happening across the land.

In the lands of former Clan Riverhead, bandits have secured a foothold and have begun to shift into small factions and bands that contest over the land. These bands of thieves and raiders fight over preferred caravan routes, villages, and other valuable resources. In this group of are two groups of bandits that have been gaining in both size, support, and resources. However neither side seems to be attacking one another and rather focusing on the smaller groups.

A strong late fall storm ravages the coast of Clan Whiteoak, blowing down many trees and damaging coastal villages. However, after the gale force winds took their toll on the land there was a stranger washed upon the shore near one of the villages. According to those from the village it was an extremely old boat that didn’t seem to fit any style known to the village. Some are saying it was from a forgotten clan from before the Lorespeakers altered the history, and some others say it very well could be of Syndar make.

For the past year researchers under the Celestial Arragoness have been studying the remains of the broken Syndar Pylon found in the Riverhead lands. Those who work around the estate claim that the team has been working in shifts in order to continue a non-stop research method. Many are saying that this method, while showing results, has been taxing on the researchers. Many are stating that researchers have been passing out during their shifts due to exhaustion from the workload and expectations from the Arragoness.

Those that were fishing off the coast of Crows Landing or visited villages near it have heard rumors of extreme oddity. In the harbors and fish markets, rumors of sightings of the fabled Aldorian Fish person have sprouted up once again. Many are stating that the sightings mostly around the coast surrounding Crows Landing. One ship has even stated that they were tempted by its song to come closer, but were thankfully able to row away before they succumbed to the call.

September 268

The continent takes a collective sigh of relief with the results of talks between Nightriver, Grimward, and Stormjarl. With it comes a moment of peace and tranquility for the majority of Mardrun.

In the former Clan Riverhead lands, an ulven fisherman reels in a record breaking pike. From the sounds of it, the fish put up so much of a fight that it literally pulled the boat around the lake for an extended amount of time. After the long fight however, the fisherman won out and reeled in a twenty-nine pound monster. Truthseekers appeared on the scene about two days later, and could attest to the size and weight of the lake monster.

New Aldoria’s ramshackled city section has begun to disappear as buildings are torn down and placed onto boats. The process takes down a couple sections and continues on throughout the month. Many are happy that the eyesore is gone from their sight, however they cannot help but wonder what Prince Aylin is plotting by moving so many building materials north.

With the treaty signed and the tensions beginning to lax between Stormjarl and Grimward, a new issue has arisen in Clan Squalborn. The clan leadership decided to align with their invader’s, Clan Stormjarl, in a surprising twist of events. When news of their alliance with Stormjarl reached the rest of the packs, outrage broke out. Many packs are now refusing to support Pack Squalborn within the clan, some of the larger ones even calling into question their right to lead their people due to the decision that was made. Some packs on the northern border are siding with the idea they should align with Clan Steinjutton or Clan Axehound who have showed interest in helping them and have gained some favor with the northern citizens. The southern border has many who agree with the notion of aligning with Clan Stormjarl, which mostly consist of the clan’s leadership and their own people. In between the two borders is utter chaos and bedlam as packs argue and fight over who should actually lead Clan Squalborn in this time, and many claim that they are the ones that should. One thing is for certain, Clan Squalborn is on the edge of an inter-clan civil war.

In the former lands of Pack Goldmane, some ulven traveled the land in hopes of taking a short cut. While traveling this caravan stopped in by a seemingly nice clearing for the night and set up camp. One warrior was left on night watch and on his honor swears that he had a strange experience that night. According to the warrior once everyone fell asleep he heard crying and screams coming a little way off. He abandoned his post and walked towards the disturbance on the other side of the clearing. Once there, he felt a chill as he thought he heard the sounds of a battle and the cries and screams of people around him. He quickly turned back to leave but felt something push him square in his back which caused him to lose balance and trip. In his stumble he rolled down a small hill over various rocks and branches. When he finally scrambled back to the camp and told the story, many scoffed at him and his story, telling him to go back to sleep and that it must have been a bad dream. The following morning he told everyone that he had a sharp pain in the center of his back and when his fellow travellers checked they found his clothes stained with a bloody mark in the shape of a hand. Most have written this off as an injury from his tumble down the hill, but he continues to spread the story of the bloody handprint and how the vengeful ghosts of Goldmane pushed him down that hill.

Love, Gifts, and Warmth – A Phoenix Holiday Tradition

Finnath made conscious note of his decreased nosal wiggle rate as he made his way toward The Golden Toad at the center of the main settlement on Fire Isle. He was well aware that decrease in NWR is something that comes with the territory of the winter months with their longer nights and proportionally shorter days. Some had told him that this was most likely a manifestation of a winter time sadness known as the Seasonal Affliction of Days-being-much-shorter-than-normal. SAD, they called it. Even in the relative warmth of Fire Isle, the short days seem to get to people.

Finnath pondered the potential double entendre that may stem from an affliction that depresses one’s nosal wiggle rate being named SAD. Never-the-less he pushed onward until he reached The Golden Toad and with forced jubilance he threw open the doors and pushed himself inside. The sights he saw with The Toad caused his nosal wiggle rate to skyrocket. Everywhere he looked he saw his Phoenix friends and commune members in warm, vibrant clothes. His heart soared as he saw children running dangerously close to a large fire burning in a central fireplace. How could he have forgotten that it was already time? How could he have let it slip his mind that today, December 22nd, was the first day of Solarustice!

He watched as Laertes made a valiant effort to hang a line of garland. He watched as Anariel tried to help, causing more strife than if she had simply let the poor Syndar do it all himself. He watched as Gwynevive put finishing touches on people’s clothes, sewing small silver bells into the lining of coats and hats. He saw Brodin, a few drinks too many poking idly at the raging fire while Kylia continued to pour additional glasses of wine for the two of them. He saw Captain Casimir carving a small ship out of a block of ice and watched as he delicately set it afloat in a large bowl of punch. He heard, then saw Safiyah pacing around the fire, singing beautiful songs for all those who would listen.

Before he could have a chance to finish taking in the splendor of the moment he felt a tug at his coat and when he looked down he saw a small gaggle of Phoenix children, “Finnath! You do stories best! Tell us the story of Solarustice!”

Finnath smiled a warm, Phoenix smile, set the children down next to the fire and with all of the theatrics and dramatic flair he could muster, he began:

“Solarustice! The most amazing Holiday on our entire planet! Celebrated by Phoenix and their friends far-and-wide! When winter is cold we warm ourselves with friends. When nights are long we brighten them with gifts and cheer. Solarustice!

Now there will be people out there in the world who will tell you that no one out there knows the origins of Solarustice. They will tell you that oral traditions cannot possibly maintain the truth over the decades. I will tell you now, as a professor of Phoenix University, that this sentiment is wrong! After all, I’ve taught many people about the wonders of rabbits with nothing but my spoken words!

Solarustice is an old holiday with its roots all the way back in the May’kar Desert on Faedrun. Those who know the true story know that there once were two traders who went out to work in the dead of winter deep in the May’kar Desert. They became lost and after days of wandering, ran out of their own supplies, and eventually the mule pulling their cart grew ill from the cold. When all hope seemed lost, they prayed to Solar that if they were not going to make it out of the desert that they wanted to feel his warmth one last time. Their prayers were heard as a small group of camels came upon them and laid with them, keeping them warm through the night. When they awoke the next morning, their mule had miraculously recovered and they instinctively followed the camels. They were led to a hot spring in the side of a mountain where they regained their strength and each day they prayed that the light of day would get stronger and guide them home. Each day after that grew longer, and each night they prayed harder than the last. After weeks, they had regained the strength to travel and set out. The camels had again guided them and took them back to their home village. When they arrived they were so overjoyed that they gave all of their wares they had meant to sell away to anyone who would listen to their words of what they experienced in the desert. The next year they continued to give out gifts and spread warmth to any who needed it and from this Solarustice was born!”

“But Finnath, why do we give away gifts? Why do we light candles and fires? Why do we sing songs? Why do we pray to Solar Why do we–” one of the children interrupted.

“Why, that,” Finnath interrupted in turn, “That is because when we give and when we love we all feel the warmth of Solar in our souls and when the nights are long we can help each other stay warm. And when we light fires we feel the warmth of Solar on our bodies. When we sing songs and send prayers we are able to take all of that extra warmth and send it back to Solar so he can start to warm the rest of the world! Every year when the days are shortest and the nights are longest we start to celebrate the warmth of Solar and every year the days start to get a little bit longer and the nights just a little bit shorter and every day we all get just a little bit happier. And that’s why the biggest celebrations are on the Solstice, December 22nd which is the first day of Solarustice, and on January 22nd, the last day. We celebrate on the first day when we need it the most and we celebrate on the last day when we are all filled with joy and happiness!”

“But Finnath! The Golden Toad celebrates every single night!”

“Of course it does! We have new visitors and merchants coming every single day! All of them arrive and need a big dose of happy and The Golden Toad is always open and ready to give that to them! So always remember! When Solarustice comes be sure to spread all the warmth you can! Sing songs and give hugs! Wiggle your nose and spread gifts! When nights are long the most important thing we have is each other. Now if you don’t mind the smell of that wine is gonna make my nose wiggle right off my face if I don’t go get some!”

And with that Finnath sprung to his feet and made his way across the room and into the arms his friends and soon after into the bottom of a deep, deep tankard.


Character: Becca

Played by: Brenna Norton

I was by all accounts a relatively well-off child, and while not rich by any means my family did well enough as merchants that I never wanted for food or shelter. Hell, I’d even picked up pickling with my mother as a hobby as a child; my mother’s pickled goods went to the market for sale while my pickled goods were shared by our family. I grew up outside the in-construction colony of New Hope, which offered some fun climbing in and around construction areas. However, as you can imagine, growing up an only child resulted in me having to make a lot of my own fun and entertainment- tying myself up and seeing how quickly I could break out, beating away at the trees surrounding our small house with downed limbs like some great warrior, or sneaking up on unsuspecting wildlife that was unfortunate enough to wonder nearby. This often resulted in scratches in scrapes which I quickly learned to fix myself so I wouldn’t get scolded for wandering about the woods like a ruffian.

The perks of growing up within New Hope equaled the downfalls brought by it. I knew many people, was taught the importance of speaking up for myself as well as taking an order, and eventually I was taught to read; not that I was any good at it with the letters seeming to shift about the page like some arcane curse. In classes I learned not to read, to save myself the embarrassment of having to stutter out the words as the letters rearranged themselves. I also saw the terror of fighting the Ulven, with their witch magic and brute strength, as well as their civility and intelligence after making a treaty with the colonists only a year later.

When I turned 17 my family decided to relocate to Starkhaven, which I thought would be an amazing chance to test the sword and bow skills I’d learned from the drunken guards at the tavern. Only a short way into the trip our caravan was attacked, leaving my parents dead along with most of the other merchants we traveled with. I’d only escaped because I had gone off to use the latrine at our small night encampment; upon seeing the bandits descending on the caravan when I returned, with my parents among those lying still on the ground, I slipped back into the forest and away from the life I’d known up to that point.

I met Pike nearly a year later. He was traveling with a small band of mercenaries that clearly cared more about the coin they could scrape up in wartime than helping fight toward a peaceful life for our people on Mardrun. Pike seemed different from the rest; Sure, he fought alongside them for the coin, but he seemed to be hating every second of it. I joined up more for the money than anything else, as I’d been selling pickled goods to get by but not really earning any living wage form it. I stayed with the mercenaries and Pike for about 2 years, until our captain sent us on a suicide mission near the end of the war; I wasn’t experienced enough working with the mercenaries to understand the danger, but Pike warned me of the impending doom the mission would bring. Pike led me and 5 or so others, deserting the little mercenary group, which had had no real impact on the war but had managed to reap the profits of the carnage it had caused. We all traveled together away from the fighting, although those that left with us slowly trickled away until only Pike and I remained.

Working as a bodyguard was generally well-paying work. I worked under Pike, who negotiated our contracts. We happened upon Seymour, who became the third member of our merry band, while searching for a new contract. He’d managed to beat down three thugs before, I like to think, falling down in a drunken stupor. Seeing potential in someone who can drunkenly defend himself, Pike brought Seymour into the fold. The years that followed were mainly spent guarding the traveling poet, Carl, who wished to see the world to inspire him. He wasn’t very good and the pay was inconsistent, but he had a passion that led us all over.

Silver’s Crossing was the first place I’d been since New Hope that I’d felt at home. The quaint yet thriving community reminded me of my youth in New Hope with my parents, in addition to the wild and untamed exploration and combat of more recent years. Upon conferring with Pike and Seymore, we decided to end our days with Carl to carve out our legacy there. Hopefully, we fare better in the months to come than on our first day, where bandits nearly did us in while working with the locals. I look forward to defending a home again and not just someone with enough coin to buy my blade.

Sunaya “Sunny” Flowa

Player name: Arlene Hepp

Character name: Sunaya Flowa aka “Sunny”

Gender: female

Race: Human

Occupation: Healer

Birthplace: Faedrun

Appearance: Always has a sunflower in her hair, tends to wear clothing that is green and brown with gold detailing.


She is a human that is known to be upbeat and a little …. strange. She tends to spend most of her time helping others by bandaging and healing their wounds. Otherwise she likes to keep busy, by either talking to people or working on her many many projects. Why does she have so many projects? Well staying focused on one task is…. challenging for her as she is easily distracted and fascinated by everything and anything shiny. She is obsessed with gold, silver, jewels or anything else that’s pretty or shiny. She likes to travel around so she can help people but mostly so she can find/get all the shiny things she can.

If you ask her where she is from she will tell you all about the sunflower fields and flowers and why it is she has a sunflower in her hair. But the actual location of this field remains unknown. As happy as some people are to see and be around her they are just as happy to see her go away, as being in her presence for any amount of time can be quite taxing on one’s patience. She asks all sorts of questions (some very inappropriate) and talks and can ramble on a lot about nothing. Everyone who has met her says she is harmless and means no disrespect that she just doesn’t know any better, no matter how many times she has been told. A village idiot she might be, but a useful one with her healing abilities.

Ghent Az’Ka

Name: Ghent Az’Ka

Character Age: 28

Gender: Male

Occupation: Merchant

Class: Cleric

Birthplace: Kingdom of Vandregon

Race: Human

by: Joseph Hamblin


Since the rise of May’Kar, my family lived as simple traveling merchants.

In the year 235, my father and mother fled the May’Kar Dominion to the Kingdom of Vandregon. My parents, both followers of Ilyara of the West, believed that the great betrayal of the May’Kar people was due to their lack of faith in the Divine powers of the planet. In this belief, they both fought alongside the Kingdom of Vandregon for years in an attempt to rid the world of the undead menace.

In the year 240, my mother gave birth to me. Still feeling guilty for the May’Kar Dominion’s betrayal, and their desire that I grow up not knowing the undead plague, my parents returned to the front lines. Given that the front lines was no fit place to raise a child, my parents sent me to live with my uncle in a small sea port town in the Kingdom of Aldoria. Unfortunately, both my parents died in 241 during a raid on their camp by an infiltrating band of penitent fighters.

My uncle, who turned to drink after the death of his younger sister, did his best to raise me. My uncle taught me all he knew about my parents, including their faith in Ilyara of the West. My uncle, always in despair, told me that my parents died fighting the blasphemers who strayed from the divine calling and became worshipers of the darker powers that thrive in the dark recesses of this world.

In year 251, my uncle and I sailed to the colony of New Hope after the fighting between the settlers and the Ulven calmed down. During the voyage my uncle succumbed to illness and died on the first day of the crossing. There I was, alone, afraid, and without any guidance in this world. Standing on the deck of the ship I stared down into the abyss and began yearning for an end to my short and lonely life. It was at that moment that I felt a strong gust of wind pour over me. I felt as a newly blossomed flower feels after a gentle morning rain. I was revived and given strength to carry on in this life. I was certain that Ilyara of the West had raised me from the depths of despair and guided me towards the light of the Divine mother. I was a young lad but I would learn how to survive in this world. I would learn the truth behind the fall of the May’Kar, and the fate of my parents. I would learn of the divine forces that empower the faithful. I would dedicate myself to the following of Ilyara of the West.

It was rough when I first arrived in the colony of New Hope. I had no family and no friends to call upon. Fortunately, an old widowed craftsman, who had recently lost his only child during the fighting with the Ulven, needed help running his small enterprise. Although a modest and simple man, the old craftsman taught me everything he knew about trade and his skills in crafting. In the year 267, the old craftsman died leaving me his shop and small business. I now venture into this world as a merchant, but always I remain true to my faith as a worshiper of Ilyara of the West.

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Nadja Padureani

CHARACTER NAME: Nadja Padureani


CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 24

RACE: Human

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Greyish Blue

OCCUPATION: Travelling performer

KNOWN SKILLS: Good with knives and survival skills.

BIRTHPLACE: Faedrun (Traveling Caravan)

APPEARANCE: Nadja wears several layers of flowing clothes and scarves made of vibrant patterns and a black felt hat.

Nadja was born in 244 to a Sojourner caravan that had historically moved predominantly through Richtcrag and the surrounding areas before being eventually forced south during the fall of Richtcrag. By the time Nadja was born, the caravan spent most of its time in Vandregon, but they never let go of their Richtcrag roots. When the threat of the undead seemed to only be getting worse and worse, the caravan decided they would try to make it to the newly discovered continent, Mardrun. The Sojourners didn’t have a homeland to fight for and after all, traveling was what they did.

Eventually Nadja, her siblings, and her parents were able to gain passage on a boat along with a couple other Sojourner families. Unfortunately this meant that the caravan would split. After a long journey to Mardrun, they slowly started rebuilding the caravan as they waited for the rest of the clan of Sojourners. They never came and they had to move on.

Despite living in a new land, the Sojourners kept their traditional lifestyle. They stayed nomadic and made money however they could. Often through various shady methods but they never resorted to kidnapping or murder.

Nadja learned all of their ways as she grew up but found herself venturing out on her own once she reached adulthood, though she tries to meet up with the caravan as often as she can. Usually you can find her travelling from town to town making money however she can and hoping to find more Sojourners along her way.

Captain Casimir

PLAYED BY: Cody Jackson



CLASS: Rogue

AGE: 37

RACE: Syndar

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown

OCCUPATION: Captain of the PSS Renaissance

KNOWN SKILLS: Casimir is a skilled sailor. Once on Fire Isle, he spent as much of his time as he could on boats on the water.

BIRTHPLACE: May’Kar Dominion (Phoenix Commune)

APPEARANCE: Dresses to emulate the Captain that carried the Phoenix from Faedrun with a notable Phoenix influence on colour choices

RELATIONSHIPS: Merchant Sailor for the Phoenix Syndar and Captain of the Phoenix Merchant Skiff the PSS Renaissance

RUMORS: Some have heard whispers that he doesn’t actually like pickles…


Casimir was young when Solara brought the vision to move the Phoenix out of Faedrun. He was too young to comprehend the true danger of the journey across the hostile continent, all he knew was that things were changing and not everyone was excited. Little did Casimir know, he would meet one man on the journey to Fire Isle that would influence the course of his entire life.

Once on the boat, Casimir spent his time above deck as much as possible, watching sailors tie knots and hoist sails. It was all so new and different from anything he had seen in the desert. This ship alone contained wood from more trees than he had seen in his entire life and he felt a sense of awe and breathing contentment anytime he was on the deck of the ship. It was almost as though he could feel life still pulsing through the planks and masts. Gentle waves brought the ship up and down in a rhythmic breathing pattern as she glided effortlessly over the sea, while storms brought violent, deep breaths as the ship trudged forward through dangerous waters. While the other Syndar feared the storms, Casimir would whisper praise and encouragement into the planks of the ship. Through it all she protected them the best she could, and Casimir loved her for it.

As is known, the journey by boat across the sea was tough and deadly and the Captain beyond drunk. Who knows if his strong-headed ability to steer the ship through the storms was due to his skill as a sailor, or due to his blind-drunkenness distracting him from the danger. None of that mattered to Casimir who saw a ship where everyone was scared and withering, except for one man. To his young Syndar eyes, this man was a hero.

From the moment his feet stepped onto the solid shores of Fire Isle, Casimir removed all doubts from his mind and knew that he belonged to the water. While many Syndar took to the trees to build nests like birds, Casimir would lay his head close to the gently lapping waters of the nearby lake. When talks came of building small boats to fish the ocean, Casimir was among the first to volunteer for the job. When the Captain finally did depart back to Faedrun, Casimir stood on the shores of Fire Isle and watched the sea well after the ship’s tallest mast disappeared over the horizon. His heart was both heavy with sorrow to see his hero leave and full of joy knowing that surely he would be greeted at home as the hero he was.

Casimir spent many years on the small fishing boats around Fire Isle and when the Phoenix came into possession of a Merchant ship, Casimir put himself forward to secure a position on the ship’s crew. His experience as a sailor alongside his excitable, pleasant personality made him an easy fit as a merchant sailor.

As the ship took it’s first trip away from Fire Isle, Casimir ran to the edge of the boat, took a fast hold of some rigging, and leaned deeply out over the ocean. The water sprayed a fine mist over his body and his nose filled with the scent of kelp and salt. Casimir took in a deep breath, smiled, and thanked the ship for her gift. For the first time since arriving at Fire Isle, he was home.

September 21+22, 2019 – Ulven Treaty & Clan Tensions

Revisiting the Treaty (Pre-Event Story Summary)

Warriors of Clan Stormjarl raided the Grimward coast last fall in an attempt to fight back against Clan Grimward after their continued public stance that the civil war is not over for them. With Clan Grimward recently entering into the Iron-Ward Alliance with Clan Ironmound, it seems like some of the Clans are poised to escalate into full scale conflict.

With an uneasy peace among the rest of the Ulven clans continuing on into the beginning of the fall, a loud message has been made public by Greytir Stormjarl, Clanleader of Clan Stormjarl. The Clanleader has proclaimed that they wish to enter into discussions with both Clan Grimward and Clan Nightriver and revisit the “Treaty” that was put into place at the end of the civil war. They have voiced for several years now that the Treaty was unjust and deeply wounded them but wants to give diplomacy a chance. Clan Grimward has countered saying that they agreed to this treaty and paid their fair reparations which was what the combined efforts of Clan Nightriver and the City-State of Newhope asked them to do. They see Clan Stormjarl’s aggression as unwarranted and pushing to continue an ended civil war.

Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver, has agreed to send an ambassador to meet with delegates of both Clan Grimward and Clan Stormjarl to discuss the treaty and to see if there is a diplomatic resolution to this friction. A neutral ground location has been selected just across the Yurnai River in an area known as Haygreth’s Scar, a no-man’s-land territory on the border between Clan Grimward and Clan Stormjarl. An open invitation has been made to all for a chance for adventurers, travelers, and faction representatives to come and be involved in the discussions.

Can diplomacy mend wounded honor? Can those in attendance speak words to the hearts of these rivaling Clans in order to stop further conflict? The impact of this meeting to discuss the treaty, the stances and actions taken by those parties involved, and how some of the Clans move forward will be critical in laying the foundation for what these “tensions” look like into the rest of the year.

As delegations from both sides of this conflict met upon the chosen location in Haygreth’s Scar, many were unnerved to see warpacks of both Clans positioned nearby to respond should violence erupt. For many people across the continent, the civil war had been over for several years. For these two Clans, it was something they were willing to fight over.

Mimicking a strategy used by Haygreth Grimward 4 years ago at the Armistice Meeting, the Clanleader himself surprised all in attendance by being present to push negotiations forward. Negotiations between Clan Stormjarl and Clan Grimward looked pretty bleak for most of the day as both sides refused to give in or back down. It wasn’t until the representatives from Clan Nightriver stepped in and were willing to give back Grimward Honor-Bound to get the Stormjarl Thralls returned. An agreement was made and hostilities ended… but just barely. All of the Stormjarl Thralls will be returned to their clan and all of the Grimward Honorbound will be returned from Nightriver. Everyone had to pay a bit of a cost to compromise; Nightriver had to give up the honorbound, Grimward had to give up a bit more in thralls than they received in honorbound (but the numbers were close), and Stormjarl had to relent on their lost territory. With the Treaty amended to make this happen, Clan Stormjarl finally agreed to sign. All three large clans involved walked away with their honor intact and a cease to hostilities.


An interesting twist that took place during these negotiations was that Calder Whitecap, Warleader of Clan Squallborn, attended and talked to some of the major groups in attendance. His goal was to look towards the future of his Clan and what options were available to him. After several vocal, and public, outbursts between him and Haygreth Grimward, Calder was seen speaking to the Clan Stormjarl representative and making an agreement with them. He decided that despite their differences and the conflict of the past, he intends to form an agreement/alliance with Clan Stormjarl, working with them on the future of their clan, bypassing the offers made to them by Clan Nightriver, Clan Grimward, and some colonial forces. How the rest of his proud people will respond to “siding with the enemy” will act will be crucial to the future of Clan Squallborn.


Iron and Honor (Pre-Event Story Summary)

Clan Ironmound has long been an economic and bartering powerhouse among the Ulven people. Quality metals, weapons, and armor made by their smiths have been used all over the continent for many generations. Their recent stance to enter into an alliance with Clan Grimward came as a shock to many; including some of their own people. A growing friction among their people has become noticeable as some have voiced their concern at how this alliance looks to the rest of the Clans. For the most part, the people of Clan Ironmound are content with this new forged alliance and how it will bring stability to their Clan… along with great business opportunities.

However, Clan Ironmound’s association with Clan Grimward has made them a target for wounded honor and vengeful family members and pack mates. Although the civil war is over and most of the continent is content with peace, there are those that do not agree with the big picture. Raiders have collected in numbers and begin to target small opportunities as they are presented. Their backgrounds vary; dissenters from Clan Ironmound willing to take action against this alliance, Watchwolf of Sol warriors from Clan Nightriver territory who seek to avenge their conquered kin to the west, or various warriors looking to pay for perceived wounded honor with blood. Denounced by the Iron-Ward Alliance as “unlawful and dishonorable bandits” and condoned by those who feel that honor and the Greatwolf’s judgement is at stake, these small scale skirmishes represent a growing wedge in the Ulven people.

There appears to be more visible “lines in the sand” being drawn in various large and small groups within the Clans and the Clanless. Word has spread that a shipment of goods being sent through the Great Wolf’s Hackles heading south will be targeted by these raiders. It seems like a confrontation is inevitable.

Will the actions of those involved and the outcome of the Treaty meeting make an impact one way or another in which side of this conflict is supported? Will unaffiliated forces step in and choose a side or stay out of these conflicts lest they be judged by their decision? Will those that have chosen a stance in post-civil war Mardrun take action or merely sit idly by? Although these raids are small scale conflicts, the ramifications for being involved on either side of the “line in the sand” could be profound.

After a rather public and vocal opposition to the Iron-Ward Alliance, the caravan scheduled to pass through the Great Wolf’s Hackles continued on as scheduled. More and more guards were drawn to the defense of the caravan and the control of the surrounding areas. Without any fanfare or public declarations, the Raiders in the pass hit pushed in to try to tackle control of the area and make picking apart the caravan defenses easier. However, the Iron-Ward guards were ready and sent equal forces of warriors out to oppose them. Fighting broke out immediately.

With the Iron-Ward Alliance guards gaining the upper hand early on, especially with the support of some members of various factions, attrition caught up to them. By the afternoon, the lead was lost and both sides pushed heavily to contest the area. Ulven warriors tore into each other. By the end, the Raiders pulled off a victory over the Iron-Ward guards; the strategic path around the caravans defenders was under Raider control and the caravan itself was raided. Supplies and various goods were stolen, causing a rather harsh economic cost to Clan Ironmound.

However, the staggering deaths and brutality of the fighting would really consider this a pyrrhic victory. Although the caravan was overrun, the Iron-Ward Alliance stands firm in their stance to defend itself and its interests and was not willing to give up on the fight and dishonor themselves. They did not give up or retreat and were willing to fight and kill their enemies. The Raiders died and paid a heavy blood price to be able to send their message to the rest of the continent. Personal honor may be avenged for some of them by standing up and fighting for what they believed in, but the cost means that it is unlikely any organized effort like this will rise again anytime soon… if at all.


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