Last Hope Staff

The Staff of Last Hope is constructed of Three Levels: Heralds, Staff, and Volunteers. Below is the full list of all members within each of those groups and the details of the various groups. Certain staff members also belong to various teams. You can visit pages about each team below. For information on contacting the staff, please visit in the appropriate page on the wiki.


  • Admin: Business management, staffing, player concerns
  • Interact: Faction Mechanics, Resources, Personal Plot
  • World: Biographies and Stories, World-Building, Wiki Management
  • Event: LARP Direction & Vision, Team Coordination
  • Promo: Promotions, marketing, conventions, player feedback, social media



A Herald in Last Hope will wear a gold H belt flag, is part of the team that oversees the LARP, is responsible for different areas of the game, is a referee in-game and out-of-game in regards to rules questions and clarifications, and has have authority to makes rulings in regards to issues/concerns/rules arguments based on sound judgement and the betterment of the game.

Tyler Dubey World / Interact Harbinger
Ryan Maas-Jopp Creator, Lead Herald, Co-Owner, LARP Direction & Vision, Team Coordination
Mischelle Maas-Jopp Co-Owner, Business Management, Staffing, Player Concerns
Matt Edwardson World Lore, Story Arcs, Event Summaries Herald
Jennifer Schneiderman Promo Herald
Cole Potter Event Logistics Herald
Cody Jackson Resources, Lore Cards, Mechanics, World Lore Harbinger
Andrez Beltran Factions, Player Interactions Herald



A Staff Member in Last Hope will wear a small S belt flag, is part of the team that helps coordinate the larp, helps move/setup event set pieces and decorum, helps with registration and paperwork, helps create/edit game content, and monitors immersion and players. Can clarify and help enforce rules and coordinate concerns with a Herald.

Tim Bollig Admin / Event Staff
Ryan Brogan Event Staff
Rachel Miller Promotion Staff
Paul Peterson Trade Mechanics Staff
Kelly Pelot Promotions Staff



A Volunteer is a player in our community that goes above and beyond and is recognized for their efforts. Volunteers are players, not staff members, but have worked on different parts of the game or fulfill different roles to make things better for our community and our game.

Shawn Smith Event Photographer
Michael Hannes Volunteer
Kelly Peterson Webmaster
Kathy Beltran Volunteer
Jake Segor Volunteer
Jacob Veldhuizen Volunteer
Brian Maas Site Setup & Logistics
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