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The “Staff” of Last Hope is composed of three categories: Owners, Heralds/Harbingers, and Staff Members. Dedicated Volunteers also make up a number of Non-Staff helpers.

Below is the full list of all members within each of those groups and the details of the various groups. Certain staff members also belong to or directly oversee various “teams”. A team is a specific area or specialty within Last Hope LARP. You can visit pages about each team below.

For information on contacting the staff, please visit in the appropriate page on the wiki.


  • Admin: Registration file management, Staffing, Player concerns, LARP rules
  • Interact: Organization mechanics, Resources, Personal plot, Tradeskills
  • World: PC Biographies and stories, World-building & lore, Wiki management
  • Event: NPC management, Event mechanics, Props & encounters
  • Promo: Marketing, Conventions, Player feedback, Mentor program, Social media
  • Logistics: Transportation, Supply storage, Location maintenance, Land management


The Owners of Last Hope LARP oversee the creative vision, business management, staffing requirements, community outreach, dedicated LARP land management, cross promotion, and sponsorship opportunities.

Ryan Maas-Jopp Creator, Co-Owner, LARP Direction & Vision - He/Him
Mischelle Maas-Jopp Co-Owner, Business Management, Staffing Coordinator - She/Her


The Lead Herald acts as a bridge between the owners and all 6 spheres that create our game. They help the teams communicate effectively and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Cole Potter Lead Herald - He/Him


A Herald in Last Hope will wear a gold & black “Herald” belt flag, is lead coordinator of one of the six teams, is responsible for different areas of the game, is a referee in-game and out-of-game in regards to rules questions and clarifications, and has have authority to make rulings in regards to issues/concerns/rules arguments based on sound judgement and the betterment of the game.

Rachel Miller Admin Herald - She/Her
Joel Robertson Event Herald - He/Him
Jennifer Schneiderman Promo Herald, Conservation Liaison - She/Her
Jacob Pelot-Veldhuizen Interact Herald - He/Him
Cody Jackson World Herald, General Bad-Ass with Web Edit Permissions - He/Him


A Harbinger in Last Hope will wear a gold & black “Harbinger” belt flag. Harbingers hold responsibilities that stretch between multiple teams and are tasked with high-volume work output. Harbingers act as a referee in-game and out-of-game in regards to rules questions and clarifications and have have authority to make rulings in regards to issues/concerns/rules arguments based on sound judgement and the betterment of the game.

Tyler Dubey World / Event Harbinger - He/Him
Tim Bollig Interact Harbinger - He/Him


A Staff Member in Last Hope will wear a small gold & black “Staff” belt flag, is a member of one or multiple teams, helps move/setup event set pieces and decorum, helps with registration and paperwork, helps create/edit game content, and monitors immersion and players. Can clarify and help enforce rules and coordinate concerns with a Herald/Harbinger.

Event Staff – He/They

Leticia Gonzalez Logistics Staff - She/Her
Kelly Pelot-Veldhuizen Promo Staff - She/Her
Jake Segor Admin Staff - He/Him
Eloise Helgestad Interact/World Staff - She/They

Event Staff – She/Her


A Dedicated Volunteer is a player in our community that goes above and beyond and is recognized for their efforts. They are recognized for their help by wearing a mini gold & black “V” belt flag. Volunteers are non-staff players who do not make rules clarifications or run the LARP, but have worked on different parts of the LARP or fulfill different roles to make things better for our player community.

Shawn Smith Event Photographer - He/Him
Michael Hannes Combat Trainer, Practice Coordinator - He/Him
Matt Edwardson Practice Coordinator & Wiki Lore - They/He
Kelly Peterson Webmaster - She/Her
Brian Maas Site Setup & Logistics - He/Him

If you’re interested in joining Last Hope’s Volunteer Program, click HERE to submit an interest form!

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