“The Mordok are beasts. All we have known is war with them. I will soak these lands with their filthy blood before I meet the Great Wolf. We leave camp at dawn to hunt down a tribe of Mordok and will return with their heads.”
-Harlok Longfang, Ulven Warrior’s last spoken words

The Mordok are not a playable race for standard players.

The Mordok are indigenous to Mardrun. The ancestral enemy of the Ulven, the Mordok are a bloodthirsty, tribal and barbaric race. They range from small tribes to entire organized communities with leaders and even some spiritual leaders. Very little is known about the Mordok; all attempts at communicating or learning the Mordok culture has ended in blood shed. Constantly at war with the Ulven, the Mordok are strong, resilient, and savage. It is unknown just how large the population of Mordok is on the continent of Mardrun.

The following document is the more common and well known information regarding the Mordok. This document is updated after events if players discover more information about the Mordok culture.

Mordok FAQ

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