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The Deities of the Warring Nation of Richtcrag

The Beginning

Before beings inhabited the lands of Richtcrag, it was believed an ancient deity lived in the land and often took the shape of a massive bird with feathers of many different colors. It lived in peace with nature and the elements, protecting the wildlife with its power. However, it was startled one day by the passing of another god and took to the skies. In its flight over the land, it left behind six feathers, and each fell on different parts of the land: one in a hallowed mountain, one in deep in the largest swamp, one in the most secret part of the largest forest, one in the largest spring, one on upon a hidden crag in the steeps, and the final and largest upon the highest peak.

On that peak, the wind bellowed, the snow churned, and the rumbles of below shook it. It stayed there for countless years till a tribe of humans settled around the lands near the feather. It was when they spoke their first prayers that the feather began to take shape: winter, death, wisdom, hidden treasure, and those who seek them. From those first five prayers, Tyrl was shaped and began his reign as the eldest of the gods of the land.

However, when he took shape, his shadow also formed and the trickster god Vardel came into being. He instantly fled from Tyrl and went to cause mischief amongst the humans below and thrived in their confusion and chaos.

Tyrl decided to help the humans against Vardel by creating his children. He sent dreams to their shamans and wise folk to send prayers towards the deep swamp, the fiery volcano, the wind-swept steeps, the largest spring, and the secretive forest. They did so and five deities rose to answer their prayers in turn: Yasin the Hunter from the swamps, Ulfkell The Warrior from the Volcano, Bjar the Wild One from the Steeps, Sylv the Life Bringer of the plains, and Grollen the Peacekeeper of the forest. With their creation they provided protection from Vardel, allowing the humans of the lands to thrive and grow in number, knowledge, wisdom, and skill.


Bound to the Land

The elder deities of Richtcrag are not like deities of the Syndar and other human nations. These divine beings are tied to the land they woke from upon their creation, with each one holding domain and power over the type of land that is there. The only partial exception to this rule is Ulfkell the Battle-Father, who was still tied to the volcano Veerokeer but took on the traits of the trades that surrounded his lands. Each deity was linked to certain regions:

• Cul’Claimete: Sylv and Ulfkell
• Kupferhugel: Tyrl and Ulfkell
• Marais-Enceinte: Yasin
• Olon Zyjl: Bjar
• Valinate: Vardel
• Pericht: Tyrl

It is even rumored that the regions formed around these deities and began to shape their cultural identities based on each of them.

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