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Bjar – The Lord of the Wilds

Bjar, The Lord of the Wilds, Elder God of Beasts, Survival, the Steppes, and Fertility

Worshipers of Bjar are usually found on the steppes of Olon Zyjl, a land of almost pure wilderness. When Bjar was created, he took up the prayers of those around him: a proud, strong, wild people.

He is often viewed as a chaotic deity due to his wild nature and his control over the beasts of the land of Richtcrag, often caring for them more than those who follow him. However, none can deny his power over them, for those who pray properly will find themselves able to survive a difficult ordeal in the wilderness due to an easier kill or finding more food than usual. Due to his wild nature and animalistic tendencies, he is often prayed to for fertility by both men and women looking for a strong child.

Bjar is a passive deity when it comes to his followers, usually turning his attention to the creatures of the land rather than worshipers. However, he will reward his followers with favor if they do the same and help tend to the animals. He will also help those who are just trying to survive the harshness of the wilderness, or those trying to conceive a child.

The Wild God is often depicted as an extremely muscular man wearing furs covering his feet, torso, and waist. His body covered in scars and tattoos of the many animals of the land. His face is always covered by a highly decorated animal mask, usually depicting a boar or a hawk. However, his eyes are always jet-black. He has three feathers attached the mask: yellow, red, and black.

His image is often found on the nomadic people’s saddles, tents, or in scrimshaw necklaces, due to their mobile nature. There are the rare occasions of a shrine being found on a high point of a rocky outcropping. There is rumor that there is a larger one atop a massive granite outcropping somewhere on the steppes.


Worship of Bjar

Bjar’s worshipers traditionally pray at night, praying for help to survive, help keeping predators away in the darkness, or the ability to produce strong seed or receive it to conceive. An offering of blood is often required to make sure the prayers are heard.

For meditation, a worshiper must slice their palm and let it soak into scrimshaw or another carved holy symbol from animal remains.


Rituals of Bjar

Strength of Beast: When a warrior is about to head into an important battle, a cleric may perform a ritual where they sacrifice an animal to Bjar in return for imparting the essence of the beast to the warrior. They may seek great agility from a large cat, amazing strength from a bear, superb endurance from a boar, and so on. While these may not actually have magical effects, the spiritual implications often influence the warrior’s resolve.

Strength of Seed: If one was wanting to conceive a child and has had ill luck, this ritual requires the two participating to prepare a meal. This meal usually consists of rabbit, horse, root tubers, and medicinal herbs. During the consumption, the two are to let an herbal mixture smoke and smolder in a brazier. These often have a psychedelic effect.

After the meal, the two are shall attempt to conceive. The mixture of herbs, food, and incense often create a heightened state of mind, sensitivity, and endurance.

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