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Notable Locations

The Colony of Newhope – The first major colony established on Mardrun, it is the largest and most diverse piece of land on the continent.

New Aldoria – Established by Prince Aylin after relations with Newhope turned sour, New Aldoria has set its sights on becoming a major naval and economic power on Mardrun.

Aylin’s Reach – Aylin acquired a plot of sovereign land on the Eastern Coast, unburdened by it’s connection to the City-State of Newhope. He moved to this new land and established a city of Aylin’s Reach and spent years on a campaign to attract as many people as he could from New Aldoria as well as any who wished to live under his stewardship rather than that of The Council of Newhope. Before long the population of New Aldoria had shrunk and Aylin’s Reach grew to be a burgeoning capitol city in it’s own right. Aylin’s Reach now acts as the head of Aldorian government on Mardrun

Daven’s Hold – Once owned by the Baroness Catherine of Newhope, Daven’s Reach was a center of trade on Mardrun before being overtaken by bandits, who have settled in and are now hoping to straighten their lives out. Through a bloody campaign Catherine and her supporters retook Daven’s Reach and named it Daven’s Hold. It is now ruled by the Council of Three.

Onsallas Outpost – Operated by Pack Longfang, Onsallas Outpost has long stood as a sentry against the Mordok from the Dirge Swamp.

Dirge Swamp – The impassable, festering wound of a swamp to the north of Ulven lands, this seems to be the home of Mardrun’s Mordok population.

The Wayward Inn – Just outside of Newhope, this inn once stood as a meeting place for colonists to rest easy, though a fire destroyed much of the building and even more of its reputation of safety. As the colonies spread, the Wayward Inn is no longer considered a place of any real importance.

Starkhaven – The fortress of the Order of Arnath, Starkhaven was one of the first major construction projects by the colonists from Faedrun.

Darkport – A relatively new port town, Darkport hopes to establish itself as a hub of commerce and a melting pot of culture.

Keys Crossing – Home of The Ravens. Once a Noble House of Diplomats, Keys Crossing has grown into a highly regarded institute of learning. Keys Crossing has also been named the managerial head of all Newhope City-State Research.

Bladehome – The new sovereign home of the Broken Blade Corps. A place where they can drink, fight, and sing to their hearts’ content.

Ulvesal – Home to the Stormjarl Einherjar, a burgeoning collective of Stormjarl Warriors and Craftspeople.

Lumeria – Home of the Blades of Sol, a group of people from all races who carry forward the ideals of Solar

Shieldhaven – Home of the Guardians of the Wall, an upstart group of adventurers and fighters looking to help protect the land and see it flourish

Fort Dread Wyrm – Home of F.A.T.E. – a group of tinkerers, thinkers, and arcanists looking to revive the lost magics and machinations of the crumbled Syndar Kingdoms of Faedrun

The Fire Isle – Home of The Phoenix, a Syndar collective noted for their mercantile acumen and their love of pickles, wine, and friendship


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