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Dirge Swamp

Dirge Swamp (Mardrun)
The Dirge Swamp is a Mordok controlled area of swamp and wetlands. The swamp itself has no established human, Syndar, or Ulven settlements due to the lack of solid dry ground for building and farming. Long ago, Pack Blackwing pledged to start a settlement in the marsh. This attempt was either abandoned or all the pack members slaughtered, for not a single trace of any of the Pack has been found other than a few buildings that were started and abandoned; now sinking into the muck.

The Mordok control the swamp and seem to have a large number of Mordok inside its borders at any given time, but they apparently stick to small roaming camps. So far, not a single Ulven scout has reported a large enough settlement to warrant the number of Mordok in the area, but a vast area of the swamp has never been ventured into yet. Several adventuring parties, looking to make a name for themselves by discovering what is in the swamp, have ventured into the swamp and never returned.
The Ulven have a permanent outpost (Onsallas Outpost) and village on the Ulven controlled edge of the swamp.

Other than the fact that some types of trees grow exceptionally fast and produce a sap with healing properties, there appears to be no other resource worth any value in or around the Dirge Swamp… for either the Ulven or the Mordok.

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