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Past Lore Drops

(Under Construction)
This page contains links to large lore drops over the course of the game. If any drops are missing please let staff know and we will do our best to track them down and link them here.


The Lore Speaker Conspiracy – Is the known history of The Ulven People a lie?
A Brief History of The Lorespeaker Conspiracy – Who are the Lorespeakers? What have they done? What are they hiding?
——A List of the Sagas uncovered during the 264 Expedition that first uncovered the conspiracy.
———Thorstein Staff-Struck
———Lament of Athr
———Softpaw Saga
———Banded Man
———Another Ulven Saga

The Ancient Syndar – The Syndar have been on Mardrun in the distant past. What were they doing here? Why was this not known?
The First Cache – The first ancient cache that revealed the Ancient Syndar came to Mardrun. This cache was found in Watchwolf Territories in March of 268.
Arragones on The Pylons – An expedition to The Great Forest found the remnants of an Ancient Syndar Pylon. (April 268)
The Second Cache – An ancient cache was revealed in the Dirge Swamp, but to open it required the aid of an unlikely assistant. (May 268)
Secret Origins in the Dirge – The heart of the Dirge was found and with it came many strange visions of the past. Arragones released a proclamation to explain these visions. (September 270)
Arragones Lies! – In response to Arragones’ proclamation an anonymous letter penned by someone claiming to have been on the expedition began to circulate widely. (October 270)
The Ulven Respond – A fact-finding mission was established the Ulven leadership to ascertain the truth of the claims from the Heart of the Dirge. Their findings would change the face of Colonist-Ulven Relations (April 271)

The Ancient Ulven – Some caches of information have been found relating to the histories of the ancient Ulven. Given that they are primarily an oral tradition these written records are incredibly rare.
The Ironmound Cache– The contents of this cache were unearthed after a large earthquake hit the Eastern reaches of Clan Ironmound. It’s contents were copied and distributed by Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver in October of 269. It speaks of ancient raids by the lost Clan Stonetooth.

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