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A Declaration From The Ulven Leadership on Arragones’ Lies

In the month of April 271 a declaration from Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver; cosigned by Clans Stormjarl, Spiritclaw, Shattered Spear, Goldenfield, Whiteoak, Axhound, Watchwolf, and Steinjottun; was disseminated across the Lands of Mardrun.

People of Mardrun,

There is no doubt many of you have heard rumors spreading of the information uncovered by a Colonist expedition into the heart of The Dirge Swamp. Many of these rumors were incredibly unsettling and thus the Ulven people came together to send an expedition of our own to verify or condemn these rumors. Two months ago that expedition returned and gave us much to consider.

To be brief, the allegations spread in the newsletter titled “Arragones Lies” have been found to be truthful. Steinjottun Scouts alongside Spiritclaw Truthseekers were able to slip into the heart of The Dirge and verify the claims in the letter and report them to Ulven leadership. This information is shocking to say the least. We now know that The Ancient Syndar on Mardrun caused the creation of The Dirge Swamp and The Mordok. We know that they also had imprisoned a being that is now known at The Mother, deity of the Mordok, to use as a power source to fuel their bizarre experiments. We also know that Arragones was privy to all of this information and instead chose to lie to all of the people of Mardrun. This gave us much to discuss.

We the Ulven Leadership, less Clans Grimward and Ironmound, put forth the following condemnation and law.

The Celestial Arragones has shown herself to be incapable of acting as an arbiter of truth and information. She has shown herself incapable of just leadership. The Ulven People condemn Arragones and no longer hold her title of Duchess to have merit or weight. We stand that no expeditions, research or otherwise, under the leadership of Arragones will be permitted in any of the corners of Mardrun beyond the City-State borders, including those in The Dirge Swamp. Many of our clans have long been friends of the City-State, but it should not be forgotten that Mardrun is Ulven lands and the Ulven hold Sovereignty over them.

Furthermore, all colonial research expeditions and all colonial magical research that takes place outside of the borders of their lands are to be immediately halted. These projects and any future projects will only be permitted if they are agreed upon by the Leadership of greater than one half of the Clans signed onto this proclamation. All expeditions and magical research will also require the oversight of appointed Ulven Truthseekers who will be given complete copies of all information gleaned and carry the authority to terminate said projects should the need arise.

The signatories of this proclamation have all agreed to uphold these laws across the continent of Mardun and there will be no negotiations. It is our sincere desire that these laws do not require enforcement and that no more ill will come between our people, but the Colonists must not forget that they are on Ulven lands.

– Branthur Nightriver – Nightriver

– Laifnar Icefury – Shattered Spear

– Hoskuld Goldenfield – Goldenfield

– Trygve Axhound – Axhound

– Halvar Steinjottun – Steinjottun

– Sigurd Watchwolf – Watchwolves of Sol
– Lamont Whiteoak – Whiteoak

– Cahal Spiritclaw – Spiritclaw

– Graytir Stormjarl – Stormjarl

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