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Lore Cache Contents – October 269

The following contents were unlocked by the efforts of our players over the course of three Virtual Events from August – October of 2020. The contents were spread publicly through further player effort and resources. Branthur Nightriver, Clanleader of Clan Nightriver has taken on the task of making sure these documents were copied and spread through the continent so that all may be aware of what they say:

The first document was written on a large piece of paper that was wrapped around the rest of the contents:
“Those brutes of the stone teeth are at it again. This is the fifth moon in a row that they have spilled over our lands, stealing our crops and slaughtering our animals for meat and not just the livestock, the dogs, the cats, whatever they can catch they’ll eat. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that they eat the ulven they capture, but I’ve never heard the tale of one able to escape their grasp once captured so I don’t know for sure. Either way I can’t help but feel like it’s important in some way to record and collect whatever knowledge I can on these monsters who dare to call themselves ulven alongside us. The visitors from the west have brought with them methods that they call scribing that I employ here in recording the events and recountings of the stone tooth raids. This scribing shows great potential for keeping untarnished recordings over vast spans of time. The first step is to know your enemy and there are plenty in the lands that call these stone teeth marauders their enemies.
– Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

“I have spoken with a learner from a pack to the east. It seems that the stone tooth’s raids have penetrated into their lands as well. Evidence points to these raids being not only for food and potentially thralls, but also as a show of strength and maybe even simple sport. It is a long journey to travel down from their homelands in the north and they seem to show great delight in penetrating deep into hostile lands before making themselves known and raiding unsuspecting villages. This learner told me that a scout from their village followed the stone teeth raiding party after their raid in an attempt to see what became of the thralls that had been taken. Several days later the head of the scout was found in the center of their village, hanging by it’s hair from the branches of their central tree.
-Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

“I saw one up close today. I’ve never been one for a fight and hadn’t seen these monsters closer than at least two bow lengths before. I’ve heard they carry bows much heavier than our own and may Cyklusens damn me if I was going to get close enough for them to get a hold of me. But with my new drive to record what I can about them I felt the need to get a closer look. I’d been tracking a warband through our neighbor’s lands, being sure to keep plenty of distance so they wouldn’t catch my scent. I assume they can do that. They are far closer to beasts than Ulven either way. Eventually they came upon a village in the river lands and I quickly scrambled up a beech tree to hide myself behind its thick leaves. I ended up with a perfect vantage point to watch the raid unfold before me. It was brutality that’s all I can truly say, it was complete brutality. In the end at least a dozen of the village’s warriors were cut down and a handful of other villagers tied up and led out of the village. Three of the stone teeth fell in the battle and the rest made a great ritual out of spitting on their bodies as they left the village. I stayed in the tree and counted my fingers two hundred times after the raid to be sure they had left and when I felt safe I slipped out of the tree and went to observe the bodies. When I got close I saw that they were indeed ulven, at least in physical form, but their bodies showed signs of hard battles and even harder living. The skin of the body was covered head to toe in callouses and scars, many of which were in locations unlikely to take damage in battle. All three bodies had this incredible number of scars leading me to believe they were carved into their bodies in some sort of a ritual. Two of the bodies were also covered in angular tattoos and thick war paint. Their eyes were a blood-red the likes of which I can’t say I’d seen before. Their fangs were stout and the tattooed two of them had filed them down to a spearpoint, no doubt cut on stone, no doubt that this is where they get their name. They all carried spears and axes that had been honed to the sharpness of a fillet knife and I can say that they are well versed in how to use them. After a good deal of time spent with the bodies I had had my fill.

I helped the village burn their dead. I helped them dig deep pits for the stone tooth bodies.
– Haldjor, Learner and Skald”

There are several more pages that detail first and second-hand accounts of Stonetooth raids throughout the areas that would now be Ironmound, Shattered Spear, Whiteoak, Axhound, and Northern Nightriver and Grimward. All speak of incredible brutality set alongside incredible battle acumen. A final note reads:

“I have made copies of these scribings and given them to the pack leaders in my area and this original copy I store away here should it ever be needed in the future. My hopes are that the chieftains understand the danger that the stone teeth present to all of us and begin to train more warriors to repel future raids. I myself have picked up the spear and as I have repeatedly dipped quill into ink, I will see that my spear gives the same treatment to the stone tooth marauders that attack my pack’s lands.
Haldjor, Skald, Learner, Warrior”

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