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Daven’s Reach

Daven’s Hold:
Many years ago, Daven’s Reach was formed as a trading post between the two largest Ulven Clans, Grimward and Nightriver. It then became a military post during the onset of the war and then was eventually overrun by bandits and pirates and taken from Counil Member Catherine. A few years went by, the people inhabiting Daven’s Reach were either forcibly removed in the year 266 by Newhope forces and their allies or given an opportunity to stay and become a part of a new colony. After constant conflict with Grand Duke Richards, Duchess Catherine stepped down from her position in the Council and left to oversee the growth of Daven’s Reach which was renamed Daven’s Hold. Duchess Al-Azarma left to join her after she was unsatisfied with the investigation into her husband’s death. Duke Montesque, an avid supporter of Catherine, also stepped down from the counil. All three of the Council members were stripped of their Duke/Duchess titles of peerage and instead granted the titles of Baron/Baroness.


Governess (Baroness) Catherine
The counterpoint to Grand Duke Richards, Catherine was the main supporter of the Coalition, whose brave actions led to the destruction of the Lich on Mardrun. She has been one of the main voices crying out for diplomacy with the Ulven, and she believes that she has gotten some trust from them at this stage. She dresses as a noblewoman should – acting as a reminder of the world that they lost and sponsoring a number of important trade bills. Famous for her strong ties to the renewed Vandregonian army, her penchant for fairness, and her former ownership the trading hub of Daven’s Reach, Catherine was the Lord Baron Richards’ most powerful contender in the election for sole rulership of Newhope. Her inability to keep the Reach out of the hands of bandits was the final nail in the coffin for many, and she quickly fell out of favor with a portion of the populace.

The Duchess Catherine officially handles much of the trade on Mardrun – one of her sponsors for her position is the Merchant’s Guild, and she occupies the corresponding seat on the Council.

Baroness Catherine has been bestowed the honorific title of Governess of Daven’s Hold, being the new leader of the fledgling colony.

Baron Montesque de la Aleine
Duke Montesque’s family have been tied to the land their whole life, and the sole surviving son of the family is no different. One of the earliest nobles to leave for the Colonies, the Lord Baron is in charge of the food production of Mardrun’s human population, owning well over half of the farms and land in the Colonies. While this has made him wealthy – moreso than any other noble – he has remained down-to-earth, choosing to work the land and dress in a rough approximation of peasant’s clothing – although, to be fair, it is of considerably finer quality, as befits a noble.

One of the loudest voices on the Council – and often opposed to the ideas of Grand Duke Richards – he fights for the common people of Mardrun. His greatest regret is the diminishing of the La Fontaine family on Faedrun – the two families were quite close, sharing neighbouring estates, and the blow struck him quite hard.

Baron Montesque helps Governess Catherine run the fledgling colony of Daven’s Hold, involved heavily in the tradeskills and agriculture of the colony.

Baroness Al-Azarma
As sole pair of May’Kar nobility on the Council, the Duke and Duchess Al-Azarma are the very picture of what made the May’Kar empire great – their religious freedom. Sponsoring religious functions, temples, and shrines, they have proven to be pious and dedicated to the redeeming the view held by the people of Mardrun after the betrayal of the May’Kar in the war against the undead. Their loyalty proved to be to their Vandregonian allies when the Dominon fell. They are champions of religious tolerance and expansion, personally funding the construction of many temples and shrines, as well as training a small army of clerics of a variety of faiths. Though they occupied two seats on the Council, it has always been taken as a given that their votes would align with each other.

They officially occupy two seats on the Council, although they tend to vote the same way on most matters – so long as they are helping foster the temples and religions of the Colonists, they are happy. They have proven to be somewhat uncomfortable around the Ulven – especially Daughters of Gaia – as they are not quite sure what to make of their religious beliefs quite yet. Both of them are skilled in the channeling Divine energy, and the sheer number of priests in their temple seems to have been the reason why they survived to make it to Mardrun.

After Duke Al-Azarma was found dead and his investigation lackluster at best, Duchess Al-Azarma left the Council for good to join Governess Catherine in forming a new life with the people of Daven’s Hold. Baroness Al-Azarma now helps coordinate administrative and spiritual needs within Daven’s Hold.


Recent/Current Events:
Increased bandit activity in the lands surrounding the trading hub slowed commerce to a crawl. Soon after, those same bandits made an attempt to storm the town and take it as their own, successful in their efforts. Despite the stigma of their collective past, the current inhabitants have made it clear that their hearts are set on becoming a legitimate settlement and trading post once again.

265: Percival, the most well liked leader of Daven’s Reach, continues to push for people to “turn a new leaf” and to “become legitimate” but is up against heavy resistance from thugs, bandits, and pirates.

266: City-State of Newhope forces along with allies conquer and take back Daven’s Reach.

267: Catherine, Montesque, and Lady Al-Azarma leave the City-State Council and form the leadership of Daven’s Hold.

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