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The Wayward Inn

The Wayward Inn is a tavern located on the outskirts of the settlement of Newhope. Construction began when the colonists first started to expand on Mardrun, but it was abandoned soon after its completion when roaming attacks of Mordok and bandits increased. The colonists could note control the countryside well enough to keep the patrons safe at the Inn.

Recently, the influence of Crow’s Landing, New Aldoria, and Newhope all have led to increased travel and guards passing along the settlements. This has allowed the road the Wayward Inn to be deemed safe enough for the inn to open. Several Nobles in Newhope have pledged some resources into getting the Inn back up and running.

Even though the area is deemed safer and the Inn has recently been cleaned up and opened, the proximity to Mordok territory is still close enough for travelers to be wary. Traveling without an escort or bodyguards is still considered very dangerous.

The Inn was recently damaged very badly by a fire. The close proximity to Graytide territory and the outbreak of Ulven civil war this spring have left the future of the Inn uncertain.

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