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Onsallas Outpost

Onsallas Outpost (Mardrun)
Onsallas Outpost is the last Ulven controlled fortification before the Mordok infested Dirge Swamp. It is composed of a large palisade outpost that is within sight of the nearby Ulven village and is near the line of watch towers that overlook the edge of the Dirge Swamp. Although there are a number of towers, they are used randomly by the Ulven to spot any incoming Mordok hunting parties; it would be almost impossible to man all the towers due to the sheer size of the area they overlook. So far this has deterred some Mordok or helped to alert the nearby town or outpost defenders.

This Ulven outpost is home to some of the most veteran Ulven warriors, primarily ones that were involved in the battles with the humans and Syndar when the colonists first arrived. This is also the home territory of Pack Longfang. Non-Ulven are regarded coldly at the outpost, and the guards there frequently recount stories of battle with the colonists, the warriors taking pride in besting the foreigners in combat on numerous accounts.

If a discussion ever arises about who won the Ulven-Human Honor Duel, any comments about the human winning almost always starts a fight… and usually with live steel. Several mouthy adventurers have gone “missing” after visiting Onsallas Outpost.

The nearby farming village is committed to training to fight (in case the Mordok ever break through the outpost defenses) and with farming the nearby trees. Their close proximity to the Dirge Swamp lends the trees an unnaturally fast growth cycle and can be harvested much quicker than any other trees. They also produce Pineed Sap, a powerful healing agent, even more potent than Fae leaves. This puts a great resource right on the edge of dangerous lands and life is hard and brutal at the outpost. The Ulven have been growing the trees in the area and dedicate a lot of time and resources to the harvest of the sap.

Anyone leaving the protection of Onsallas Outpost towards the Dirge Swamp is said to be going “into the black”. The statement means that the person is leaving the protection of the Ulven lands and venturing into dangerous Mordok territory and also pays homage to Pack Blackwing who went missing after venturing into the swamp to try to establish a permanent Ulven Settlement.

Some of next generation’s greatest Ulven warriors are just coming to age in the village, learning lessons both from the land they live on and from the veteran warriors they frequently interact with.

The outpost itself is a sturdy fortification within eyesight and signal horn distance of the nearby village. Supplies are always an issue at the outpost because it is so far on the border of Ulven controlled lands. The comfort of inns, merchant shops, and plentiful food is replaced by tents, stretched out supplies, and dry rations. The nearby village is small and utilitarian, mainly a training ground for warriors instead of a place of comfort. Ulven on guard rotation can go to the village and spend some time with the villagers, but even the village itself is more basic. Some adventuring groups have begun to scope out Onsallas Outpost and the nearby village as a possible goldmine of opportunity. With a lack of supplies, it is suspected that a profit could be made trading to the outpost or the village, even with the cold demeanor that the Ulven there have towards non-Ulven.

Recently, in the face of an undead threat, a contingent of human Soldiers of Vandregon, led by an Ulven Captain, were allowed to reinforce Longfangs and help garrison the outpost. This alliance was integral in the discovery and destruction of the Lich’s power stone. The integration of Ulven and Human adventurers, and the success of their mission has been praised by both Ulven and Human diplomats as a major accomplishment.

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