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Boz Mezar

– May’Kar Dominion tabard or belt flag with white palm tree over white crossed sabers on a blue background
– Serai Battle Standard


Official Background Story
Boş Mezar \’bowsh ‘meh’zar\ is the action arm of the May’Kar settlement Serai \’sir’aye\. It is a mercenary organization specialising in area defense and force education. Odd for a mercenary band in that it abhors all loss of life, Boş Mezar nonetheless offers a multitude of martial services including but not limited to: area defence, area denial, executive protection, armed transport, battlefield preparation, battlefield healing, housing of detainees, intelligence collection, and peacemaking. Boş Mezar also offers consultation and training including but not limited to, small unit tactics, battlefield management, campaign planning, skill training (primarily combat skills, although additional skill training may be available upon request), convoy training, opposing force simulation, and simulated area assault.

The settlement of Serai was founded with the stated goal of May’Kar cultural revival. Due to the low numbers of living May’Kar and continuing persecution from other immigrants from Faedrun, Serai made the choice to actively hide its existence and abstained from world politics. It remained undetected until scouts from The Brotherhood of the Long Winter looking for a suitable location to establish a settlement of their own made contact in 263. Finding in The Brotherhood a group that didn’t reflexively blame all May’Kar for the betrayal, Serai welcomed the new settlement on it’s doorstep. Although The Brotherhood’s proximity provided a welcomed deterrent against foreign aggression, the Citizens of Serai were unwilling to trust them with the entirety of their defence or to represent them to the outside world.

Boş Mezar was formed in early 264 to provide a means for the May’Kar settlement to once again interact with the world writ large. It is charged with protection of Serai, locating surviving May’Kar and inviting them home, spreading May’Kar culture, and making manifest any edicts of Serai. All May’Kar are welcome within Serai, and all people with appropriate skills and a willingness to further May’Kar culture are encouraged to apply for membership in Boş Mezar regardless of race or background.

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