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The new army of Vandregon

Vandregon army was not a war machine. It did not use its power to conquer or threaten. It was a peoples army and it used its strength to protect its people and its allies from all threats. When the undead armies began to rise Vandregon wasted no time mobilizing against this new threat. Brave men and women fought valiantly to protect their homes from the undead scourge. As the war dragged on and city after city fell it seemed that not even the might of Vandregon could hold back the enemy. During the Fall, many Vandregon soldiers gave their lives to give the citizens time to board the boats and escape. Though its army was decimated and its cities and capital lay in ruin the people of Vandregon would live on in the continent of Mardrun.

As the refugees of Faedurn found their way to the colonies of Mardrun they had little to no belongings or wealth and many were wounded or sick. They found their new home was less than friendly, and violent clashes between the native races of Mardrun broke out. Some soldiers did survive the Fall and the trek across the great sea and were involved in those conflicts. After the treaty with the Ulven and the colony of New Hope was established, many of those soldiers were recruited as guards to the nobles, while others struck out on their own or settled down to make lives for them selves. There were little resources and bodies left to rebuild The great Vandregon army. The old red and gray started to fade from memory.

There were a few that tried to bring back the glory of Vandregon. One such man was an old Vandregon officer by the name of Alexander Aurgrim. Alexander saw a need for the peoples army again. Though the colonist of New Hope found safety and settled into their homes and new life on Mardrun, those living outside the safety of those walls found life much harder. Desperate men turned to thievery and preyed on the weak on the unprotected roads. Threat of the savage Mordok always loomed in the shadows. Alexander knew that if true prosperity was to come to his people, security and protection had to be established. The roads and vital trade routes had to be protected the smaller villages and farms had to be safe. Vandregon could be that shield.


Alexander toiled for years trying to acquire man power, resources. and allies; anyone or anything that would lend to his cause. A few did pledge support but none had the resources available to fund the construction of a large scale army. Many did not see a need for a grand people’s army. The glory of Vandregon was a memory and most citizens were concerned with their own day to day lives. Though his actions would sow the seeds of Vandregon’s rebirth, Alexander would not live to see the Vandregon colors rise again.

When Alexander died, his grandson William took up his cause. William grew up hearing stories of Vandregon from his grandfather. He believed in the ideals of Vandregon and shared in his Grandfather’s dream of a unified and protected nation. William knew that if Vandregon were to rise again people needed to remember what Vandregon stud for.
So William took up his grandfather’s colors and for two years lived the life of an adventurer. William fought along side many brave warriors in that time. He formed strong bonds and allies and started making a name for himself. Over time he was able to recruit others to his cause.

Vandregon now is a true power in Mardrun. William and other members of the Vandregon army have been at the forefront of many great battles. The roads are now safer. The smaller towns now have trained militias to guard them. The glory of Vandregon has been restored and people again remember what the colors stand for. Vandregon has always been a peoples army and now this new Vandregon army stand strong as a shield to protect the people of Mardrun from all threats.


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