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Guardians of the Wall

Organization Name: Guardians of the Wall (GOW)

Leading pc: Zenteagan Wincress
Members: Aladrin Greywood, Stanley Lorden, Conner Ashmane, Zenteagan Wincress, Audreanna Delamore
Setup: Affiliation
Focus: Economics / Martial
Location of Settlement: South of the Great Forest Lake near the point of the mountains. West of Clan Goldenfield.
Name of Settlement: Shieldhaven

Political Ideologies: GOW has no positions of agreeing with any particular political group or faction. We have no holdings with positions of power that are established as of writing this edict. In terms of leanings, GOW is neutral in all political squabbles unless it directly affects our members or organization.

Do you want a place to belong? Do you want a family to call your own? Would you die for your family and hope they would die for you? Then join the Guardians of the Wall.

What started as a group of adventurers, has turned into a family that continues to grow. We look out for each other and we look out for our own. We don’t take sides with warring nations or infighting, but rather we treat each of our family members as a trusted ally and would willingly give up our lives to defend those among us. Whether it’s defending our home against attacking Mordok or sending our Wall to aid other members in their trials, we will do what is necessary to provide our fellow members with a safe and secure family. Most importantly, we are connoisseurs of pork and ale.

The following are our tenants and upheld agreements by which all members will abide and agree:

Tenant 1: All members will act in the GOW’s best interest and not act in any way that would jeopardize the validity or honor of our organization.

Tenant 2: You must never harm or steal from another member, but rather must defend each member with your life. Each member of the Wall will protect and defend eachother ato the absolute best of their individual abilities.

Tenant 3: No single member speaks for the entire group, decisions that may affect more than one self or the image of the wall will be discussed as a whole.


Ranking and hierarchy:
All ranking is by honorable title and nothing more. No position has lordship or control of any subsequent positions.

The Council: The nameless, founding members of the GOW solely exist to establish and uphold rules agreed upon by the various members. In the event of disputes and ultimately decisions regarding membership and the wellbeing of the GOW, the Council will convene and deliberate a decision.

The Wall: The sole individual with the honorary title of “The Wall” is Stanley Lorden. While not a position of authority, it is the founding member’s ranking that must be honored and held in regard, as we would not exist without him. In the event of combat, any questions of tactics will fall to the Wall.

Shield Brothers/Maidens: Below noone, this highest of honorary titles is bestowed to all who choose to don a shield to protect the Wall. These individuals will be respected and cherished as positioning themselves in the most dangerous areas of combat and have devoted their lives to the sole responsibility of protecting the members. 

Guardians: All members are considered guardians and will be addressed as such when necessary.

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