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Stormjarl Einherhar


Afkhar Stormjarl (Winter Edwardson)

Arland Stormjarl (Brian Maas)

Bryech the Untouchable (Hersir) (Cole Potter)

Fritha Stormjarl (The Honored) (Jarl) (Mischelle Maas-Jopp)

Mornag (Mike Block)

Thrand Stormjarl(The Tempered) (Hersir) (Ryan Maas-Jopp)

Toralf Giermundson (The Unyielding)(Michael Hannes)

Ylva Giermundson (Rachel Hannes)



In Game:

Settlement Leader – Bryech The Untouchable

Political Lead- Jarl Fritha Stormjarl

Officially the Einherjar have no internal rank structure. Noted above are members who fill a particular role or put effort into specific areas within the story of the organization. Titles and Nobility within general Ulven culture are observed and respected, several members either already have or are working towards titles as noted in the membership section.

For more info on titles relevant to the Ulven People and the Einherjar see the link below and scroll to Ulven Based Titles.


Out of Game:

Org Leader – Cole Potter


Making an Einherjar

If you’re interested in making an Einherjar PC here are a few considerations that may help you with making your story more detailed or to help you think about if you actually want to join or not.

If you are creating a character to join the Org from the get go we ask that you send in your bio to an already established member or the Org Leader so that we can make sure your backstory fits with both the theme of the group as well as the actual history of the group in game.


Things to Consider – In Game:

  • The 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
  • Who is your character, who brought the group to your character’s attention, What motivated your Character to join, where is your character from, where were they exposed to the Einherjar, When did you meet them, When did you decide to join, Why did you join? The answers to these questions can help make your story more detailed and give you a strong foundation starting off in our Organization.
  • Is your character a born member of Clan Stormjarl or did they join later in life?
  • Motivations as a character and as a member of Clan Stormjarl
  • Goals as a PC
  • Include in your backstory connections outside of the org, like family, friends, or any other relationships that can give your character more detail and usable tools for roleplay.


Things to Consider – Out of Game

  • What Class do you wish to play?
  • What role do you want to take within the group? (Frontline fighter, Non- combatant, Support, Tradesperson)
  • Why do you want to join the Organization?
  • Do you fit the theme of the group?
  • Does the theme of the group fit you?


Pre-existing PCs

If you already have a PC and are looking to join an Org the main thing to consider are as follows as you will have most likely already begun to build your relationship with the Einherjar in game.

  • Why does your character want to join?
  • What are your goals or motivations for joining?

Joining the Einherjar

If you’re looking to join the Einherjar please approach any member of the group from there discussion can be had to see if our Org is right for you and if you’re right for the Org. Once you officially request to join we will hold a vote to see if the org feels both of those criteria are met. We encourage you to work with our members and the Org Leader on any story details so that your PC has a cohesive story and strong foundation within the group.


Playing an Einherjar

At their core Einherjar are members of Clan Stormjarl and as such should follow the themes and culture of the NPC entity that is Clan Stormjarl. This doesn’t mean your character isn’t allowed to be an individual just that we have a baseline established within the game and seek to build from there. Info on Clan Stormjarl can be found here (http://lasthope.kitsufox.com/wiki/clan-stormjarl/)

Members of the Einherjar while a part of the group are allowed to pursue personal goals and adventure. The only minimum requirement is that you remain an active member of the Org (real life situation permitting). Players do need to be aware though that their actions have consequences not only for themselves but also for the Org. Many struggles have befallen an Organization in Last Hope due to the actions of a single member. This works both ways as the actions of the group can have consequences for your PC.

Overall our focus is to enhance our experience as players of Last Hope LARP by creating an immersive collaborative story that we can all take part in and enjoy. We do this through Org Projects and growth, collaborative story based events based on our actions both in game and in resources, and lastly by playing the game during the monthly events where our stories interact with the main story of the game.

We thank you for your interest in the Einherjar of Clan Stormjarl. Even if you aren’t interested in joining and are just learning about one of the many groups within the game. We are glad you are here and look forward to enjoying everything Last Hope has to offer together. Skal!

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