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Stormjarl Einherhar

A group comprised of members of Clan Stormjarl who have come together to help serve their clan. Formed originally following Jarl Fritha the Honored in her initiative to raid Clan Grimward to begin a campaign to both revenge the honor of Clan Stormjarl and take back the people claimed as Honorbound servants the group has since assisted in many of the more notable affairs of their clan, such as brokering a tense peace with Clan Grimward and seeing their people returned to them. Also coming to the aid of their former foe Clan Squallborn and fighting to keep them unified as the clan made the decision to join with Stormjarl.

Setting up a fledgling settlement on the Stormborn Coast hoping to continue their journey as agents of Stormjarl, the group hosts members from various backgrounds, from natural born Stormjarl, Ulven from other clans and packs who have come to call Stormjarl their home, A former Lorespeaker apprentice, and even a human. The members of the group follow their own agendas and plans but come together when the need arises.

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