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Blades of Sol


About The Blades:

Praise the sun! A prospective light come to seek admittance to the blades! Worry not friend, you are in good company here. We blades are a welcoming bunch; don’t let the steel blind you to that. The fact you are here tells me that you have the spark of life. By the light of Solar, and Elzerith’s grace we welcome you! Come. We have much to discuss.

As I am sure you are aware, The Blades of Sol is a militant and religious organization. Our sole purpose on this earth is to protect life, and to eradicate those forces that would seek to destroy it. These ‘undead’ abominations that prowl the darkest corners of this world are our greatest enemies, and we gladly meet their corrupted forms with gleaming steel and unwavering faith. To that end, we are bolstering our ranks and preparing for the day we cross the sea, and retake our home from the wretches that drove us out. Our faith will be the walls. Our masses will be the hammer. The light’s way forward is through.


The following is a journal entry written by Elzerith of the events that brought about The Blades of Sol

The path was now present, all that need now is to follow.

After a quite enjoyable Solarustice , this one finds themself once again within the confines of another tavern. Another gathering of those wishing for hope to grasp onto. The turn of the tides, the incandescence of Solar shall pour warmth down upon us with ever increasing fervour. But that seems to not be enough for the people. 

We stand amongst each other, longing for a return; A return to what once was, whether it be a home lost, loved ones returned, or a land unmarred by war – the longing does not stop. But what damage is done cannot be undone, and the longing and anguish shall not cease until the gaping wound is medicated and healed, sealed over and filled with the lifeblood that repairs all. From pain there shall be recovery; from recovery, there shall be progress. Progress of healing, and progress to rebuild a better future. 

This one finds themself standing amidst a motley crew. Some have been following for protection of this one, a protection that has not been needed – but was nevertheless appreciated. Some have gathered looking for hope, a light from once there was none. Some follow looking for profits; deeds that can be done for coin which fuels the empty lives which one could hope wealth fills the void of. This one sees themself as no leader, but this one knows that a path is not always chosen by one’s self.

As the tavern atmosphere died down from the ending celebrations of Solarustice, a gruffled complaint was shouted out,

“What are we celebrating? The longest night has come and gone once again, but we’re still nowhere near somewhere good. We’re still a hopeless lot, sitting on land taken from bloodshed, being besieged by mordok, twiddling our thumbs until the undead find their way across the seas and kick us off our continent again.”

The tavern went silent as the thoughtless reverie that consumed the day turned into a sense of wastefulness, a celebration that might as well have been sticking one’s head in the dirt for a day to give the feeling that all was right in the world.

“You’re wrong!” A syndar man said, standing up so quickly that his chair toppled to the floor, much to the bemusement of the tavernkeep. “We have more light with us than we’ve ever had! The Sun and Moon’s chosen had been together for a Solarustice celebration, and we already have a group banded together. We only need to take the steps. Isn’t that right, Elzerith?”

This one had found themself caught off in that moment. Going from mild regret of days passing to suddenly being called out in such a direct manner. This one did not know how to respond, one could only stare while at a loss for words.

“We stand here willing to walk with Solar’s chosen,” Voltaire, one of the armored protectors of Elzerith,  stepped forward while addressing the room “Ghent and I have already sworn our loyalty. We see no better leader, nor any brighter light in the land.”
Ghent, another cleric who followed Elzerith,  rose from his chair to join “Alone we are but embers of a great flame, but together we shall be the light that brings about the banishment of all darkness.”

Becca, a human woman who had been tavern hopping with Elzerith for some time, raised the question that this one shall never forget;

“So, Chosen of Sol, are you going to do it? Are you going to unite everyone under a banner to vanquish the darkness?” 

This one hesitated, unsure if this would be a surmountable challenge. It seemed like a mountain of a task, a nigh impossible challenge of which one might quickly buckle under the pressure. A familiar feeling was the only thing that halted the worry – a warming sensation with the memory of a single word: “Rise.”

“This one shall be the beacon, but a light alone shall not vanquish the darkness. There is much corruption, and many enemies.” Elzerith spoke with renewed confidence. “This one will need many blades under the banner of Solar”

“Then The Blades of Sol shall be with you, Elzerith, Guiding Light of Solar.” Ghent said, drawing his blade.

“And for Solar, I give my life and light!” Voltaire added, drawing his sword to match.

One by one the room filled with standing followers, now pledging themselves to the holy cause. Banding behind Elzerith, The Guiding Light, they began preparations. The dawn after Solarustice bringing the greatest beacon of light and hope the small tavern in Maerdrun had seen.

A path was now present, all that need now is to follow.


Leader: Elzerith

Elzerith leads the faction under the guidance of three counselors. One of politics (Diplomatic Liaison Becca), one of war (High Martial Voltaire), and one of economics (Siniscalcus Bero Smith).

Elzerith’s decisions generally are final. He can be overruled when all three counselors object to a decision.

Ghent is the leader of the Solarian High Guard. The Solarian High Guard are responsible for Elzerith’s safe keeping and operate as Elzeriths primary personal protection.


Faction rules: 


  1. Life is to be lived to the fullest, so sayeth Sol
  2. Fulfilment through sacrifice is Sol’s wish for the Blades
  3. The life of the faithful saves 1000 lives
  4. All of those touched by the light of Sol are equal in His eyes
  5. Those who stand opposed to life shall be cleansed by the light


  1. Murder or banditry is punishable by death
  2. Thou shalt not corrupt that which Sol has given
  3. Treat others as Sol would treat you


While the history of the Blades of Sol is short, the path is still being walked.


The Blades of Sol were founded by Elzerith, The Golden Syndar.

New Vandregon sent The 3rd Vandregon to provide us protection while we established our affiliation. In thanks for their support and friendship we gave them a ceremonial sword.


Our small settlement just north of the hackles was threatened by bandits after The 3rd Vandregon left. After asking for aid, The Order answered. Before The Order could arrive, bandits attacked and overran our settlement. As the sun began to set beyond the horizon and the bandits were plundering, The Vanguard and 2nd Cohort of The Order arrived and forced the bandits away, then proceeded to provide aid to what was left of our settlement.

The Phoenix after hearing of our disaster reached out and put The Blades of Sol in contact with Prince Aylin of New Aldoria. With their help The Blades negotiated to move to Baile Onor as a tenant of New Aldoria. The United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun were kind enough to aid in the logistics of moving from North of The Hackles to Baile Onor.

After establishing themselves in Baile Onor and growing during the move, The Blades influence grew to be the size of a Faction.

 In return for The Order’s aid, The Blades promised to aid in The Order’s expedition into what was believed to be the center of The Dirge to collect the Hellenstone that The Order had spent months of research and divinations locating. The Blade provided aid as well as hired some of The Broken Blade to join them north of The Shield. It was a narrow thing, but the Hellenstone was collected and all of The Blades marched back home of their own power. Unfortunately, this could not be said of all who went, nor of all of The Broken Blade.

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