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Federation of Architects, Timekeepers Eternal

The Federation of Architects, Timekeepers Eternal

Ask yourself.

Do you have the will to create?

Do you want to control your destiny?

Do you enjoy indulgence?

Earning silver for your contributions?

Are you a lone or aspiring business owner? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join FATE.

Who are FATE?

We started as a small group of travelers who happened to travel by happenstance.  Led and backed by Master Artemis.   He had a dream of sole ownership of land and was denied.  So, he set off to create on his own, forge his destiny.  However, this cannot be done alone.  So, a Union was forged. What started as a Tavern is turning into a business, expansion was necessary.
We are also a group who believes in scientific advancement.  Let’s bring the Dark to Light.  

We are a union of creators and artists.  We each have a gift.  Whether it be using the leylines to create spells.  Or using science to create baked goods.  Or Iron to forge weapons.  We all create something.  We all have that gift. 

We accept any and all whom are willing to put in the work to make this land a home.  Whether you are a nomad or a refugee, we accept you.  We help others in times of need and otherwise and willing to get our hands dirty.  We honor those based on actions, not word.  If your word is good, then your actions will show it.  

In joining FATE you are known as an Architect.  A word not just for plans and blueprints, but also the gift of creation.  We fight for the small.  We do things for Family.  We strive for Unity amongst all people.  

FATE and Relics Hollow are led by the 4 founders.  Each founder represents an aspect of FATE and has been given a house that represents them.   Everything is talked about with the Union (the 4 founders) and action is governed by the Master/Lord/Overseer of Relic’s Hollow.  


House DragonfangA red dragon logo with black leaves

Description automatically generated

This house has a symbol of the Dragon.  The founder governs this house, Artemis Dragonfang of Tribe Wolfgang, Overseer of Relic’s Hollow, Arch-Mage, Major of the Armies of Relic’s Hollow, Survivor of Fort Dread Wyrm, Master of FATEThis house also governs over Relic’s Hollow and its advancements.  

This House also represents the aspects of the Dragon, and of the Wolf.  Overall, members push for intelligence and advancements of any kind.  They also tend to dabble in all or most trade aspects, be it militant, engineering, science, magic, medical, or any other aspects worth dabbling in.  They are generally leaders and masters in their field of study.  They also tend to indulge and/or overindulge in the finer things in life like wines and sweets.  They are fantastical in nature as most practice in the art of magics.  They value discovery of any kind.  

Direct units: Arcane Core Dragon’s Fury, Divine Core Fireheart

-House Madhava (Orla)

(Details pending)

Unit: Militia Talon Strike 

-House (Maretheris)

(Details pending)

-House (Johan)

(Details pending)


  1. Fair compensation for all trades, whether it be mercenary or monetary.
  2. Bring the people of Mardrun to a new age of progress.
  3. Bring the knowledge of Faedrun and Fawyth to Mardrun
  4. Research and discover new ways to use abilities via science or mana.
  5. Become a wealth for knowledge and house relics and written works.
  6. Above all else, have some fun!


We used to live in Fort Dread Wyrm though it was burned down from an attack from Clan Grimward.

We have Rebuilt in Relic’s Hollow and have begun to prosper


  1. You must be kind to each other and pardon whatever action your colleague partakes in, whatever it is will benefit us all.  
  2. We may research what we will, so in that regard we have full freedom.  As long as it befits the community. 
  3. We shall help all people, sometimes this means we are at odds with each other.  Our belief is our own to fight.


Master– Artemis, must possess Multiple Trade abilities.

Architect- Must practice a Trade.

Tinkerer- A Recruit or guard. 

Joining our ranks?

Contact a neighboring Architect they will guide you to the Master for joining.  We accept any and all people.  If you answered “Yes” to one of the questions above.  We also may be subject to test your mettle. 

Can you be kicked out?

Yes, by either death or order of the Union.  We are very lenient so being kicked is quite hard.   You are, however, welcome to leave as you wish.  Just return any belongings to the Union and contact the Master.  He may aid you on your journey.  

The Now!
We were attacked and ransacked by unmasked Ulven when we resided in The Pass. Homes were burned to ask and all that was left was the rubble that once was. Families were ripped apart and children were slain during this attack. We partnered with The Archons for a time and will be moving into New Hope territory.
We will never forget this day and will be reborn anew. Due to this attack, we have changed to a Militant focus to protect our citizens.

As Fate grows and prospers, so will the structure of Relics Hollow and FATE.  

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