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The Mardrun Trade Consortium

The Mardrun Trade Consortium

Most commonly known as simply The Consortium, this faction is small and barely out of its infancy. So far they have had some dealings with New Aldoria and the Pheonix Syndar, but they are always looking for opportunities to expand their trade to further reaches of Mardrun.

The faction was established by a group of friends and traveling companions who, having survived the destruction on Faedrun, now seek to establish themselves in the new world. The Consortium is not merely interested in the acquiring of wealth, but in the improvement of Mardrun as a whole. They seek to make it safer and easier to get affordable, quality goods and services to as many people on the continent as possible. Their motto “exaes erigit omnes naves” or “a rising tide raises all ships” speaks to this intent. They do not have any specific allegiance to any nation or race and welcome anyone to their ranks who is willing to pull their weight.

Their emblem is four crossed keys, which marks their goods, caravans, and any personnel employed by them. The more complex version has the emblem in red on a background parted “per cross” in black and white.

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