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Crimson Shades

How Was The Group Formed?

The Summer wind had kicked up a nasty storm strong enough to drive people to the closest shelters they could find. The lights swayed as we trudged through mud and rivers cascading over dirt roads. Our stay at Crows Landing had been cut quite short as the Market faire ended, scattering like leaves to the wind we rushed away. Though Daven’s Reach had been taken from Catherine and turned into the Main holding of Bandits, it still had open doors. After some negotiation and a few coins, we were sitting inside the tavern, soaked to the bone with ale at our fingertips. As we set up our leftover wares to be sold to passers-bys, the chatter became thick with drunken slurs. As Pan’s eyes glanced over to the bar, a number of backs were to her.

“Eka, I want another” she said, looking up at her companion while she slid the mug toward him.

As the mug clattered to the floor, the sound of laughter erupted from behind. Turning to the three green cloaked individuals, a smile spread over Pan’s face.

“Fucking assholes, left us to die.” one shouted as his mug slammed to the table.

“What happened hun? Next round is on me,” Pan said, handing Eka the silver she left him to grab another few pitchers.

Over the next few rounds the group told Pan of the betrayals they had faced over the last few months. Their family had left them to die in the swamps north of Onsallas without a rescue party. Soon Pan’s mind began bending thoughts into a strange pattern…, these people could be helpful, Pan thought to herself.

“Well dears, I’ve got family that could use some people like you,” she said as she took a long drag from her mug to let the moment sink in. “How does money, along with the freedom of choice sound?”

Meeting each of their eyes, Pan slipped her hand over and traded her mug with Eka’s full one.

Talking long into the night, the five confided into each other, each offering something the others could benefit from. Sitting under the dimming candles, they formed a new family, with bonds stronger than blood.

After this night, the Crimson Shade Emporium was born.

What Are The Crimson Shades?

A political Merchant guild that focuses primarily on preservation of family. They often can be found selling wares, and trading goods anywhere the need arises. Though they are more than willing to help all others who come to them, all contracts have a price; and one way or another, a price will be paid

A Crimson Shade can be easily recognized by the Tribal Brand normally Located on the right arm along with a black and red sash.


Betrayal is punishable by death. To betray your family is to leave them behind, you will forfeit what little you have left in your life.

All transactions must be approved by the Council.

All contracts are negotiable.


Crimson Council – Politicians, traders, merchants, and diplomats.

Red Shades – Those who get things done.

The Red Mages – For all things magically inclined.

Rubies – Those in consideration.

Crimson – Rank leaders.


In order to join one must be inducted as a Rubie before becoming a full fledged member: A status that must be granted by all members of the Crimson Shade Emporium. In order to gain member status, a rubie must study under a person of the Crimson status for as long as deemed necessary, after which point the ceremony will begin.

Can you be kicked out?

Once bonded to the CSE, there’s only one way out: death.


Looking for us? We’ll come to you.

Alternatively, you could speak to a Member of the Crimson Council in hopes of getting results.

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