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The Rangers of Crow’s Landing

Who are the Rangers?
The Rangers were once an elite Vandregonian group on the old continent back before it was overrun by undead. Although most of them died fighting to hold the line, some of them survived and made it to the new continent. One of these survivors was Captain Ben Del’Green.

After the loss of most of his unit, he made his way to one of the last evacuation ships and left his home. Upon getting to the new continent, he began to make a new life for himself. With his old skills as a Ranger Captain, he did a lot of jobs that took him close to unsafe conditions. These jobs paid well and he bought a small house in a village near Newhope. He always loved the outdoors and would often leave to hunt in the woods. It was on one of these hunts that he found a burning Ulven village. With memories of the undead attacks he had a flashback to his friends and family falling in battle. Lost in the haze he walked around for a bit until he found a young Ulven boy standing in the ashes of what was once his home. After trying to talk to the young kid he decided to take him in and raise him as his own, knowing that if he didn’t the boy would die. He then named the Ulven Tobias.

After a few years went by, it was clear that town life did not work well for Tobias. The town did not fully accept him; particularly the children, who made it a point to make life for him hard. Some even went so far as to attack him: since he could take them one on one, they fought unfairly in numbers. After seeing this Ben made plans to leave and live in the forest. These plans were almost done and all he needed was to buy some lumber, but before he could, he and his son were kicked out of the town. Earlier that day Tobias had beaten up the mayor’s son in retaliation for many of the group attacks against him. He then loaded up what they owned and left for the forest.

Upon getting to their new home Ben saw that Tobias was happier and seemed to share his love for the woods. They both began work to get the lumber needed to make their cabin. Three months went by and they were almost done, all that was left was the roof. As Tobias was getting the last tree cut, he was attacked by three Mordok. He would have died were it not for Ben, who thankfully was bringing Tobias food for his break at the time of the attack. Ben unfortunately didn’t have his armor or weapons with him. The three Mordok gave him a run for his silver and almost killed him. At the last moment when all was almost lost, he summoned up all of his rage and cut the Mordok down. Even with the Mordok dead they weren’t safe yet as one of the Mordok had bitten Ben in the arm, poisoning him with its last moments. After some herbs and help from an old May’kar friend back at the town, he lived but lost his arm. Because of this he felt that now was a good time to train Tobias, seeing that it wasn’t the safest in the woods.

Tobias had many questions; one of them being how had he learned to fight like that. Ben told him about Vandregon, the war with the Undead, and lastly about the Rangers. Ben then spent the last of his days training Tobias to be a Ranger. Showing him how to collect plants for healing, how to fight, and the rules of being a Ranger. He told Tobias there were five rules that every Ranger needed to follow. One, fight smart and run fast. Two; always have a plan, Three; no plan survives contact with the enemy, And Four; leave no Ranger behind. He didn’t tell him the last one saying it wasn’t time for him to know. After a few years of this Ben’s wounds finally caught up with him. It was upon his death bed that he told Tobias the fifth and last rule of the Rangers. After this he passed on from this world. Tobias built a pyre and buried his father’s ashes.

After this he sought out others like him. Finding people to join him wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped, but after a year of searching he found Puckermen. From that moment it all started to fall into place. A few months later the Rangers found their home in a small town called Crow’s Landing. This small town almost didn’t make it through the winter that year, but thanks to the Rangers they survived. In thanks they offered their home to them and asked that the Rangers take over running the town from its old leaders. The Rangers gladly accepted, and from there have made great improvements to the town. Tobias hopes to make his father proud of the new Rangers and to one day see his home freed of the Undead.

What are the 5 rules of being a Ranger?
1. Fight smart, run fast.
2. Always have a Plan.
3. No plan survives contact with the enemy.
4. Leave no Ranger behind.
5. At this point, only Tobias knows what the 5th rule is.

What are their ranks
There are 7 ranks within The Rangers. The Commander, The Keeper, Wardens, Seekers, Hunters, Brothers/Sisters, and Mercs. Within the Wardens, Seekers, Hunters, and Mercs. There are the Elders members. Elders are just that, they have the most experience in that group. The order of command goes, The Commander, The Keeper, and the four Elders. For the most part, orders will come from The Commander or The Keeper. Rarely however, they can come from one of the Elders.

The Commander:The Commander is the highest rank within the Rangers. His duty’s include maintaining the day to day life of the settlement, managing the troops, balancing the books, and many other things Tobias finds tedious. At events the Commander will talk with whoever is in charge and from there decide how the Rangers will respond. It is the Commanders job to keep everyone at Crow’s Landing and every Ranger safe. It’s this single duty that he takes to heart he will bleed and die for.
Position held by: Tobias Del’Green

Played by: Tim Bollig
Description: Ulven with a scar on his left eye, wears a green hooded tunic.
Known skills: Arcane magic, duel wielding, and shield trained
Status: Active

The Keeper:The Keeper is the second highest ranking member of The Rangers. If for some reason the Commander is busy or otherwise indisposed, the keeper then takes charge. At events the Keeper will keep the other Rangers together and give them direction while the Commander is elsewhere. The Keeper is looked to in matters of magic. It is the Keepers goal to master all forms a magic. In mastering it, he can then keep everyone safe. As well as train the Ranger that wish to learn the art of magic.

Position held by: Puckerman
Played by: Jake Bollig
Description: Human, wearing a green hooded tunic, and walks with a heavy Limp.
Known skills: Master Cleric, Witch in training, and shield trained.
Status: Active

Wardens:The protectors and shields of the Rangers. Wardens are known for being strong well versed warriors. Whether it be with cold hard steel, arrows, all the way to magic. Wardens are the rearguard of the Rangers. Their role is all about holding the line and being the last to retreat. Wardens are sent to many battle grounds. Because of this, most of them are hardened veterans with dark humor and little patience. Despite this, you would be hard pressed to find a better warrior to fight by your side.

Elder position held by: Nikoli Bellfire
Played by: Julian Boehm
Description: Ulven, wearing a Green hooded cutoff.
Known skills: advance duel welding, two handed weapons, archery, he also brews an amazing Apple Pie.
Status: Active

Seekers:Seekers are the more magic and knowledge inclined members of the Rangers. They are mostly used in support roles to help the other Ranks. They are also sent out on light scouting/recovery missions. They are well know for being seekers of knowledge. This is what led to their name. Most of them can be found studying magic arts or reading vast lore tomes. For a Seeker a day without learning something new, is a day wasted.

Elder position last held by: Kathena
Played by: Ashlee Nelson
Status: Inactive

Hunters:Hunters are the eyes and ears of the Rangers. They task themselves with dangerous scouting missions as well as being the Ranger’s Vanguard into battles. Hunters are survivalists at heart and as such have a vast array of skills to aid them. These skills range from magic, weapon mastery, to even underhanded tactics. Hunters can be tasked with difficult missions that involve a lot of running, so most of them travel light. A Hunter’s job is to always be ready, for they never know what dangers may lie ahead.

Elder position last held by: Elijah Cole
Played by: Kevin Novy
Status: Inactive

Mercs: The Ranger are known for helping where they can, however they only have some many members. Because of this the Commander began to hire on Mercs. These Mercs are hired on for anywhere from a month to a year at a time. They are paid in silver, supplies, and or other goods and services. As they aren’t full members of the Rangers, they have been known to sometime act out or the Rangers norm and bring on trouble for the Rangers. The Commander however will take the bad with the good and deals with them as the bad ones act out.

Elder position held by: Guthrum
Played by: Tim Miller
Description: Human, taller then most and wears a black gambeson with red trim. Little patience for those that insult him.
Know skills: heavy armor, two handed, and tower shield trained.

Brothers/Sisters: This is where all Rangers begin. At this level they strive to find their place in the Rangers. Upon finding a type that seams to work for them, they will work along side the elder member of that group. After a few missions the elder member will tell the Commander if it is a good fit. From there they will begin training to become a full member of the group.

What are some of their goals: The goals of the Rangers are to keep their home and allies safe from harm. To bring back the honor and glory of the Rangers. They do this by helping out when and where they can. They are known to show little mercy to bandits and murderers, which has lead to some seeing them in a bad light. However in the end the Rangers are just trying to make the world a better and safer place.

Ranger kit: Every Ranger must have his/her kit on him/her at all times. A standard kit will have 3 light wound bandages, 2 mortal wounds bandages, and 2 mend strips. A Ranger can add different things to his or her kit, but at minimum it mas have these items.

What we offer if you join: As of now we have many things that we offer. Our faction is one of the biggest ones in this game. With the faction buildings that we have, you’ll have cheaper healing and armor repair. We have no race, grab, weapon, or class requirements. We also will have your back at events. We try and role play a tight group. At your first event you will be given a Ranger belt flag and your Ranger kit. These have been paid for by me and are being loaned to you. I will want them back if you leave our group.

What we look for: A willingness to work together and follow orders. Bare in mind, the orders will not be crap orders, like “march to here”, “kill this by yourself”, or the like. The orders will mostly be “work with this person to do a run in the woods to find something”. A lot of time we will go out in force to find reagents and missing people.

As for classes and races. We have no preferred class or race. In our group we have a use for everything. We have a lot of woodsman-like characters, but we also have religious clerics, wise old sages, and many other types in the group.

What we don’t want: As we are trying to role play a tight group, we don’t want someone who isn’t willing to work with others. We also try and play more of a good aligned group. So evil aligned or open thieves are not wanted in this group.

How to contact: You can talk to us over Facebook or meet us at practices on Wednesday. We are always willing to talk to new members and are actively recruiting.

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