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The Ravens

The Doctrine of the Ravens

We are the remnants of a forgotten time. Our people are dying and are ways are long since lost. We must start anew and rebuild what was lost to a greater glory. Our people shall be refined by this fire that has consumed so many. The ways of old shall be cast aside, Our caste system and all beliefs have damned us previously and must be corrected. The error of our ways was shrouded in tradition and hidden in plain sight. Our desire is to bridge the gap of the races and unify to bring about a greater calling. All the races as one. Damn the caste and damn our ways. With our combined efforts we can become greater than we ever have before. A unity of the races as one people is what we strive for. We shall do what we can because we must, for the sake of us all. We will use our patrons political ties to further our connections for the sake of the greater good. We have adopted the raven as our symbol for it is a symbol of knowledge.

The History

The founding of the Ravens happened after the exodus fro Faedrun had taken a heavy toll on the founder Alestear. He had his faith shaken to the core by the sorrow that came from the loss of his home and of most of his people. But this fear and horror lead him to a new belief that the Syndar could be saved by unifying the races under one banner. Alestear, along with his former student Phaedra, worked to bring themselves back from their losses. They gained work for Celestial Arragones as her liaisons and representatives to the people. They then worked at gathering others of a like mind to themselves, finding Oberon who had come to believe that anything could be accomplished with all of the races working together as one after seeing the joint efforts of the Ulven, Humans, and Syndar to remove the Lich from their now homelands. Alestear and Oberon have worked hard to bring the common people to light and show them what can be done with combined efforts. They have done their best to gather and bring about the best of the people they have gathered. With the Ravens being finalized, Alestear has been trying to spread their name and their message around the continent.

A Change in Leadership – The Modern Times

Alestear was never truly able to shake his sorrows, nor was he able to drop the yoke of his internalized sense of birth-right; at least not while he acted as leader of The Ravens. Alestear left Key’s Crossing with not a word to the majority of his people and journeyed to the north to fight alongside Ulven friends on The Shield of Mardrun, but his leaving did not mean the work stopped. Months passed in his absence before one of The Ravens stepped up to take on the Baron’s workload. If no one was going to make sure people were fed and cared for, then he would. Cordyn Lockwell had joined the Ravens out of a sense of self promotion, but instead had found himself ingratiated to the community and it’s people. He did not realize it at the time, but he had internalized The Doctrine of The Ravens. Little had Aleastear known, but it was only through his own failure to uphold this same Doctrine that caused it to bury itself deeply in Cordyn’s heart.

Alongside Cordyn’s stewardship Key’s Crossing shifted it’s focus from that of a wealthy noble’s home to that of a place of equality and opportunity for all. A Grand Public School System was built to educate the children of the area as well as University-level classes and research opportunities to adults. A Public Market was developed with incentives given to local merchants and farmers. The once lavish Governor’s Mansion was retrofitted into a public meeting hall for members of the community to make use of for meetings and ceremonies.

With this change so came a change for The Ravens. Where they were once the cunning diplomats and their body guards, members and attaches to a noble’s home; they were now Teachers, Students, and Public Servants. The Ravens began to truly uphold their name as a symbol for knowledge. Cordyn did not take to calling himself a leader. He managed the day-to-day affairs of the town and it’s university, but he always made sure that it was clear that he was no one’s master. The Ravens all shared a single duty beyond their personal goals and aspirations. All Ravens must keep their ears open and listen to the worries and desires of the people of Key’s Crossing and they must all work with Cordyn to see how these issues can be best resolved.

As far as Cordyn knows, Alestear never saw the transformation of Key’s Crossing. Even if he did, Cordyn isn’t sure that Alestear would realize how much his actions had led to his dream coming true.

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