The Ravens

The Doctrine of the Ravens

We are the remnants of a forgotten time. Our people are dying and are ways are long since lost. We must start anew and rebuild what was lost to a greater glory. Our people shall be refined by this fire that has consumed so many. The ways of old shall be cast aside, Our caste system and all beliefs have damned us previously and must be corrected. The error of our ways was shrouded in tradition and hidden in plain sight. Our desire is to bridge the gap of the races and unify to bring about a greater calling. All the races as one. Damn the caste and damn our ways. With our combined efforts we can become greater than we ever have before. A unity of the races as one people is what we strive for. We shall do what we can because we must, for the sake of us all. We will use our patrons political ties to further our connections for the sake of the greater good. We are working out of the Syndar district of New Hope. We have adopted the raven as our symbol for it is a symbol of knowledge.

The History

The founding of the Ravens happened after the exodus fro Faedrun had taken a heavy toll on the founder Alestear. He had his faith shaken to the core by the sorrow that came from the loss of his home and of most of his people. But this fear and horror lead him to a new belief that the Syndar could be saved by unifying the races under one banner. Alestear, along with his former student Phaedra, worked to bring themselves back from their losses. They gained work for Celestial Arragones as her liaisons and representatives to the people. They then worked at gathering others of a like mind to themselves, finding Oberon who had come to believe that anything could be accomplished with all of the races working together as one after seeing the joint efforts of the Ulven, Humans, and Syndar to remove the Lich from their now homelands. Alestear and Oberon have worked hard to bring the common people to light and show them what can be done with combined efforts. They have done their best to gather and bring about the best of the people they have gathered. With the Ravens being finalized, Alestear has been trying to spread their name and their message around the continent.

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