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Broken Blade Company



  • Year 171 – The battle of Deighcrag
    At one point, the regions of Cul’Claimete and Kupferhügel were in a dispute over the lairdship of Deighcrag. This land was known for two things, its large hardy trees, and it’s high quality iron ore. There were of course trade agreements originally, but the greed of the nearby laird in Cul’Claimete finally overcame his honor. He sent his force of three-hundred strong warriors along with one-hundred-fifty Ioclaochra. But what this laird didn’t account for was that Deighcrag was home to a large amount of warriors from Kupferhügel including home to a rather large and well armed company of Ioclaochra called the Silver Blades. However, the combined numbers of Deighcrag was still only three-hundred.For two weeks the battle went on, wave after wave upon the heavily guarded valley of Deighcrag. But eventually on the fifteenth day, the wall fell and all out slaughter began. Soon the enemy was deep inside Deighcrag’s walls when they came upon the one-hundred-eighty members of Silver Blade Company. The company was led by a monster of a man, who stood as high as a draft horse and used a blade just as massive, he went by the name of Bjorn. Under him was a young warrior of similar stature, Yjor “Battle-Born” Hinrich. The two forces paused for only a moment, then they clashed. The battle went on for hours, the Silver Blade Company fought hard, leveling the odds more in their favor, but the enemy forces rallied and pushed them back, causing about a sixty percent loss in warriors for the company.As the company fell back, their leader now dead and lost. Their eyes turned to the second in command, who was behind enemy lines fighting ten men alone. The soldiers were cruel in how they fought Yjor, torturing him and teasing his honor. However, when one came in to finish Yjor, his head flew from his shoulders and onto the ground. The next one came in, then another, soon four of those soldiers were dead. Finally an enemy officer decided to put an end to it, and charged with his massive war hammer. Yjor parried, and though it saved his life, shattered his great sword. Now the men laughed again, if only for a moment. It was then that Yjor bellowed as if he was a bear and screamed “For honor! For Glory! For the Battle Father!” It was said that this scream carried over the sounds of battle to the remaining Silver Blade members, which caused them to rally, but this is just a popular rumor. From there on Yjor fought with only a broken sword the length of a short sword. It was then that the forces of Deighcrag rallied and pushed the enemy back, and was led by Yjor himself.After this event though, the main force of Cul’Claimete came in from the sides of the steep valley and took the keep. Deighcrag now belonged to them… But this was the beginning for Yjor, for he saw that his company was in tatters and was in need of new leadership. So on that day, The Broken Blade Company was born.
  • Year 186Torcol Hinrich was born from Commander Yjor “Battle-Born” Hinrich and Shieldmadien Elsa Brach
  • Year 210Commander Yjor “Battle-Born” Hinrich dies on mission to escort high ranking Syndar officals to safety.
    Son Torcol “The Crimson” Hinrich takes up the mantle of command
  • Year 226 – Ioclaochra Moot in Deighcrag (secured from Dominion control )This marks the day that The Broken Blade Union was created by Commander Torcol “The Crimson” Hinrich. The union consisted of two-hundred Broken Blade Company members and over four-hundred other companies and organizations of mercenaries and Ioclaochra. Even in that dark time the company would hire it’s members out armies in return for supplies, fair treatment, and other conditions to help make the lives of those who fought for silver more livable and fair.
  • Year 235 – The Fall of the May’karThe Broken Blade Union consisted over one-thousand members at this point, and was stationed in Vandregon to wait for orders from Vandregonian commander. It split into two groups, with the army. However, the Northern half the Union was devastated while the seven-hundred remaining warriors helped and succeeded in the south with little to no casualties.
    Volrok Hinrich is born to Commander Torcol “The Crimson” Hinrich and his wife Blacksmith Frejya Hinrich
  • Year 236Deighcrag finally falls to the forces of the Penitent and the undead. Blacksmith Frejya Hinrich sacrifices herself to save Commander Torcol “The Crimson” Hinrich and yearling Volrok Hinrich.
  • Year 246 – The RenderingThe Broken Blade Union is disbanded unanimously by all ranking officials in understanding that they need to start looking out for themselves and their men. If they are to survive the conflict then they are allowed to rejoin and help rebuild the Union.
  • Year 249Volrok becomes an Ioclaochra and earns the title “Battle-Born.”
  • Year 250 – DepartureBroken Blade Company takes it’s best unit, Blood Bath Core, to Mardrun led by Commander Torcol “The Crimson” Hinrich himself gets over to Mardrun, economic disaster occurs for the company leaving them in poverty. Loss of 30 warriors leaves the company in poor shape.
  • Year 251 – New Hope!?!Treaty is signed and leaves employment opportunities everywhere!
    Broken Blade Company finally begins to make revenue.
    Broken Blade company takes on a contract with a minor noble to transport goods from Daven’s Reach to New Hope.
    Merchants and caravan a ploy, is a transport of ex-convicts and straw. Led straight into a Mordok Raiding party.
    Volrok “Battle-Born” Hinrich is sole-survivor….
  • Year 263 – Stoking the ForgeVolrok reappears in the trade of Ioclaochra for the first time in 13 years of doing odd jobs as a bodyguard here and there.
    Begins to make plans to rebuild The Broken Blade Company and Union.
  • Year 264 – Begin the ForgingRecruits begin to pour into Commander Volrok “Battle-Born” Hinrich’s ranks. Training with the aid of Pack Longfang going smoothly.


About Broken Blade Company

Symbol/Standard: Silver hand holding a broken sword on a crimson field

The Broken Blade Company started back three generations ago in the Warring Nation of Richtcrag. Each generation has left a mark upon the world in some shape or form: The First commander helped get an important Syndar Dignitary to meet with Vandergonian forces to the south, The second created the largest union of mercenaries ever seen in history and helped save the Aldorian Royal Family in their flight, the third and current commander has revived the group and is moving to do great things in this time.

Within the organization itself there are three branches that mercenaries are sorted into: Martial, Divine, and Arcane. Each branch has certain expectations and duties within the organization as well as different requirements of advancement in rank. The only shared trait for advancement between all ranks is the amount of contracts one has completed during their time with the organization itself. The higher the rank, the more responsibility and more respect comes from within the organization. 

When it comes to getting these contracts, senior members of the organization will help newer members make sure they are getting the best contract possible for the task they are agreeing to do for a fee/service/favor. This helps our members learn their value as mercenaries, merchants, or other trades so they can better help themselves in the future as they advance in rank and status.

The general theme of the Broken Blade Company is that of honor, respect, and flamboyant clothing and accessories. If you don’t have a large hat covered in feathers, armor that shines like a beacon, or clothes that are shocking to the eyes on the battlefield, then you probably aren’t on the front lines too often. Our organization wants us to stand out and attract the enemy to us, so that while they are focused on attacking, our allies can do what they do best and attack them. That being said, we require a minimal amount of armor to be in our organization to guarantee your survivability (4 points of armor).

On the battlefield we tend to be either support or front line based on what our Player Character’s are built to handle. Some of us fight in the shield wall with shields, or behind with massive swords and long spears. We may even have an archer in the background taking shots when able. Off the battlefield we are a typical rowdy, fun loving, and honorable mercs that people have come to love over the years.

How to join:
You don’t need to have an entirely new character built, you can have your existing character join us, as long as you have the minimum requirements to join (armor and an honorable reputation) then you can get a hold of us at an in-game event or Facebook. One way or another we will respond and go through talking to you about the Organization, our history, and much more. 



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