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United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun

The History of The United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun:

In the winter of 269, an eclectic group of individuals formed the charter for what would become the United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun.  Those early leaders were brought together by a A teal and black shield shaped crest with four quadrants showing various symbols such as a scale, etccommon desire for an open and free society founded on the ideals of a republic.  Though small and mainly backed by the capital provided by the prominent merchant, Marrah Faile, the plucky rag-tag group was able to secure lands in the province of Aylin’s Reach.  Naming their central town Fristad, in honor of the land’s original Ulven owners and to celebrate their hopes for its future, the settlement busied itself with strengthening and growing their populace.  A town council was eventually formed with elected leaders from each of the settlement’s core constituent groups.


While trade and the economy have always been central to UCUM’s history, the areas of healing, politics, and magic soon grew to play important roles in the community.  In response to this flowering of aptitudes, an official UCUM crest was commissioned and certified.  On the teal-and-black shield symbols of trade, healing, politics, and magic are quartered and placed in equal locations representing their prominent roles in defining the culture of UCUM.  In time, the beautiful and symbolic peacock was also adopted as an unofficial symbol for the group.


Our Mission Statement:

Amongst the peoples of this world,

there are those who believe themselves superior.

That their way is the right way,

the only way.

They hold themselves above others

through their race, class, creed or appearance.

They push those who are different down.


Down into the mud of subjugation.


We were once those subjugated people.

We were the lonely,

the broken,

and the disenfranchised.

Until we learned to stand together for something greater.


To stand for each other.


Through our diversity, we gain wisdom and insight.

Through our individuality, unique and abundant ideas flow.

Together, we possess the strength, wisdom, and beauty of all Mardrun.

Together, we prove that all of her people can live in peace.

Together, we strive to make this land united.

Because united, we are greater.


We are the United Collective for an Unbroken Mardrun. (UCUM)

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