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The Archons of the Spire

Archons of the Spire

The Archons are not merely an academy, a commune, or a guild. They are all of that and more, they represent a way of life born again in a new world. Officially the Archons consider themselves a “Mages Guild”, however the exact agenda and nature of the Archons and their home remain a mystery to outsiders.

Fiercely independent, the Archons recognize no outside authority and enforce very few internal rules, internally promoting freedom and individuality. While relatively apathetic to the outside world, the Archons are extremely loyal to one another. Membership in the organization being considered the equivalent of immediate blood relation.

Despite claims to be a Mages Guild, individual members are encouraged to explore their own talents, to become an exemplar of whatever field they choose to practice, whether that be magic, swordplay, a craft or a trade. They are also encouraged to pursue their own goals, independent of any higher agenda the group may have.

The Archons were founded in the year 263 by a small collection of Mages funded by private interests, it appealed Human refugees and Ulven willing to challenge their cultural norms to expand their knowledge of magic. Together with various misfits from all races and walks of life they formed a commune and began construction of “The Spire”, a great structure atop a mountain to house their organization. A site rumor holds is home to some latent magical power.

Though not necessarily religious, the Archons practice a philosophy of open-mindedness, self-improvement and spirituality. An attitude drawing from Syndar faith, Maykar understanding and some exotic foreign philosophy. Members are occasionally observed outside the Spire deep in meditation or performing magical rites.

“What do you know of magic? We are those who looked through the Mana and saw all that ever was and would be. We have seen war, peace, times of plenty and famine. We have seen the bloom of summer and the decay of winter. We saw every child’s laughter, every mother’s cry and every sunrise. We learned that no individual could master all magic but each could master both aspects. We learned that to possess true power one must seek enlightenment through dedication and understanding and the understanding of the duality of Arcane and Divine. Upon this revelation we felt to our knees and wept! Wept knowing we had at last found the answers we sought, and they were beautiful, and we finally knew the true taste of perfect cider on a warm summer’s eve.”
-Archmage Vazra on directions to town.

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