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The March of Starkhaven

The Beginning: A New Chapter of the Order – Arnath’s Light

After years of decay and financial distress, the once great settlement of Starkhaven had descended into near ruin. Many settlers fled to other colonies. Although the military might of the Order of Arnath has never recovered from the initial conflict with the Ulven and the recent Ulven civil war, a handful of the Fist chapter members maintain control of Starkhaven and can be seen periodically. They have become more reclusive now, choosing to stay inside their crumbling keep and keep to their ideals and themselves instead of getting involved in the world at large. This had concerned members of the Order and also some of the people of Starkhaven, and a Griffin stepped forward to push for a reform. A new direction was presented and the Hand of Arnath listened; although the Order of Arnath’s Fist would remain the primary chapter of the Order on Mardrun, a new settlement and some of the existing military units were re-purposed with aiding the efforts of this new chapter. The Hand Of Arnath is leaving the future of the Order of Arnath up to faith and chance; whichever chapter proves to be more influential will be allocated more resources and grown and expanded.

The Order of Arnath’s Light is a brand new chapter of the Order of Arnath. Led by the new Chapter Master, this group within Starkhaven is pushing for more form, progressive ideals on the world, and diplomacy. This was originally met with resistance as the surviving chapter of the Order of Arnath was the Fist, the most militant chapter of all of the Order of Arnath. The new Light chapter resides in Starkhaven and still answers to the Hand of Arnath, the ruler of the remaining religious order.

Merging: A New Direction – The March of Starkhaven

After the Chapter War of June 267, the sole remaining chapter was Arnath’s Light. As they worked to rebuild and heal, the City-State of New Hope came with an offer and a warning: pay loyalty, or pay taxes. Starkhaven and the Order, the second largest colony in the City-State after New Aldoria was emptied of its people, managed to strike a deal with the City-State. It would pledge fealty if all the lands within 25 miles were made into a March with the Hand of Arnath as the Marchioness. Hammering out the final details, the March of Starkahven was born. The Hand now serves as both a secular and spiritual authority, ruling the March with a firm but fair hand.

Members and Requirements
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