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Pack Longfang

Pack Longfang
Clan: None
Estimated Size: 300 – 400
Insignia: A white fang on a golden brown field. Alternately, 4 white fangs surrounding the boss of a round shield.

“The Longfang stand at the edge of the Dirge. We are the shield that protects the civilized world from the darkness that lurks there.” – Reyna Longfang


Pack Longfang is a storied pack, well known for being amongst the Clanless, that is renounwed for the quality of their warriors. The heart of the pack is built around the defense of civilized Mardrun from the mordok that lurk in the Dirge Swamp. The public face of the Longfang has historically been seen as the Warriors, who draw attention to themselves without meaning to, but the pack also includes a strong contingent of Daughters of Gaia and Hunters in addition to civilian support staff such as farmers and other craftsman.

Aside from a brief period spanning less than 2 years, Longfang does not have a Chieftain and is instead headed by a Runeseer. The Pack functions through the division of tasks into three groups, and the individuals devoted to those tasks are grouped into Castes. The Runeseer, in addition to leading the Pack as a whole, heads Gaia’s Caste consisting primarily of Daughters of Gaia. The Hunter’s Caste handles intelligence and ranged combat. The largest Caste is that of the Warriors, who protect both the Pack and Mardrun from any threats within their power to stop.

Historically Longfang also pledged warriors as Honor Guards to War leaders, Witches, and High Priestesses, but this practice fell from Favor in the later years of Runeseer Solvig Longfang’s tenure as leader. She withdrew the various honor guards from the clans and packs prior to the civil war. The stresses of that war and Longfang’s attempts to become a more traditional Pack during Chieftain Stanrick Longfang’s time in leadership have led to the practice not being restored.

Historical Events

  • c.a. Year 220: Pack Longfang had pledged warriors to aid Pack Blackwing in the defense of their new settlement deep inside the Dirge Swamp. When they arrived, Pack Blackwing was nowhere to be found and their settlement abandoned. Pack Longfang retreated to the nearby village and established the Onsallas Outpost and has been there ever since.
  • c.a. Year 250: Pack Longfang was at the heart of the conflicts with the colonists. Although they fought hard and killed many human and Syndar, Pack Longfang began to succumb to attrition. Eventually, the Pack had suffered enough fatalities or had enough maimed warriors that they would soon have to fall back from the center of the conflict. Luckily, the truce was drawn up and the fighting stopped overnight for most of the Ulven. Pack Longfang eventually grew at odds with Pack Graytide after the truce was accepted. The Longfang’s immediately respected the truce (and those involved on both sides of the fighting) and ended the conflict, but Graytide warriors initially refused to back down. They continued to attack the colonists after the truce but were eventually stopped when Pack Longfang confronted them. The incident escalated into a short battle, but ended when Harlok Longfang maimed their hunting party leader Lycon Graytide by slicing off his arm at the elbow. No Ulven were killed on either side, but it is suspected that Pack Graytide still holds a grudge. Some find it ironic that they were now at odds with one another, for Pack Graytide is from the same clan as Pack Blackwing, the Pack that the Longfangs came to help to tame the Dirge Swamp and Graytide also joined in on Hanseth Longfang’s war party to fight the Mordok after the death of his daughter.
  • March, Year 263: The Battle of Blackwolf Creek.
  • May, Year 263: Runeseer Solvig Longfang, Leader of the Pack, dies.
  • October, Year 263: Stanrick Longfang is named first Chieftain of the Longfang.
  • Spring, Year 264: Orrin Kair slain by Khulgar Graytide in an honor duel that saved many Watchwolves.
  • April, Year 265: Chieftain Stanrick Longfang disappears.
  • January, Year 266: Runeseer Reyna Longfang is declared leader of Longfang after Stanrick is declared dead.
  • March, Year 266: Battle of Riverhead is fought. A detachment from Longfang distinguishes themselves.

Further Information

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