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Longfang’s Laws

The Laws of Pack Longfang

  • A Longfang defends themselves.
    Every member of the pack will engage in training not just related to their caste skillset, but in the physical art of combat. Any of the honored may compel training of a lower tier. Failure to comply may result in physical reprimand.
  • A Longfang is always ready.
    Every member of the pack is expected to be armed at all times. The dirge is a place of danger and requires the safety of a melee sidearm. Should a Longfang be found to be more than a step and reach from a non-specialty melee weapon may be subject to a physical reprimand by their superiors.
  • A Longfang tends to their own needs.
    A Longfang of any caste level is expected to handle providing their own food, water, equipment, proper garb and tend to the needs associated with them.
  • A Longfang is obedient.
    Members of the pack are expected to be aware of their place, and obey those of a higher station than themselves. Conflict and Disagreement are kept to the Moots and behind closed doors, so that a public face of unity and cohesion is preserved at all times. Disobedience is met with punishment that varies depending on frequency, severity, and disruption caused by the incident(s).
  • A Longfang bares his/her throat to the honored.
    The pack respects the authority of the honored (Runeseer, Weaponsmaster, Huntsmaster) and any given titled positions (Quartermaster, Falconer) and will, within the realm of their abilities and responsibilities, act to assist them in their duties. Failure to aid the honored will result in a punishment (typically physical reprimand) in scale with the frequency, severity, and disruption caused by the incident(s).
  • A Longfang does not waste the resources of the Pack.
    To kill another Longfang in quarrel or in unceremonious training is a serious offense. Unless extremely justified, murder or allowing a “straw death” to occur within the Pack is punishable by branding.
  • A Longfang does not flee from honor and duty.
    The safety of all rests on the trust that every Longfang is doing their duty. To dishonor oneself by failing to meet one’s duties, or to abandon the pack entirely, is an unthinkable crime. Any Pack members that are found deserting the pack or going against orders without extreme justification will be caught and branded.


Consequences for Lawbreaking

Physical Reprimand

Pack members breaking small laws or making mistakes can be subject to physical reprimand. This usually comes in the three forms.

  • Minor – Jogging, time on the pell, cutting firewood, additional guard duty, etc. These are considered service or inconvenient physical reprimands, and are more of an annoyance than anything.
  • Moderate – Combat dueling, more intensive physical training, being struck, etc. These are more harsh and extensive punishments, more physically demanding or painful.
  • Severe – Broken limbs, lashings, severe beatings, etc. This is rarely undertaken except for those committing repeated offense, and only with agreement of the honored moot, as it is at cost of pack resources.


Pack members found unworthy but either unwilling to agree to or unfit to be traded to another pack will be banished from membership in the pack, forcibly relived of their pack heraldry and removed from territories controlled by Pack Longfang. Should they defy the banishment they will be subject to attack as an enemy.


The punishment for those who desert or are guilty of killing another pack member or ally without intention. The Hunters are charged with the apprehension and branding of deserters. This is a deep and terribly scarring brand on the face in the crude shape of a fang similar to the Longfang symbol but upside down; it runs across the brow from the temple across the eyebrow to the center of the face, then down along the nose and curving to the cheek and ending underneath the eye. A Daughter of Gaia oversees the branding in a ceremony of dishonor to the recipient; care is taken to ensure the brand is NOT healed properly so that it develops a permanent scar and is laced with tinges of magic, allowing Daughters to use rituals in the future to determine if the brand on an Ulven was a legitimate one or not.


The punishment for those guilty of killing another pack member or ally with intention.

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