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Orrin Kair

Played by: Brandon Potter
Email: Potter_Brandon42@yahoo.com
Name: Orrin Kair
Gender: male
Age: 16
Race: Ulven
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Feral Yellow
Occupation: A member of Pack Longfang
Known Skills: Shield Proficiency, Armor Proficiency, Throwing, Archery, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Rage, True grit, Pull Arrow, Thrusting
Birthplace: In his home in watch wolf terretory
Appearance: A medium sized man with braud shoulders and light brown hair and only has one eye.
Notable Traits: none
Relationships: He is Cousin to Kreiger Bloodfang.
Rumors: It is rumored that he has a fighting spirit due to all the wrestling he did back at home with all the other Ulven pups.

UPDATE: After traveling to the Watchwolf settlement to help in their defenses during the spring of 264, Orrin Kair was killed in battle. Grimward invaders sent war pack after war pack of warriors against the Watchwolf defenders, and with the aid of Orrin and the other Coalition members and allies, the defenses held for far longer than they should have. A young chieftain made the decision to evacuate as many people and as much supplies as possible in order to save their lives and bring them to the eastern settlement, but Grimward conquerors were always just a stone’s throw away from them. They needed time to evacuate, and Orrin stayed behind to give them that. There had been a longstanding feud between Pack Longfang and Pack Graytide and Orrin Kair used this to call out Khulgar Graytide’s honor. The Grimward leader answered and met with him, where an honor duel to the death was agreed upon after insults were slung back and forth. The two veteran warriors clashed for what seemed ages, swinging axe and mace and crushing shield, armor, and even bone. Grimward warriors looked on and cheered for their leader, who agreed not to give pursuit to the caravan until Orrin fell in combat, but not a single cheer rose for Orrin as he was alone. This steeled his resolve and made him last the fight as long as possible, giving blood for every moment the caravan was given to escape. On the verge of blacking out, Orrin summoned his rage and assaulted Khulgar in a final attack, battering him away and finally burying his axe deep into Khulgar’s thigh. Khulgar pummeled the young warrior repeatedly, breaking his ribs and his arms with his mace, and when Orrin finally fell on the battlefield, Khulgar finished him by caving in his skull with his mace. Orrin Kair lay broken and bloodied on the field of battle until given a proper and respectful funeral pyre later that evening, sent on his journey properly, amongst the fallen Grimward and Watchwolf warriors. The caravan, given the time gained by Orrin’s sacrifice, was able to escape and make it out of the area.

Orrin Kair (Oar-in Key-ir) was a fighter since the day he could stand. While he was not the biggest or strongest Ulven among the Watchwolves, he had an indomitable spirit that led him to wrestle with anyone who would. His father, a meat vendor by trade, wanted his son to follow in his of work, and pleaded with the young boy to take up the family trade instead of training to join a warband.

Orrin did as his father asked and became an apprentice to his father. He yearned to be a warrior still, and never did he feel this more keenly than when the Bloodfangs paid a visit. Mighty warriors all, they would sometimes stop in Watchwolf territory to restock and rest before heading off to battle more Mordok. Orrin would sneak off at nights to watch the Bloodfang troops train, quietly watching them from the cover of an apple tree while his parents slept. Over the years he became bolder, sneaking closer so as to hear them talking. He came to know each by name, and even found a wooden stick about the same length as a sword that he used to mimic their movements while training.
One of them, his cousin Kreiger Bloodfang, was the one Orrin liked to watch the most. Orrin would often imagine that he stood beside Kreiger battling mordok while he watched. One night, after a few years of this, Orrin was swinging his sword when he landed a solid blow on the nearest tree, making a loud “thud”. The Bloodfangs grabbed their weapons, and looked about for the source of the noise Orrin, frightened by the suddenness ran back to his father’s house. Kreiger must have seen him run, for only a few minutes after the breathless Orrin returned home, Kreiger stepped inside.

After explaining the situation to his startled parents, Kreiger looked at Orrin and asked “So you wish to be a Bloodfang?” Orrin, at a loss for words, only nodded. His father began to speak up but quickly went silent with a look from Kraiger. “Orrin could be of use to us. Let him come with us to see if he really is the warrior he believes he is. Should be an easy task, we need a fourth man to help guard a caravan bringing supplies.”

After a few hours of discussion, and with his father’s blessing, Orrin left with the Bloodfangs to see if his place truly was among them.

Orrin was later traded to Pack Longfang.

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