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Longfang’s Guest Notice

The laws guest are subject to

Attention Guests

By crossing into this outpost you are agreeing to abide by the following laws, as laid down by our Chieftain.

1.) You shall submit yourself to the orders of the Chieftain, Priestess, Runeseer, Huntmaster, Weaponmaster, and Quartermaster in all situations in which the defense of the outpost and its residents is in question.

2.) Hunting and gathering within the territory of Pack Longfang is permitted but all items collected shall be reported to the Quartermaster.

3.) Pineed Sap gathered shall be remitted to the Longfang Quartermaster. All other goods shall remain the property of the collecting party. These rules are universal unless otherwise instructed by any other agreement with Pack Longfang.

4.) The infliction of grievous bodily harm upon another is forbidden. Those inflicting such shall be subject to the same in turn.

5.) The act of murder is forbidden. Those inflicting such shall be subject to the same in turn.

6.) The act of theft is forbidden. Those who steal shall pay in flesh for what was stolen.

7.) Justice in accordance with these laws shall be meted out by the Chieftain, the Priestess, and the honored of the pack. The word of the Chieftain is final in all matters pertaining to these laws and all visitors to Onsallas Outpost.

Pack Longfang reserves the right to refuse entry, services, access, and aid at the discretion of the Chieftain, Priestess, and honored of the pack.

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