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Longfang Castes

Pack Longfang is divided into Three Distinct Castes, and every full member of the pack belongs to one of these groups, or to the “Civilian” contingent who do not receive a voting voice on the Pack’s full moot, only speaking rights.

((OOC NOTE: This is in character flavor materials. OOC running of the faction will be handled by votes that include all faction members, not just those who belong IC to the various levels of the various castes. This covers only IC governance, not OOC governance. They are intended to remain separate.))



Runeseer Reyna Longfang

This is the Caste of the Daughters of Gaia, consisting of the various females who have devoted themselves to the service of Gaia, the administration of the Pack, and the politics that keep the Pack in the loop concerning events of Global impact that might effect the Pack.

  • CASTE MEETING NAME: The Daughter’s Moot of Pack Longfang
  • CASTE LEADER: Runeseer
    The Runeseer is charged with coordinating the activities of the Caste in addition to serving as the Pack’s Chief Administrator.
  • UPPER TIER: Senior Daughter of Gaia
    The Senior Daughters are those that comprise part of the voting element of the Daughter’s Moot. They handle the training of the less experienced Daughters in addition to handling those elements of the pack administration that the Runeseer delegates to them. They gain their position by the will of the Runeseer, but are usually comprised of individuals chosen for their various skills and each generally has an area in which they are deferred to by all, including the Runeseer due to their personal expertise.
  • GENERAL CASTE MEMBER: Daughter of Gaia
    The general members of the Caste, who have moot voting rights and handle those duties delegated to them by the Senior Daughters and Runeseer.
  • SPECIAL MEMBER: Guardian
    Guardians are non-casters who devote themselves exclusively as protectors to the Pack’s Daughters. Sometimes they’re males who wish to devote themselves to Gaia’s service, or members of the Hunter or Warrior castes who have aged out of being able to properly manage those trying duties and have chosen to serve the daughters rather than risk the lives of their comrades with their infirmity. They have speaking rights in the moot, but do not vote on it.
  • JUNIOR MEMBER: Gaia’s Pup (Sometimes Daughter in Training)
    Accepted into training by the Caste, in hopes of earning a place as a full member. They attend the Moot, but do not yet have the right to speak or vote on it.



Weaponmaster Bryech Savagefang

This Caste forms the bulk of the members of Pack Longfang. They are fighters, trained and deadly, charged with not only the defense of the pack, but of Mardrun in their sacred charge to serve as the shield of Mardrun against the Dirge.

  • CASTE MEETING NAME: The Warrior’s Moot of Longfang
  • CASTE LEADER: Weaponsmaster
    Charged with the organization of the affairs of the Warriors of Longfang. They arrange training, ensure that security of the pack is managed, and that the sacred charge is served. Weaponsmaster is traditionally selected from amongst the Ulfednar.
  • UPPER TIER: Ulfednar
    The fiercest of the already fierce Longfang Warriors. These are the most Dirge-hardened and experienced fighters, potentially on all of Mardrun. They are voting members of the Warrior’s Moot.
    Warriors are the bulk of the pack, forming the fighting strength of Longfang and serving as the best defense of both Onsallas and Mardrun. They have speaking rights in the Warrior’s Moot.
  • JUNIOR MEMBER: Warrior’s Pup
    Warrior Pups are the Warriors in Training for the pack. They are the future of the pack’s fighting force and are subject to grueling work and effect to become the fiercest of the fighters on Mardrun. They do not have rights to speaking or voting in the Warrior’s Moot. Warrior pups may petition the Weaponsmaster for permission to speak before the moot.



Huntmaster Ranmir Longfang

The Hunters Caste forms the intelligence arm of the Longfang. They are nimble, intelligent and independent, able to collect intelligence on Mordok movements in addition to being capable hunters who provide extra resources for the pack.

  • CASTE MEETING NAME: The Hunter’s Moot of Pack Longfang
  • CASTE LEADER: Huntmaster
    Coordinates the pack’s hunters to ensure that the pack is never surprised.
  • UPPER TIER: Senior Hunter
    The top tier of the Hunters is very informal and changes depending on the situation. The hunters have little care for structure, as they generally are required to act independently and without significant orders. At most times no one but the hunters themselves know who might show up to a Senior Pack Moot if one is called.
    The hunters, who gather intelligence and carry out the needs of the pack. They have speaking the voting rights in the Hunter’s Moot.
  • JUNIOR MEMBER: Hunter Pup
    Pups who are learning the hunters are. They also have speaking and voting rights in the Hunter’s Moot.



  • Honored Moot: Comprised of the Honored (Runeseer, Huntmaster, Weaponsmaster)
  • Senior Pack Moot: Comprised of the Honored (Runeseer, Huntmaster, Weaponsmaster) and the top level of each of their Castes (Senior Daughters, Ulfednar, Senior Hunters).
  • Pack Moot: Comprised of all members of the pack with full membership in a Caste. This means Civilians and Junior members do not vote or speak on it.
  • Full Pack Moot: Comprised of all member of the pack, including Junior Members of castes and Civilians.



To clearly illustrate the follow of authority between the various castes an organizational chart has been created. It should be noted that, dependent on the situation, castes will cede authority to another. An example would be Onsallas being under attack. In that situation the Runeseer and the Huntmaster would give over authority to the Weaponsmaster.

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