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Ranmir Longfang

Ranmir Longfang
Played by: Paul “Vago” Peterson
Name: Ranmir “Brûf” Longfang
Gender: Male
Birth Year: 229
Age: 35
Race: Ulven
Hair: Dishwater Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Occupation: Hunter (Rogue Class)
Known Skills: Archery, Sword and Shield
Birthplace: Onsallas Village (Mardrun)

Appearance: Standing a little over six feet, Ranmir has dishwater blonde colored hair and blue-green eyes. He dresses nondescriptly in browns, greys and greens. His cloak seems to blend in and out of view when seen at a distance. He favors these colors, as they are what have allowed him to survive in the Dirge Swamp for so long. His tattered Longfang flag is one of the few items that tie him to what he once was.

Notable Traits: Psychologically damaged by his time in the Dirge Swamp, Ranmir has become almost as much a wolf as he is an Ulven. He does not understand the ways of the humans and the Syndar, the way other Ulven do, and thus believes in the traditional ways of the Ulven. He is, as of yet, suspicious of the other races.

Biography: Ranmir was born in the year 229, the second son of Dennagarth Stormjarl and Yoreden Longfang. As a pup, he wanted anything but to be Stanrick’s little brother. Whatever Stanrick was training to do, Ranmir would make sure he was doing something else. While Stanrick was training to be a hunter, Ranmir started sneaking around, climbing trees. One morning while Stanrick was sparring with his hunter trainer, Ranmir decided to pick up Stanrick’s bow, and start shooting. He truly was a natural, and within a week was shooting just as well as Stanrick. Ranmir continued to train with the bow, while his brother began to focus on his swordsmanship.

As a Longfang, Ranmir quickly became familiar with the Mordok, due to the proximity of his home to the Dirge Swamp. After completing his hunter training, Ranmir even led a few scouting packs a short way into the swamp to better keep tabs on the movement of the Ulven’s eternal foe. At 18, he was tracked down by a band of Mordok while staying overnight in the swamp, and nearly died, but for chancing upon another hunting group to even the odds.

When Ranmir was 21, a strange vessel came to the territories bringing other tribes of different races. For a year Ranmir fought with his brethren to stop the invasion, after which, our leaders discovered they could be reasoned with. With a truce newly formed, Ranmir set off alone into the swamp: If these outsiders could come to a truce with the Ulven, surely the Mordok could as well.

He journeyed into the Dirge Swamp with only his own weapons and wits to protect him. He knew he could not return to Onsallas until he had succeeded in the task laid before him. For the first few months, he tracked the movements of the Mordok, trying not to be seen. A few times he was spotted, but his training as a hunter allowed him to evade combat and escape. After Ranmir knew their movement patterns, the encounters became fewer and fewer. He attempted to make peace with the Mordok by leaving fresh game in their paths, to no avail. He tried unarmed attempts and negotiation, but was met with hostility. After a season of failure he began to forget his original mission, turning instead to focus purely on his own survival.

When his supplies ran low, he would silently make his way to the camps of small packs of Mordok, taking as much food as he could carry, before retreating into the night before the Mordok could be roused. The longer he stayed in the swamp, however, the more desperate for supplies he became, occasionally not even waiting until nightfall to steal from the Mordok. As he would run from his targets, Ranmir eventually picked up on a single word they would shriek as soon as he was discovered: “Brûf”. For years he remained in the Dirge Swamp, with no contact save for with the Mordok, forgetting all he once was. Ranmir was gone. Left now was only “Brûf”.

Now, twelve years after entering the swamp, he spotted a band of warriors, hunters, and clerics, dotted with a familiar face or two, who had ventured into the Dirge Swamp. Curious but cautious, he followed their movements along their journey until they left the swamp which he had called home for over a decade. His journey was just about over. It was time to go home.

Brothers: Stanrick Longfang, Yawn Longfang
Great-aunt: Solvig Longfang
Cousins: Harlok Longfang, Rill Longfang, Reyna Longfang.
Courting Brother: Selena Stargazer
Niece: Siren Longfang

Rumors: I once had a brother who had hoped that the Mordok could be reasoned with I have not seen him in over 10 years when he walked off into the darkness that cold night. –Stanrick Longfang

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