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Bryech Savagefang – [Jarl] [Renowned]

Name: Bryech Savagefang
Played By: Cole Potter
Age: 18
Race: Ulven
Class: Fighter
Bryech SavageFang, A normal Ulven child raised in pack Graytide he lived with his mother and father in a small village, where Bryech had taken to combat quite quickly and was quite skilled in the art of killing. His father had given him basic fighting training and hand to hand combat. His father Davrik SavageFang was defeated in a first-blood Honor Duel. He wasn’t the same afterward, he grew depressed and didn’t talk to anyone but Bryech’s mother and Bryech. Until five months later he was spouting out about the solution to his dishonorment. he disappeared the day after with a message on the table saying he would fix everything and would be back within the month.
Three months later and still nothing, his family was now truly dishonored he was told constantly my father was a coward, and that the Great Wolf will spit upon his name. Bryech knew something was wrong, his father is a capable warrior and he would not just abandon his family. So he ran away and went to look for my father. he survived for a year on his own, but just barely. That year helped him hone his skills, taught him how to be silent and patient, to learn his enemies habits to use his surroundings to his advantage, to not fear death or pain how to track and observe.
It also taught him to enjoy the finer things like books and texts from the ancients and our ancestors who lived here long before us. Most people find it hard to believe that Bryech can read sometimes he does too. He taught himself mostly after some teaching from his mother before he left. However his year in the wilds of Mardrun had taken a toll on Bryech, he was near savage by the time he met Victor. He took Bryech into the BloodFangs and put him into their ranks and had him trained officially by Krieger where he was put through training and has since then been his main objective, Bryech still believes that his father is alive and he hopes to find him one day but until then he lays low. He can’t let anyone know of his true origins.

He has no quarrel with the Humans, and Syndar however he still doesn’t trust them due to the fact that the early conflicts between the races were very bloody. He generally doesn’t trust anyone but that’s not the point. the Humans and Syndar are the cause for this war a war one the likes of has never happened before, he still does not feel the need for them to return to their homeland. But if an individual from either group can prove themselves to Bryech he will have no problems with them. Bryech quite thoroughly enjoys what he does being a warrior of the Bloodfangs is honorable and very deadly. His life is almost a perfect picture where it not for his tragic history. That doesn’t generally get in the way with his life so he ignores it as much as possible. However due to his past experiences with Clan Grimward he has a growing hate for them and generally doesn’t mind meddling in their affairs.


After separating from The Bloodfangs, Bryech joined Pack Longfang and quickly earned his place amongst their legendary warriors. Making a name for himself in his new Pack by being heavily involved in the day to day life of the Pack and several of the expeditions into the Dirge Swamp. Not even a year after joining Pack Longfang, Bryech deployed with their warriors to the Stormjarl Territories where he fought with his fellow Longfangs against the Grimward assault, the story being well known amongst both sides of the Ulven Civil War. The Warriors of Longfang were decimated, leaving only three survivors: Bryech Savagefang, Orrin Kair and Azra Steelfang. Though Azra became very inactive after the battle, Bryech and Orrin continued to be leaders amongst their peers and continued the fight after The Battle of Black Wolf Creek. Participating in one of several raids against Clan Whiteoak, though victory was hard won, it brought them glory nonetheless. After Stanrick Longfang was chosen as the first Chieftain of Pack Longfang, Bryech began to feel very alienated by the very people he had considered family and after the death of his close friend Orrin Kair at the final battle of the Watchwolves, he began to consider if his fate lies elsewhere. He was pushed to leave Pack Longfang after being transported deep into the Dirge Swamp after coming into contact with the Artifact left by former Runeseer Solveig Longfang. Bryech was then captured by the Mordok and held prisoner for months. In his eyes he had been abandoned by his Pack after resisting Stanrick’s rise to power. Bryech thought that because he was viewed as a threat they had left him to die. Bryech was later found and rescued after escaping and finding another expedition into the Dirge, ironically with members of Pack Longfang attending. After a harrowing series of engagements and many close calls, Bryech was taken to safety by his friends Thrand and Fritha Stormjarl, as well as Reyna Longfang; a staunch ally of the young warrior– if a bit fearful of his temper and fighting skill. After recovering from his wounds Bryech made his intention to leave Longfang clear to Reyna and again separated from his Pack.
Shortly after leaving Longfang, Bryech traveled to Clan Ironmound territory and fought in several smaller battles against Grimward there. He became close friends with another warrior named Calder and saved his life in battle. Bryech lived with Calder and his family on the outskirts of the village of Freyby. Soon becoming romantically involved with Calder’s sister Ingrid and becoming like a son to his parents Bjarke and Gunhild. It seemed as though Bryech’s story was over and he would settle down and live a normal life. But his anger had grown from that of a young boy who sought revenge and couldn’t control his emotions to the more mature true fury of a veteran warrior. Though he was young, even by Ulven standards, to have been so scarred by battle, it forced him to carry himself differently and he gave up his new seemingly perfect life to return to the fight he knew carried on. Rejoining Pack Longfang once again after the announced death of Stanrick Longfang and a brief attempt at helping to quell the rise of Holmar Bloodmoon and finding his efforts unnecessary and wasted, Bryech quickly reminded those who doubted him why he was worthy of a second chance. Rising to the position of Weaponsmaster even though not fully granted the position before performing the duties and assisting Longfang as staunchly as before he parted ways with them. Distinguishing Longfang in several fights against the Mordok including the evacuation of Clan Riverhead where he lead the Warriors of Pack Longfang in a resounding victory against the Mordok alongside his close friends and allies. Also, the recent and much discussed Great Wolf’s Hunt– leading a small contingent of Longfang warriors who were vital to the success of two War Packs and the defeat of two large forces of Mordok, before pulling back with some of the more seriously injured after sustaining serious injuries himself, leaving several brave volunteers to continue the fight and earning several more victories for their own glory and the glory of Pack Longfang. Only a short month later he was fully granted the title of Weaponsmaster and leads his warriors taking every opportunity to fight alongside them and lead from the front.
Though he has experienced much in the last five years of his life, Bryech Savagefang’s journey for honor and fame is far from over.

After a short time as Pack Longfangs Weaponsmaster Bryech was faced with a choice. His close friends Fritha and Thrand Stormjarl asked him to join them on a raid and join them in their fight against Grimward to avenge the honor of Stormjarl and to free their people. Bryech did not hesitate and joined his friends on their journey to heal all of their wounded honor together once again leaving Longfang. After months of preparation the raid began, after a fierce series of battles Stormjarl was victorious and their mission a success. This was only the first step in a larger effort but a momentous one nonetheless. Bryech was named a brother of Stormjarl and from that day forward he worked tirelessly with them to mend their honor and free their people, swearing to serve the newly appointed Jarl Fritha and helping to fortify the northern border of Stormjarl and standing by his friends again at a tense political meeting with Khulgar Graytide Warleader of Clan Grimward, and again standing with Stormjarl at the meeting where the peace between Grimward and Stormjarl was made. While there he swore an oath alongside his Jarl to help create an alliance between Clan Squallborn and Clan Stormjarl. In fulfilling his oath Bryech fought alongside Stormjarl and Squallborn in the ancient Ulven rite of the Aettinjav, participating in a highly ritualized duel to the death, The Maw of the Wolf. This was a challenge that was met with resistance from a local Truthseeker apprentice but, after volunteering and being chosen as the champion of Squallborn and Stormjarl Bryech fought and won this duel earning honor and glory for Stormjarl and himself. Shortly after this he was made a Hersir of Clan Stormjarl and his journey for glory and reputation continues.

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