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Bryech Savagefang – [Renowned]

Name: Bryech Savagefang
Played By: Cole Potter
Age: 18
Race: Ulven
Class: Fighter
Bryech SavageFang, A normal Ulven child raised in pack Graytide he lived with his mother and father in a small village, where Bryech had taken to combat quite quickly and was quite skilled in the art of killing. His father had given him basic fighting training and hand to hand combat. His father Davrik SavageFang was defeated in a first-blood Honor Duel. He wasn’t the same afterward, he grew depressed and didn’t talk to anyone but Bryech’s mother and Bryech. Until five months later he was spouting out about the solution to his dishonorment. he disappeared the day after with a message on the table saying he would fix everything and would be back within the month.
Three months later and still nothing, his family was now truly dishonored he was told constantly my father was a coward, and that the Great Wolf will spit upon his name. Bryech knew something was wrong, his father is a capable warrior and he would not just abandon his family. So he ran away and went to look for my father. he survived for a year on his own, but just barely. That year helped him hone his skills, taught him how to be silent and patient, to learn his enemies habits to use his surroundings to his advantage, to not fear death or pain how to track and observe.
It also taught him to enjoy the finer things like books and texts from the ancients and our ancestors who lived here long before us. Most people find it hard to believe that Bryech can read sometimes he does too. He taught himself mostly after some teaching from his mother before he left. However his year in the wilds of Mardrun had taken a toll on Bryech, he was near savage by the time he met Victor. He took Bryech into the BloodFangs and put him into their ranks and had him trained officially by Krieger where he was put through training and has since then been his main objective, Bryech still believes that his father is alive and he hopes to find him one day but until then he lays low. He can’t let anyone know of his true origins.

He has no quarrel with the Humans, and Syndar however he still doesn’t trust them due to the fact that the early conflicts between the races were very bloody. He generally doesn’t trust anyone but that’s not the point. the Humans and Syndar are the cause for this war a war one the likes of has never happened before, he still does not feel the need for them to return to their homeland. But if an individual from either group can prove themselves to Bryech he will have no problems with them. Bryech quite thoroughly enjoys what he does being a warrior of the Bloodfangs is honorable and very deadly. His life is almost a perfect picture where it not for his tragic history. That doesn’t generally get in the way with his life so he ignores it as much as possible. However due to his past experiences with Clan Grimward he has a growing hate for them and generally doesn’t mind meddling in their affairs.

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