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Reyna Longfang

Played by: Kelly Kitsu Peterson (r.longfang@kitsufox.com)

Name: Reyna Longfang

Gender: Female

Birth Year: 228

Age: 34

Race: Ulven

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Yellow-green

Occupation: Daughter of Gaia, Cleric

Birthplace: Onsallas Village (Mardrun)

Around 5’7 with dark hair and yellow-green eyes. Her hair is shortish and usually tied up in a cloth. She dresses practically, in layers, favoring skirts hiked up out of the way so her trousered legs are free to move as she pleases. The colors she favors are the earthtones of Longfang, though her pallet tends towards slightly brighter than the norm.

Notable Traits:
Her color pallet could be considered notable, being a tad brighter than more Longfang favor.
She is a traditionalist, born in the days prior to the colonization and believes that any departure from Longfang tradition will mark the end of what makes them unique and powerful.

Reyna was born in the year 228 to a hunter and a warrior. She ran as a pup with her cousins and grew up knowing that she would be a Longfang in more than name, that she would serve her pack and die for it. When she came of age she did so believing her path would be that of the hunter. While she could potentially have excelled on this path, her true calling revealed itself while traveling with her mother. When in Moonfury territory not only did she meet the male who would come to be her mate (and follow her home to her pack), but she found her true calling as a healer.

Reyna waited on her return to Longfang, then began the slow and arduous process of studying under the priestess, her Great-aunt Solveig. The study took years, and though Fareth Moonfury had followed her and was seeking acceptance into Pack Longfang on her behalf as part of his courting, she refused the mating until such time as she was fully trained as a Daughter. The process took until she was 26, though before her still laid a long road of lessons to be learned. Not a path she preferred not to walk alone, she soon formalized her union with Fareth. She considered his patience and loyalty the best courting gifts that could have been given.

The situation did not last long. In the year 257, when she was 29, Fareth died, joining her parents in with the Great Wolf (she believed all three were deserving of a place within his pack). While she was not alone (of her myriad of cousins a fair few remained alive) she felt lost with the death. She felt as if she had lost her way on Gaia’s path. She sought the Runeseeker’s advice (for the ancient priestess was wise, beyond even her excess of years) and ultimately decided that travel had found her path in the first place, and travel would help her re-discover it.

As she traveled, she spent time amongst a number of the packs, spending even a brief (if distasteful) time in the territories of the colonists. After years abroad, however, she knows now that her pack needs her more than ever; that she has missed the 4th of Stanrick’s Matings; and that at least one of her surviving cousins needs to be brought back to heel.

It was time to go home. Time to learn the second half of Gaia’s gift.

Great-aunt: Solveig Longfang
Cousins: Stanrick Longfang, Yawn Longfang, Harlok Longfang, Rill Longfang
Courting Cousin: Selena Stargazer
Cousin Once Removed: Siren Longfang

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