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Harlok Longfang

Harlok Longfang, of Pack Longfang, Clanless, son of Hanseth Longfang. Harlok grew up in a small village that is connected to and protected by the nearby Ulven Onsallas Outpost, which borders the Ulven lands near the Dirge Swamp.

UPDATE: Harlok Longfang was killed in the Battle of Blackwolf Creek in March of the year 263. The warriors of Pack Longfang fulfilled an honor debt to Clan Stormjarl and helped defend their settlements and protect their warriors during the Clan Grimward invasion of the winter of the year 262. After months of skirmish fighting and retreating back to the main Clan Stormjarl settlement, the Pack Longfang warriors stayed to help protect the final remaining settlement. When Clan Grimward warriors launched an all out attack in March of 263, Pack Longfang warriors sacrificed their lives to defend the main route into the settlement and keep Clan Grimward from massacring the ill-equipped Stormjarl militia stationed nearby. With brutal and savage fighting raging for hours almost non-stop, Pack Longfang warriors were slaughtered almost completely. Only a handful of warriors were dragged back to the healers; the elite warriors of Pack Longfang were decimated.

Harlok gave his life in defense of the settlement after standing with his fellow warriors against numerous waves of organized Clan Grimward invaders. After going into a berserker rage and killing several warriors and maiming a handful of others, Harlok was dragged away from the fight and was to be captured by Clan Grimward. Refusing to be captured, Harlok flew into a final berserker rage and lashed out against any Grimward warrior close by. His final moments were that of being hacked and stabbed dozens of times as he pulled an enemy down and stabbed him to death with his dagger. Covered in gore, his body mangled and armor broken, Harlok died with a snarl on his face and a death grip on his scramasax.

Harlok’s father was in the party of warriors sent as support to the Dirge Swamp to assist Pack Blackwing. Pack Longfang then moved to the Onsallas Outpost village and has made it their permanent settlement. As a child, Harlok was destined for the path of the warrior. He excelled at combat and was tenacious, taking to the studies of battle and learning from the warriors stationed at the outpost. He reveled in combat but was not blinded by fury, he is calculating and skilled. He also understood that being a warrior does not always mean you have to fight; there are numerous duties a warrior must fulfill in defense of his Pack and settlement. He began to help defend the village and outpost at an early age of 15 and eventually joined in on the hunting parties that would explore parts of the swamp or leave and help other Ulven Packs.

Veera Longfang, Harlok’s older sister by 2 years and his only sibling, was being trained to become the next Witch to lead Pack Longfang. Mere days before she was to leave the village and continue her training at another settlement with the Clan’s High Priestess, the Mordok attacked Onsallas outpost in a much larger force than usual. There was brutal fight that took place at the outpost and inside the village when the Mordok punched through the perimeter and started raiding the homes. Harlok fought hard with his fellow warriors to repel the attack and they were eventually able to kill most of the Mordok before the rest retreated into the Dirge Swamp. Harlok was cut and bruised but would live, but his sister was not as fortunate. They found her impaled to a tree by a Mordok hunting spear with her throat chewed out and her entrails pulled from her body. A Mordok Shaman had hunted her out specifically and ritualistically killed her, to what end no one is sure. Seeking revenge for not only the loss of his own daughter but of the Pack’s future Witch, Hanseth Longfang called for aid from nearby packs and led a large war party of almost a hundred Ulven and followed the trail of the Mordok into the swamp. A week later, only about half of the Ulven returned but Hanseth brought back the severed head of not only the Mordok Shaman but also of an “Alpha”, or the Mordok tribe’s leader.

When Harlok turned 24 years old, he was assigned to a hunting party that had tracked a group of Mordok into the Dirge Swamp. The Mordok ambushed the hunting party and proved larger than expected. Out of the twenty Ulven hunters and warriors sent to attack the Mordok, the sole survivor was Harlok Longfang, who stumbled back to the perimeter of the outpost and collapsed, covered in blood and dirt. His armor was shattered and torn, he had great wounds that were infected, several bones were broken, and his tongue had been brutally cut out of his throat. He was never able to tell the story of exactly what happened and never will for he is now unable to speak. Harlok has grown very impatient and abrupt after years of trying to communicate and being frustrated with his inability to do so.

It took a long time for his wounds to heal, so Harlok began training and teaching younger Ulven growing up in the village near the outpost. He also took up numerous watch duties in the row of towers near the village. Then the colonists began to arrive on Mardrun and conflict had broken out with the first Ulven parties that scouted out the foreigners. Pack Longfang left Onsallas outpost and moved to repel the foreigners from another land. Harlok was involved in numerous skirmishes and several bloody battles, his long fangs helping to lend to the stories of the Ulven being “demons”. Harlok’s father was killed in a skirmish between his hunting party and a group of Syndar. When they retrieved his father’s body, they found him surrounded by the bodies of dead Syndar. There was a bitten off Syndar finger nearby which appeared to have belonged to the man who had killed Hanseth and survived for there was no corpse that the finger went to.

By the time the truce was established between the colonists and the Ulven, Harlok had seen plenty of combat and killed numerous colonists. He views the humans and Syndar as weak and pathetic, cowards for abandoning their homeland to the plague that afflicted Faedrun, but Harlok fully respects and abides by the truce. Any human or Syndar that is strong willed or proves themselves in battle alongside (or even against) the Ulven are respected by Harlok, but all others are treated indifferently or even coldly. Even 10 years of interaction, both hostile and not, has not tempered the edge of Harlok’s demeanor towards humans and Syndar as a whole. Since Harlok is unable to voice his opinions about the colonists, he has taken more of an aloof stance towards any that have not earned his respect. He tolerates them for now.

After the truce, Pack Longfang was sent to intervene and stop another Pack after reports of continued fighting reached them. They arrived just as Pack Graytide was killing a caravan of humans that had been traveling from Newhope. As the confrontation escalated into drawn steel, it ended quickly when Harlok cleaved the arm clean off at the elbow of Lycon Graytide, the Graytide’s hunting party leader. Although the Graytide leader would live, Lycon spat curses at the Longfangs and vowed to seek revenge.

Most of Pack Longfang returned to Onsallas Outpost but Harlok left to travel the area. Harlok is close friends with Kragen Bloodmoon and Azra Steelfang and they have battled Mordok together on numerous occasions. Longfang is the dominant family of Pack Longfang, and Pack Longfang is currently clanless.

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