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Growing Up Longfang

Born Longfangs are an odd lot, growing up surrounded by the danger of the swamp and the harshness of the training that is required of them alongside the diversity of the traded Longfangs that come from the clans and packs across the entirety of Mardrun.

Because a born Longfang is birthed into a world of constant combat at the edge of the Dirge Swamp, the Longfang sometimes refer to these pups as “Warborn” because of the expectation that they will have a blade in their hands through need before they have the knowledge to be truely effective as a fighter.



A newborn Longfang will stay with their mother until nursing is complete.


Once they start to both walk and experiment with solid foods they are moved to the Pack Crèche. The Creche is tended by a select group of civilians and Daughters of Gaia selected for their specific expertise with the raising of children. They ensure that the pups learn of Gaia and the Great Wolf’s Glory in addition to the general care taking required of such young children.


A pup who has reached the point of full independence (Able to feed self, handle own clothing and generally obey orders and stay safe on their own) they graduate to the freedom to spend their days outside the Crèche and in the care of the pack as a whole. The entire pack is expected to look out for and help them master the self-sufficiency every Longfang is required to exhibit. The level of involvement of the pup’s parents varies depending on the parent. Some might continue to bring their children home at night, using the Crèche more like a day care, while others (such as Warriors who are consistently away) might give their children over fully to the care of Crèche and pack.


In the years just prior to maturity and the appearance of their Marks of the Wolf, things get serious for the young Longfangs. They begin to take classes in the various jobs of the Castes to which they might join as an adult. For a male this means basic lessons in the art of the Hunter and Warrior. For a female it means basic lessons in the arts of Hunter, Warrior, and Magics. During this period they are expected to select the path they will take in adulthood based on their own personal aptitudes. They are expected to have made a decision prior to their Marks appearing.


Train in your chosen path. This period also provides one of the last opportunities to shift Caste without a fuss, as until they are granted a formal place by the Caste Leader (Huntmaster, Weaponsmaster, Runeseer) they are simply a “Hunter Pup”, “Warrior Pup”, or one of “Gaia’s Pups” rather than a true Hunter, Warrior, or Daughter.


Adulthood is earned when the Caste Leader formally accepts the pup into the Caste. The commitment renders them a full member of the pack, with all of the responsibilities and privileges of an adult.

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