Clan Grimward

Clan Grimward

Clanleader: Haygreth Grimward
High Priestess: Freydis Blackwing
Warleader: Khulgar Graytide

Pack: Consists of Pack Grimward, Pack Graytide, Pack Deathlore, Pack Moonfury, and Pack Blackwing

This clan is of moderate size and has recently pushed for a more stern response against the colonists. They have lobbied that the rapid expansion of the colonists is not favored by Gaia and has angered the Great Wolf. Their lack of respect to the land will spell disaster to the Ulven culture and that the colonists cannot be trusted.

Pack Graytide, one of the Pack’s responsible for several fights and battles against the colonists (even after the truce) has not been reprimanded or dealt with by any form of leadership from Clan Grimward. Many suspect that the Clanleader and High Priestess intend to turn a blind eye to their actions in order to fuel their campaign against the colonists and sway the support of other clans or packs.

Recent/Current Events:
Fueled by the conviction of their Clanleader, Clan Grimward ramped up their assault in terms of both military and political actions during the year. Beginning with Clan Watchwolf, moving quickly to Ironmound, and maintaining their assault on Stormjarl, Haygreth Grimward cut a path across Mardrun, demanding his fellow Clanleaders stand with him as brothers, or against him as enemies and traitors to the true Ulven way. With minor assistance arriving simply too late, Clan Watchwolf’s western settlement fell to Grimward advances early in the year, though their fair and respected treatment surprised many in the Coalition. When next his sights were set on Clan Ironmound and their production of high quality steel goods, Haygreth sent his daughter, Wargah, to negotiate terms with them directly, eventually being willing to settle for a signed declaration of neutrality with the Clan, forcing them to trade fairly with both sides in the war or to remove themselves from it completely. Despite popular support for neutrality, emotions got the better of many Coalitionists in attendance at the summit where the declaration was presented, forcing Ironmound’s hand into joining the Coalition instead. Hoping to divide the Coalition forces by splitting their own, Grimward tried unsuccessfully to eradicate Clan Stormjarl, though they did succeed in conquering fully a third of Stormjarl territory in the process. As the year came to a close, Haygreth saw his territory bordered on all sides by enemy clans mounting a unified defense against him, and he knew he would have to gamble everything to emerge victorious, leading a surprise assault directly into Nightriver territory. In the battle now known as Pyre Hills (named for the staggering number of warrior who lay dead by the time the fighting had ended), Haygreth’s forces were routed, ending his visions of conquest, at least for the time being. With one final trick up his sleeve, Haygreth made a personal appearance at the drafting and signing of the treaty to end the war, using his presence and clout to intimidate his way into a better deal, including being allowed to keep all lands taken during his campaign.

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