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Pack Deathlore

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: The symbol of a harp with cut strings, often worn as a pattern on one’s clothes or armor and rarely as a tattoo/brand.

Pack Deathlore is one of the lesser known packs within Clan Grimward, their claim to fame being almost a polar opposite of the majority of Grimward. Known for their skilled artisans, Pack Deathlore is well renowned as the birthing ground for many of the greatest artists and warrior bards known as skalds of the Ulven race. Many Ulven from numerous clans travel to pack Deathlore in the hopes of mastering a craft under the tutelage of a veteran craftsman, seeking to use the famous artisans teachings to further their glory. Less involved than the other packs during the original conflicts and the Civil War due to their lack of dedicated warriors any member of Deathlore is adamant in their steadfast involvement in maintaining the spirits of the Ulven warriors with their famed skalds during those conflicts. Also contrary to norm of most honor duels, most members of Deathlore save some of the more martially minded skalds prefer flytting to martial combat or tests of skill. Less inclined to battle than their clanmates yet still steadfast in their loyalty to Grimward, Pack Deathlore brings a more cultured side to the image of Clan Grimward.

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