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Pack Black Owl

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: Black owl’s head

Pack Black Owl is a small Pack in west central Clan Grimward territory. Their neighbors, and close allies, are Pack Grimward. Being a smaller pack nearby larger, aggressive packs, as well as the former Clan Stormjarl border, they quickly developed the use of diplomacy and subterfuge to survive. If there could be a group of diplomats and speis among Clan Grimward, Pack Black Owl would be it. In fact, Pack Grimward as well as Clan Grimward has often used these talents to their own advantage. As such, Black Owl diplomats are seen as ill omen for any sort of talks. Worse yet, however, is showing them disrespect.

Being a small Pack, Black Owl warriors serve more as an honor guard for their diplomats. A Black Owl diplomat is well known by the mantle of black feathers they wear, and the dark makeup applied around their eyes. A further trait of the Black Owls is distinct eye colors, particularly vivid blue or yellows. Though not all Black Owl have this trait, those that do make a haunting image with their black painted make-up and striking eyes.

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