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Pack Moonfury

Pack Moonfury
Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Large
Insignia: Blood red crescent moon

Pack Moonfury is one of the largest packs within Grimward and carries with it a proud warrior tradition within Grimward, only challenged by the elite warriors of Pack Graytide and the famous size and strength of Pack Grimward warriors at the same time carrying an almost zealous amount of pride at having more than a few Clanleaders hailing from within their ranks. Pack Moonfury makes up the bulk of Grimward’s population and has co-fostered with Pack Grimward the prosperous and thriving main settlement of Hadrborg. The prosperity of Grimward stems from the varying skills of Pack Moonfury being accomplished fighters as most Ulven are they also claim skill in agriculture, hunting, and smithing. The bulk of any Grimward War Party/Pack are members of Pack Moonfury.

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