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Pack Duskmace

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: A black morning star with a white symbol of a setting sun on its head.

Pack Duskmace is a small pack on the southwest coast of Clan Grimward territory. The Pack’s territory follows closely the coast with a series of villages dotting the shoreline. These villages are primarily focus on fishing and the various industries that support this. They are a less warfare focused pack than most in Clan Grimward, but are content in living their lives.

After the Ulven Civil War concluded, Pack Dusmace used the new territory along Haygreth’s Scar to expand. They occupied abandoned villages and used thralls from said villages to bolster their economy. They treated the thralls fairly as they were not interested in abuse, merely in expanding the Pack.

In January 267, Clan Stromjarl raiders attacked a number of the settlements. Most of their warriors were elsewhere, doing duty on the Shield of Mardrun. Hence the villages were easy targets. The Chieftain of Pack Duskmace was slain in these raids as he led the defense of a village. In the pursuant talks, the hostility between the Stormjarl raiders and Pack Duskmace was buried after mutual respect was shown on both sides.

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