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Pack Blackwing

Pack Blackwing

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward.
Estimated Size: Used to be 60 warriors, but has been reduced to a handful of Ulven that carry their name and are scattered all over Mardrun.
Insignia: A single black bat-like wing extended.

Roughly 40 years ago, Pack Blackwing was strong and proud, made up of a number of skilled farmers and warriors. They taught their next of kin the importance of creating life to sustain the Pack and creating war to protect the Pack. After the rest of the packs refused to venture into the Dirge Swamp because of the harsh conditions and number of Mordok in the area, the Witch that led Pack Blackwing boasted that they could tame part of the swamp and establish a permanent settlement. They claimed that it was a challenge from Gaia herself, to reclaim and heal a rotting wound of wetlands from the poison of the Mordok.

The Pack ventured into the swamp and began a settlement. A few scouts checked in with them and reported that the settlement was coming along slowly, the ground and marsh proving difficult to build on and almost impossible to grow food in. The Mordok were relentless, constantly attacking the Ulven intruders. Pack Blackwing had lost many brave warriors, but their skills in battle and tenacity were proving to the rest of the Ulven that the Dirge Swamp could be tamed. Pack Longfang pledged to support and sent warriors to the settlement. When they arrived, the settlement had been abandoned. The buildings were in ruin, sinking into the muck, and there was not a single trace of any survivors or what had happened to them. No bones. No trails. No evidence if there was a great battle or if Pack Blackwing had moved to another area. The warriors then fell back to the edge of the swamp and sent a scout to report back to their Witch. They built a hasty defense which later became the start of Onsallas Outpost as their Witch and the rest of the Pack relocated to this area.

To this day, no further evidence has been discovered about Pack Blackwing. Several survivors of the pack name still exist in the Ulven community, but they are scattered and few.

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