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Pack Oakheart

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward.
Estimated Size: Medium
Insignia: Oak leaf

A medium size Pack, Oakheart is located in northwest-central Clan Grimward territory, on the other side of the Black Forest opposite of Pack Graytide. Perhaps that gave rise to the stoic, determined nature of the Pack. Oakheart’s tend to be taciturn, serious Ulven. They take all their duties, whether martial, personal, or spiritual, seriously.

Pack Oakheart is known for its lumber production. They harvest forest, but also replenish them by planting trees. One of their common saying is “Plant a tree to secure your children’s future.” Showing great forethought. They sell this lumber mostly to Pack Dreadmoon for their ships, but also to other Packs as their shields are some of the best made in Mardrun.

Oakheart warriors are not overly skilled individually; rather, they focus on fighting together. This makes them unique to most Ulven. Oakheart’s are known to make up the stout center of Grimward lines; in the Civil War, they often fought the more trained Colonist forces to a standstill. They are known for not breaking their shield walls even in retreat, and are well respected for this amongst the Grimward.

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