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Pack Goldmane

Pack: Goldmane

Insignia: Sunburst

Population: Once around 50, now only 10-15

The Goldmane were a small pack, known for their golden blonde hair and their gregariousness. It was often said that you could tell a Goldmane from other blonde ulven by how much they talked. The Goldmane were passionate, quick to love, and quick to hate. The Goldmane sent almost all of their warriors to assist the Graytide and the Nightriver in fighting the colonists, eager for a new fight and stories to tell. When news of the treaty reached the Goldmane, they were unsure. But the Warchief prevailed, stating that if they couldn’t fight them, they could at least find out what stories and booze the colonists had brought from their lands. All of their remaining warriors on the field, as well as their Daughter of Gaia, prepared to go and meet the very people they had been fighting. But they had done their jobs too well. The Goldmane had cut off the colonists from communication, and they did not know yet that a treaty had been called. They ambushed and slaughtered the Goldmane party, to a man. All that was left of the once bright pack was children and grieving mates, and the few warriors left behind to guard them. The Goldmane left who had family in other packs went to them. Those who lost all were taken in by pack Graytide. The Graytide had been allies before, in war and in blood. Now, they would be their allies in revenge.

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