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Pack Fieldcrow

Clan: Grimward

Estimated Size: 30 permanent females, 20 male or female guards and mates, and 10-15 females from other packs being trained

Insignia: A single black feather


The Fieldcrow are an isolated pack, dedicated to teaching ulven females in all kinds of ulven magic and spirituality.They have a council of five Priestesses, who oversee and govern the pack and each one specializes in different aspects of magic. New apprentices are taught the basics together, and are then sent to another female in the pack to teach them further in whatever path they choose.

The Fieldcrow train Witches and Daughters of Gaia, as well as lesser known and esoteric ulven magics. There is a certain prestige to be trained by the Fieldcrow, and other packs will often provide guards and supplies in return for the Fieldcrow taking in a female and training her in the use of her magics. Fieldcrow healers are among the most skilled in the ulven lands.

The Fieldcrow do not have an official stance on the colonists, instead choosing to concentrate on their day to day life of magic and mysticism. In fact, some of the permanent and older members of the pack have never even met any humans or syndar.

The Fieldcrow do not have any male members. Any males within their lands are guards against the mordok, as well as mates. They do not have any farms or livestock, instead trading their services and teachings for any supplies they themselves cannot generate.When not teaching, the Fieldcrow engage in experimenting with making new potions and healing concoctions, and are often at the forefront in dealings with any new magics.

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