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Pack Dreamsnarl

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: 3 Conjoined spiral of different colors (triskele)

Pack Dreamsnarl is small packed sandwich between Packs Moonfury, Graytide, Oakheart, and Skulhammer. It is not an envious position. Perhaps due to this, Dreamsnarl has developed a strong tradition of divination and rune reading. They seemed to have a prescient ability to know when raids were coming, regardless.

Dreamsnarl has few warriors. In fact, the warriors they do have act as more of an honor guard for their Daughters of Gaia and Runeseers. Both are well marked by the swirling blue and black designs on their face and clothes as well as crescent moons and stars.

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