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Pack Whitewood

Clan: Belongs to Clan Grimward
Estimated Size: Small
Insignia: Two Intertwined W

Pack Whitewood is a small pack on west central Clan Grimward territory. A small unassuming pack, it takes its name from the woods in which they make they make their home. Their area is well known for its white birch trees. This wood makes good firewood, and is the main export of the Pack. A fast growing and short lived tree, the Whitewoods cultivate and sell it to the surrounding Packs. Prior to the colonists introduction of coin, Whitewood bartered it for grain and iron. Afterward the introduction of coinage, they sell it for money.

The cultivation and selling of the white birch trees for firewood has given rise to a merchant focus in the Pack. Being small, their warriors are focused on being caravan guards. Their contribution to Clan Grimward’s war efforts has been moving supplies, and mercantile endeavours.

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